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Found 11 results

  1. 41.77 Singleplayer and Multiplayer Host, Dedicated and SP No Occurs on old and new saves Reproduction Steps: 1. Build 2 wall frames and a door-frame next to each other 2. Build a wooden wall lvl. 3 and a wooden window lvl.3 3. Plaster all 3 4. Paint them in any color 5. The Color will be noticeably off If the Walls are built on the spot where a wall previously existed (for example after tearing down a house and rebuilding it with wooden walls on the exact spots where the walls had been) the paint matches up perfectly. This is a problem, as a lot of time and effort go into building a custom base, and then having to see the outside have mismatched colors is depressing.
  2. I've been enjoying the new Build 41 beta recently and while generally having a lot of fun, i found a rather annoying, albeit minor, issue. When i try painting a wall with a brush and a paint bucket, the game just pops out the good ol red box with a number and doesn't do anything. I tried different paints, manually assigning the brush and the paint bucket to their respective hands, reloading the game and nothing changed. The fact that drawing symbols works fine makes it even more annoying. I can provide the log messages if needed. Pls fix i need those walls blue
  3. Ive noticed that when i paint signs on the sides of buildings that the brick shading is covering part of the painted sign. i have highlighted it below and a correct sign for comparison on non brick building
  4. When i paint a plastered door frame using light blue paint, the doorframe becomes invisible.
  5. When you make your own walls, and then plaster and paint them, they are spotless expanses of pure colour. When you paint the walls in an existing structure, it changes the colour but the walls are still dirty. (the 4 sections from the right up to the Exit sign have just been painted white): Here's an example of a painted player-made wall, for reference:
  6. Lets Talk Markings [Arrows] [symbols] And Whatnot The Mod Below Does This Very Well But This seems like something that should be in the base game Markings Would be Great for role playing and for depth Surprising Things Could make markings Mustard Lipstick Paint Crayons Chalk Spray Paint But of Course Some Would Wash away in the rain and markings would be buried under snow Feedback is Always Welcome And thank You for Reading https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=499153179&searchtext=
  7. I have been thinking for a while that the selection of stuff we can paint with the paintbrush is quite limited; just a Skull and some arrows, and nothing else. So, I was thinking that we should have some more stuff we could paint, both on the walls and signs. Here are a few ideas. - LOOT Pretty self-explanatory; this is a place that still has some loot left. It could be used by helpful survivors pointing you to a place that had stuff they didn't need, just as it could be used by some evil ones leading you to a place ridden with traps or with a horde inside. - $$$ Someone inside is willing to trade. Just like the loot sign, this one could be used both for good and evil. This could help the survivors to find those willing to trade stuff more easily, but it would also tell the more thief-minded ones where's a place worth raiding. - Zs! Zeds inside, and in great number. Steer clear of this place. However, just like that it could be used by wary survivors to keep would-be thieves away from their homes, as they would fear the hordes. Those are all I could think of. Feel free to post your own ideas.
  8. Adds craftable paints of every color using food coloring with hand done (aka not good) art for food coloring and the makeshift paint bucket. easy recipe using glue and water with color for paint buckets. now make that base pretty and post it. make and paint 1.0 http://pz-mods.net/weapons-items/mkapnt/ future versions will be added as i learn more about item distribution
  9. How about the ability to paint windows? Instead of covering them with sheets why not just paint them? Any color of paint in real life would completely seal it from light therefore sight. What about some other ways to cover windows as well. Cardboard for instance. There are cardboard boxes in the game that you can loot. Why not make them breakable with cardboard as the item drop. Then you could cover windows with it, using a hammer and nail, or even tape. Then there is the bath towel. I'm not 100% sure you can't cover a window with it already, pretty sure i tried though. A bath towel could cover a window with some tape but i doubt it would be big enough to nail up. Duct tape.... ah duct tape. You could cover a window with a roll of duct tape for sure. just tape the glass up. I bet a full roll of duct tape would cover more than 1 window. probably more like 3 windows. garbage bag. come on, we have all seen a window taped up with a garbage bag. tarp. nailed or taped. probably could cut it so that it could cover 2 windows most likely. wire or even better, barbed wire. I could hammer nails around a window and wrap wire around it then weave back and forth from nail to nail then bend the nials over making a grid of wire. easily seen through. probably even get grabbed, scratched, or bit through. but not easy to pass by for a zed. newspaper and tape. an unfolded newspaper with some tape could cover a window
  10. Just some suggestions I've thought of since I started playing again. Ability to hotkey any item in the inventory. Ability to hotkey to primary, secondary, or both hands. Ability to lock camera in certain direction, ex: while running from West Point to Muldraugh it would be cool to set the camera so it hangs to the southwest so I can have a heads-up if someone is coming from the other direction without having to aim. I believe this would balance itself out because you would lose visibility to the rear. Ability to paint doors. It's cool to plaster constructed walls then paint them, but then having the constructed door looks lame. I thought of these while playing multiplayer. It really is a lot more fun than I expected, I usually stick to singleplayer.
  11. I have really enjoyed Project Zomboid and feel I am ready to start giving back to the community. A buddy and I are going to follow this most excellent tutorial / mapping guide by Thuztor to build a single cell map to learn the basics. Once we are comfortable we will start making out hometown and play with custom maps. Neither of us are good with image editing software. There are lots of good posts and tutorials on the PZ related programs, but I found nothing for GIMP or Paint.net that would relate specifically to Project Zomboid. For example, on Paint.net (the program I am leaning to using) is there a way to make/save custom colors/palettes? I am thinking a custom palette that has the label and the color configuration (like Dark Grass 90, 100, 35) so I would only need to click on my brush and then Dark Grass or Light Pothole. Can I also make custom brushes like a brush that is 6 pixels wide for making roads? Altho I am interested in those specific questions, I really want this thread to be a place where you can post your tools and tips for using image editors to make your world maps. Mapzoid is awesome and I am using it to learn PZWorldEd.exe and TileZes.exe, but I like the more granular control of making your own bmp and png files. Thank you. If anyone can point me to a good location that has this information, I will be happy to learn and synthesize it, but my experience is so low right now that I don't even know what questions to ask yet or the capabilities of those two programs.
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