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Found 6 results

  1. I am a pacifist (When it comes to animals) and an animal lover but I'd love to have a fox pet and to still be able to enjoy the presence of animals without killing them. I realize that taming adult wild animals is unrealistic and unfeasible but I have a different idea. I propose a system where you can find baby animals and raise them, the baby animal will then trust you and not run away from you. That way you could eventually have a fox or deer pen. I think this is a nicer alternative to hunting but it also gives animals a purpose for those who just wants them around. Wha
  2. Welcome. This is another one of my many LONG posts as you may know. So as normal I would like to thank you for taking a look at this and warning you, it will be a long post. Now I would like to get to the post so here we go. Let’s start off with a list of the wild animals. · Bear- this is a hostile animal. It takes a good amount of hits to kill and deals massive damage. It can scratch, bite, and stomp. It will only attack if it is defending cubs, defending a kill, has been attacked, or is hungry. They will hunt other large animals but will retreat if they know they can’t win
  3. If there's a topic for this already, I do apologise. When I searched for one, there was really only results that only mentioned what I was looking for briefly. I also understand that animals were confirmed for being added later, though this is not just a suggestion for adding animals. I kind of wanted to help broaden the addition of animals, if at all. Mostly in the departments of finding ways to tame or befriend certain animals to sticking by your side and seeing you as their 'alpha' in some cases. With dog food and tuna already being in the game, I can assume that dogs and cats are already
  4. Now, I know animals are going to be implemented. I know dogs are going to be implemented. This is for when animals will be released. I was thinking, why not be able to train wild animals? Sure, it would be hard and time consuming to do, and it may not always work out, but if you were to succeed, then you'd have a companion to weather out the undead storm. I'm a huge fan of Shepherd's Crossing, which is where I originally got this idea from. In Shepherd's Crossing, you could obtain animals like Boars, Roosters, Cats, and even Cows, and use them to hunt. Now, my idea isn't an exact replica of
  5. I was just rummaging through the forums .... looking at peoples ideas and thinkin ... and had a crazy thought hit me ... People keep strange pets. I've certainly known plenty of people with animals that would not be considered "classic vanilla pets". Everyone knows people with cats, or dogs. But most of us have known people with other pets... snakes, lizards, ferrets, parrots ... and those are the "normal" ones. I used to live next door to a guy with a mated pair of emu. (Breakfast omlettes at his house was an epic event.) So what happens when zombies start wandering about and civilizatio
  6. Small indie game with heavy focus on skill based pvp multiplayer with pets vs pets and bomberman gamerooms all in the browser. www.candysugarkingdom.com
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