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Found 7 results

  1. How it works? Loot is generated when opening a container? When a player enters a chunk? Are there any differences from the singleplayer mode? I have found various options on the forums, but I don’t understand which one is correct.
  2. How to change the amount of starting perk points? I have a company that does my hosting but I have to tell them what to edit ect...anyone know? and will it affect future players?
  3. I am the co-owner of the server in Newdawn (AGN / pz.aggressivegaming.org). This idea came from this server as we had issues with overwhelming perks / skills level in the past as players grind blindly without any RP. Hence this idea becoming a reality! I am working on this mod that allows server owner to change the skills max level so it will never be over powered when new player just joined trying to rp. The proposed idea is that it can be per character, per server and per steam account cap. This mod is still in work in progress and has no preview or anything. The features may increase overtime when the base intended features is done.
  4. So I've run into something that seems to have stumped me. I'm currently experimenting with hobby traits (Traits that add an XP boost to a perk 75%/100%/125% and a point in a perk) when added to a character post-character creation via getTraits():add(""); and I've found that if a trait is added post character creation there are some aspects of them that won't apply. One example being when First Aid is added to a character, while the trait shows up on the character, the perk level and perk xp boost remains unchanged (see below for example) I had expected that this might have been the case but needed to test to make sure before looking into how to go about adding a perk level and the boost. I have a generally decent idea on where to look for the perk level addition itself, but what I can't figure out at all is how to apply an XP boost to the perk out of character creation. Any help figuring this out would be greatly appreciated, specifically looking to find how to apply either increment the XP boost on a perk or get the current boost on it and then apply one to overwrite it.
  5. After reading the fifth thread about professions* I knew, all this forum needs is number six! The idea Replace professions by multiple traits In detail I think about something like personality, profession, free time activities, place of birth/living, physical attributes, private interest, social circumstances and so on. My idea would be to split this profession thing in a few different categories, so a player can have more traits than one. I'd name it more a redesign, than an improvement to the current system. I think there are many things you can mix together, which can tell a little story about this person. Not everything needs to have an effect. Might be cool if they get random generated(I'd like that). Why I think its cool My point is, I don't like classing. It makes me feel like something special and tries to define/influence me someway. Not too much people walk around telling everyone they are a construction worker**, and rarely people will ask a fire fighter about how his fire fighting goes in his fire fighting spare time. Electricians usually don't throw light bulbs around wherever they go*** My point is: People are mot than just a class, they are the sum of their life. Some examples: (personality/profession/ interest / background) optimistic security guard who plays baseball who was married twiceangry unemployed who loves hiking**** and sometimes helped outintrigating secretary with a passion on huntingdreamy fire fighter with children from Englandpatient cook with a passion on comics, speaks Japanese and German* yes I was counting them ** I am a construction worker, I am a construction worker, look at me construction worker, here come the construction worker... *** There might be exceptions **** angry hiking is cool. You can rage at every brush you see, punch trees and.. ouch that hurt.. but nobody cares.
  6. So, what are your favourite perks and proession? Mine's got to be Construction Worker (Handy & Thick skinned), with Athletic & Strong. To make up for the perks I choose light drinker, hard of hearing, brooding, short tempered and hearty appetite. Honestly those drawbacks are easy to make up for and are far outweighed by the perks. Thick skinned came in handy just now, I tripped an alarm and made the mistake of hanging around, ended up fighting more zombies than I anticipated and took some damage, but made it out without getting properly bitten or scratched
  7. I'd like to suggest some perks and traits (or, maybe, habits): 1. Non-smoker. Cost: 0 (it has both costs and benefits). Benefit: +30% more stamina and some bonus to healing rate (yes, smoking affects the whole body, damaging blood microcirculation and reducing body regenerative capacity). Cost: doesn't smoke, can't reduce stress with cigarettes. Trying to smoke increases stress. 2. Heavy smoker. Cost; 0. Benefit: cigarettes sometimes reduce pain, +100% positive effect of cigarettes. Cost: -30% stamina, some penalty to healing rate, need at least 1 cigarette a day (but eventually can become a "usual" character if doesn't smoke for a loooong time).
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