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Found 6 results

  1. After the update, i tried to return to PZ... but sadly my experience did not last long since almost every item ingame had some kind of font bug. For an example: Shoes in Turkish is "Ayakkabı" but the game says something like Ayak1÷×7¥÷. Is there a way to fix that or is it a game bug? Sorry for my bad English
  2. Driving skills! I'm sure this is already being considered, but driving should definitely be worked into character creation when vehicle development stabilizes. High drive skill could increase (and low would decrease): - Turning responsiveness or likelihood of rollover (safe and effective control of momentum) - Likelihood of car starting on first turn of the key (knowing how/when to turn the key for a rough starter) - Control when running over obstacles (default erratic response when driving over something/zeds) - Others?
  3. Hey all, just thought about this. I did a search and this suggestion was spoken only like 1-3 times BEFORE October 2014. Anyways, I think there should be a new Scream mechanic that intertwines with traits and health. Similar to being sick, when a character is in pain or is wounded (or better yet at an agony level, making painkillers more important), there should be an RNG that every x unit of time or pressure, the character will either emit the following sounds: Death Scream - Upon death, the player's scream (that plays during death already) will attract more zombies, making looting your own body (or killing yourself-self) not a favorable option for a few days. Fracture Scream - Who on earth DOESN'T scream when they break their leg? Screams will get quieter as the character breaks more limbs, if they happen to live and fully heal Pressure Scream - If a character is wounded in an area that is healing, nerve reactions shoot to their brain and will cause a scream. Not louder than a fracture scream, but can be pretty dangerous. Bitten Scream - Have fun not screaming as you lose a chunk of your body. Heavy Pain Sighs/Grunts - Similar to a really bad stomach ache or bug, the character may heavily sigh or grunt from the pain they are experiencing. Sound radius shouldn't be too big, perhaps just an average room size. Medium Pain Sighs/Grunts - You know that feeling when you break a fall with your nose, or you scrape off a few layers of skin on a limb, and you're walking your sorry behind to some medical help while trying not to focus on your blood pouring everywhere? Yeah. keep in mind I don't want some sound imported from an 80's snuff film Any pain easier to handle than Medium will not emit a sound. To counteract these negative effects, some new traits will come in. Heavy Sports Player - -4 points, reduces sound radius from pain Loud Mouth - +4 points, increases sound radius from pain Being a Veteran or Police Officer will also reduce sound radius from pain. If the actual audio gets too annoying, just make it text like sneezing (or better yet, make it an option for audio, text, or both). What do you guys think? I'd like some feedback on this. I always got tired of my character not screaming or anything when he just fought through a horde of zombies, bleeding from all over.
  4. So I've been playing Project Zomboid and noticed an item called "Bricktoys". Obviously, this is Project Zomboid's Legos. So I thought of Legos. Then, of course, I thought of the horrible pain that comes with stepping on one. Then the idea struck me. My idea is this: Bricktoys could be able to be placed on the ground, and if a player or NPC steps on them, they get the debuff "Pain". Of course, this trap wouldn't work on zombies, because they can't feel pain. I was thinking of suggesting to add the "Getting a little weepy" debuff to the Bricktoys trap effects too, but that's just a little too unrealistic. This trap wouldn't be "overpowered" or "too weak", either, that reason being is that the Bricktoys aren't very hard to find, and you'd be able to use the trap over and over again, about 7-10 times sounds reasonable. If you placed multiple around a door, an NPC or player might step on each one, raising the "Pain" debuff a little more and more each time. Just be careful not to step on them yourself, or YOU might be in some pain. Edit: Maybe they would add 1 or 2 points of damage to the legs or feet of a player or NPC, too. Little enough to not be fatal. That's my idea, please let me know what you think, and be sure to share some of YOUR suggestions and comments in this topic, too Edit: Nevermind, bad idea. I didn't think this through at all.
  5. I've noticed characters aren't screaming or anything when they're in agony. They bleed a lot and stuff, but they aren't screaming. Should they be? EDIT: I've now updated the poll to portray whether you think text or sound should play during a scream!
  6. It's a pretty simple suggestion, but can we add the ability for alcohol to relieve pain? We know it works like this in real life, and even historically, Civil War-era surgeons would give their patients whiskey to relieve their pain prior to surgery. This would give Alcohol more benefit than it does now, as I feel the panic reduction isn't as useful as it should be for the debuffs we get.
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