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Found 3 results

  1. K3nedy


    Hello to everyone on the forum and to those who come to find out new things. Start with something simple to explain something that I would like to see in future updates of Project Zomboid, why? Because I have seen that it is something that for me ... it should have been ready by now. 1) The NPCs: In a world like this, I mean Project zomboid. Well it is something that is practically impossible to be alone among so many people, that of so many the only survivor is you and it does not seem to me but I know that it is a long job to do and that they are in future updates. 2) An idea for the NPCs: After playing rpg and zombie games so much, I have realized that when you play singleplayer you get bored, why? Because you are always alone in an open world, you are the only one who kills zombies or just goes around killing monsters. I would like to see a different AI, that not only you walk but that you see other people, survive and that their damage, speed, trait and appearances increase. Can you imagine going out there to find a friendly NPCs and go home, a month later to see him again much more skillful than before and dressed for the occasion? It would be great, even better if they create their own community and patrol groups. 3) Trade and NPC events: Trade would be an essential part in a post-apocalyptic world, because if you have a lot of a material you could change it for another that you do not have, but it would not be that easy, you should earn a reputation with the NPC communities. Events between NPCs would be extraordinary, they imagine that they sleep at home and a random NPCs wakes them up to help them hide from other NPCs who are looking for him to kill him, that you have the option of delivering him to earn points with the community or hide him and him risk that they discover you and then want to kill them both, ha! It would be a hoot. Also that you should in when they shoot each other. 4) interaction and ranges: The interaction with the NPCs is another point to go to, for example; You go around looting as usual and you meet someone in the same place, you try to talk to the npc and he tells you things as you loot together and you gain confidence. Another point to suggestion would be that in each update they will add new and more dialogues to the NPCs, so as not to get bored of listening to it and for example; You need something? Let them repeat that every time you talk to them, that ... that is boring. Ranks is something else because if you are part of a community you will need respect or rather, earn it and that would be installing a system of (Karma) that determines whether you do good or bad actions, for example; If you are looking for materials and things like that for the community, then you will go up the (Karma) in a good state, getting everyone to trust you more quickly and thus follow you, you could even create your community but ... if for example you steal, you betray or kill someone from the community, you (Karma) will go down and you will be in a state of Bad that will cost for others to trust you, they could even look for you to kill you hahaha you will be the bandit. Now I change my mind about the npc for zomboid project, I read and searched for hours to verify and I definitely know that they will do a great job, I hope I was part of it, hahaha. there is nothing more to say. Take me into account please.
  2. People left food in their ovens and microwaves before they ran off!! Better eat it!! This mod makes uncooked food spawn in ovens and microwaves. Made for suggestion post here. I tried making cooked, burnt and rotten food spawn but ran into problems, so I just made it this way. DOWNLOAD: Main (PZ-Mods) || Mirror (My Dropbox)
  3. Just look, and ask yourself what the holy shit is going on in this picture LOL: I literally entered the giga-mart place from the back door and this appears, can't see it from outside either. Any ideas?
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