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Found 9 results

  1. Hi all, First, I'd just like to say thanks to the indie stone for allowing other developers to talk about their games here. I'm Daithi, a game developer from Ireland. I'd like to share the game I've spent well over 4000 hours working on. It's called Vigilantes, and it's a crime themed, turn based tactical RPG, largely inspired by the classic turn based RPGs of the 90s, like X-Com and Fallout. The best way to give you a feel for it is to show you the release trailer, which is 97 seconds long. A polished preview demo with 3 hours of gameplay is available for Windows, Linux, and Mac. Players assume the role of Sam Contino, an idealist dragged down the rabbit hole of vigilantism as he leads a team of vigilantes against the three gangs that dominate Reiker City: the mafia, survivalists, and Church of the Final Exodus. Vigilantes has all the features you would expect from a turn based RPG, yet we feel it stands out from its peers in a number of areas: Avoids typical RPG settings, striking out in its own direction with gritty, neo noir. Melee combat is choreographed and fluid to an extent rarely seen in turn based games. Avoids the trend of simplifying character systems and gameplay. It's very much old school, with the best of modern design advances. Emphasis on atmosphere: memorable allies, deadly opponents, a declining city, all brought to life through quality writing, artwork and voice acting. Use surveillance to locate gang facilities and leadership. Randomly attacking footsoldiers won't get you anywhere. Kickstarter and Greenlight campaigns have recently gone live. Both are going quite well. The most popular reward on the Kickstarter offer a Steam key, standalone download, early access and exclusive wallpapers for €8, roughly half the expected release price. So if turn based strategy is your thing, and you'd like to get a great deal and support a small but incredibly hardworking studio, you can find the Kickstarter here. Our Greenlight is also underway. There's a lot of information on the page, so if you's like to find out more, it is here. If you'd like to meet one of the allies from Vigilantes, here's a voiced intro for Ray Case, private eye. If you have any questions about Vigilantes, or comments, or observations, please let me know!
  2. Hi! We are Dranya Studio, a small indie game development team from Hanoi, Vietnam. This is our very first title to have a public release. We decided to name it Battle Splash because it features Third Person Shooter gameplay and uses Water Combat as the main mechanic. Battle Splash is a third-person shooter filled with actions and water splashes. The game is the combination of Old-School Element and the Class-based Shooter, which results in a Frenzy and Balance gameplay. The aim of this game is to create a Fun, Intense, Non-Violence and Exciting atmosphere for players in Competitive modes as well as Co-operative modes. Choose your favorite Characters and Challenge your friends (or even AIs) for Epic Fast-paced Water Fights. Current Features: - 4 play modes, including 2 Competitive modes and 2 Co-op/Competitive modes. - 3 maps, from small to large areas. - 4 Classes, each possesses different stats and an unique Special Item. - 4 Basic Weapons (which are available for all Classes). - Up to 4 Teams for each maps (may vary in the future). - Optimizing for up to 24 ~ 32 players. AIs included. - Support LAN and Direct Join. Online play is under experimentation We've finished the game mechanics and now we're currently developing more and more contents for the game. We want to make this game relaxing and entertaining, thus requires a lot of works in order to complete the game (due to our very limited resources). We would like to show you some of our real-time rending demo clips on YouTube. The gameplay of Battle Splash still haven't been revealed yet, and we'll do so in the nearest time. And here's some of our rendering images. Some of them may representing the current state of our game, while there will be more drastic changes during our development. Feel free to comment and send us feedbacks so that we know what you think of our game. Stay tuned for more info in our page as well as our social media with the links below. Steam Concept: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=507974419 Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/battlesplash.dranya Twitter: http://twitter.com/battlesplash IndieDB: http://www.indiedb.com/games/battle-splash Website: http://www.battlesplash.com Dev blog: http://battlesplash.com/blog/ Email: battlesplash@dranyastudio.com Thank you for reading and Have a nice day!
  3. Hi Indie Stone! I’m developing a turn-based online card game called Zems. It’s a unique CCG where you summon cards into a tactical arena where you can move and position them to take out your opponent’s hero unit. We even have a full weather control system that changes the battlefield! Here are some special features of the game: Tactical combat on a dynamic environment Immersive weather system that players can control Collect over 200 cards beautifully illustrated by award-winning artists Compete in ranked and unranked multiplayer modes We’re releasing an alpha soon, so if you want to get your hands on the game early, you can sign up at: http://www.zems.com Thanks everyone! Looking forward to seeing you on the battlefield! Twitter (@zemsgame): https://twitter.com/zemsgame Facebook Page: https://facebook.com/zemsgame
  4. "This is a story about a gamepad,not just an ordinary gamepad,a very special gamepad,a magical gamepad! What is so special about this gamepad you ask? Well, let me sum it up in one word LIFE!" Bad Joystick is an indie platformer game I am working on, I started development on may 2015 and already have a functioning alpha build with 40 levels for you to play with, here is a gameplay video and some screenshots: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mW_oUuFGcCQ playable alpha version, more info about the dev process, images and videos,I will be posting to it at least once a week. Bad Joystick - DevBlog
  5. ROUND BATTLE(temporary title) Hi! Me and my big brother wanted to play something new, so I'm making a simply and funny arena game. Here some info (sorry for the quality of pics and video) VIDEO: ►HOW TO PLAY? : You can shoot, use special weapons, kick and dodge. You have to defeat your opponent or push it down from the arena. Pretty simple. ►HOW MANY PLAYERS? : Two. Or one, I've almost finished cpu script. ►WHICH PLATFORMS? : I'm developing this for Android in mind, but of course I'll release for Pc, Mac and Linux. On android I've already implemented touch controls and all the stuffs but there will be only single player mode (maybe one day I'll learn networking ) Here some special weapons: only three gifs because I'm tired and I need to sleep... Mine Frozen Orb SHOTGUN (?) And here some maps pics. At the moment there are 7 arenas. LIVING ROOM: if you pass through the door's cat passage (how do you say it?) you will be spit out from the air conditioning duct. ISLAND: twice a minute water goes up and you have to swim onto the raft or your life bar decrease FAR WEST: the mine kart travels the road Some numbers: at the moment there are 8 characters, 9 power up, 16 hats and 7 maps. I'm at 70 % of developing. Sorry for the bad english. Would you like to play this game with your friend ?
  6. Greetings projectzomboid enthusiasts, Just wanted to re-share an Indie title my team is working on called Zpoclaypse Survival, reanimated. Based off of our nuclear zombie apocalypse boardgame Zpocalypse. I'm personally in charge of the level design for the game, and it's been a blast designing apartments, office buildings, warehouses and shopping centers with variable based furniture and loot systems in place. It's all in it's infancy(to what I'd be happy with(rand gen anywhere in the world!), and we are in the process of building the core database for structuring everything, so we can more easily create content, and later down the road provide a solid branch for fans to create their own moded content(like add your own house to the rand gen areas, tweak your survivors model to more look like you or family members). Anyway, some of you may recall our original campaign back in May for the same title, and sadly, how we cancelled it mid way, due to conflicts of running 2 kickstarters at the same time(Not a good idea). Anyway, after a summer of restructuring alot of things, we've gotten our alpha to a point where we feel it's ready to try crowd-funding again(Private Alpha access through the campaign, and public Alpha access once it's polished enough for the casuals). We've delivered 2 boardgames and a dice game since our company started, with 2 newly successful other boardgames currently in production. This is our first video game. We have a dedicated programer, level designer(mwa), animator, modeler, and content writer. We need to hire out for audio work, and maybe better GUI support, which is why we're running this Kickstarter in the first place(to pay for the bits of polish we need outside our internal skope of abilities). So anyway, at this stage, we mainly need word of mouth and eyeballs. Thank you for your time Zach from Greenbrier Games Inc. PS. I've been a bit out of the loop ever since PZ went multi-player. Are their any good public servers low on griefers I can jump on? I'd like to try out the newer hunting, fishing, snaring mechanics, and do what I always did with PZ, build badass bases and roof farms while systematically killing every zombie i find!
  7. Hey guys! We at Toast Mobile have been working on a game called Endeavor. It's a voxel-based MMO that's been in development for the past few months. Check out our development blog for further updates on the game! http://endeavorgame.blogspot.com/
  8. What is River Town?River Town is a single-player rural-themed Role Play inspired by the classics, such as Harvest Moon, The Sims or Rune Escape. In River Town player comes into possession of a farm, and can populate his little rancho with a variety of animals, pets or crops. The town is settled by villagers with highly contrasting personalities, making the game an engaging combination of farming and social experience. What is unique about River Town is that player can create their own script about what they want to happen, with whom and when. Every action a character does affects not only him but all people around as well, which might lead to some crazy stuff! FeaturesFor a full feature set please visit our Kickstarter page. Crops - Choose from a wide variety of plants (fruits, vegetables, flowers) and trees to populate your farm. Some of them are required to be seeded only at a certain season, while others need a hothous.Animals - Buy, feed, breed and take care of your farm animals.Pets - Several pets to take care of. Some pets have special functions - dog, for instance, might help you with keeping wild animals away.Villagers - Every single person living in River Town is entirely unique and introduces different storyline. Some villagers might find you inspiring to change their behaviour and goals, some might try to avoid you, while some others even attempt to stalk you if they are extremely amazed by your person. They behave differently towards you as a stranger or a best friend, so take that into account.Date & Marry - Finding a second half is a strong part of the River Town storyline. It's possible to date, propose, marry, live together and finally raise a child. Festivals - Each season brings a set of different festivals organised by the town population. Participation in these might be a great chance to integrate with villagers or win precious prizes.Cooking - Discover new meals by watching TV series in your TV or experiment on your own. Serve your dishes for a dinner, share it with others or participate in cooking contests. Thank you for your time! I hope you like the game, we're very opened to your feedback and thoughts, so go ahead and write us a couple of words
  9. Did anybody catch Plague Inc. when it came out? It's a really fun android and iOs game about exterminating humanity via a super-plague, and refreshed and refined the gameplay of this one old flash game series called Pandemic. It's free-to-play, but still very fun to play without even spending a cent. I was checking out their blog thing, and I found out they're actually porting it to Steam on the 20th. So that's something. Details here and here, I think.
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