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Found 6 results

  1. • Version 41.78.16(Steam) • Singleplayer • No mods. • Old save. • Reproduction steps: 1. Go south to the trailer park. 2. Get spotted by a zombie in the house at the attached coordinates. 3. Check the white car nearby to see if it's in good condition. 4. Go back to the house, clear the broken glass from the window she broke, and go in. 5. Fight the zombie. 6. Turn off the lights. First the one by the door, and then the one by the sink. 7. Go to the cabinets by the oven and open the loot table. The game then freezes for a few seconds before crashing to the desktop. Coordinates: 10820 x 10404 x 0 Also, I was playing in windowed mode, with the steam overlay enabled, and I think I had blender running in the background. The first one that came up when I went back to it in debug mode was the cupboard above the sink, and that just had a bread knife and a spoon in it. I found what YanaMD asked for in my last post, and uploaded the console.txt file, but that was while I was in the process of rebooting the game with debug mode disabled. The game's running fine now, no crashing. Although, the lights that I turned off earlier were on again. logs.zip console.txt
  2. Hello, Build 40: I can't seem to pick up a stove/oven other than the wood burning kind. I am not sure if maybe i don't meet all of the requirements? I have the screw driver, i have space in my inventory, all checks seem to be green, but the stove is red on the icon when i try and pick it up. I can rotate it however, but I am unable to pick it up and move it. Do i need a certain amount of electrical skill or metalworking? i have had no trouble using the hammer to pick up the wood burning stove. Not sure if this is a bug or if i don't meet the requirements. Thanks and keep up the great work Indie!
  3. I can put fuel but can't light them with matches, lighters, etc.
  4. SomeENG

    Wood stoves

    Is there currently a mod to make the wood stoves in the cabins run on wood instead of city power?
  5. People left food in their ovens and microwaves before they ran off!! Better eat it!! This mod makes uncooked food spawn in ovens and microwaves. Made for suggestion post here. I tried making cooked, burnt and rotten food spawn but ran into problems, so I just made it this way. DOWNLOAD: Main (PZ-Mods) || Mirror (My Dropbox)
  6. So I love the new cooking system and I really like how it can keep your spirits up. There's a bit of a problem though; When the power goes out most of the cooking becomes unavailable because meats go off too quickly and building a campfire is far too dangerous (one slip of the keyboard and you're on fire) To fix this you can always sandbox and make sure the power never goes off but that kind of ruins the immersion. I'm proposing simple craftable items. 1) Wood fueled BBQ/Oven. Use concrete or metal parts and the carpentry skill to create a BBQ that functions using wood as fuel but doesn't set the surroundings on fire. OR apply something to an existing oven that turns it into a wood burning oven that can make you sick when near it (smoke everywhere) 2) Insulated pits or rooms that make items cold. Dig a hole and insulate with clothes and then make airtight with garbage bags/ duct tape and then craft a thick wooden lid to keep it deeper underground. This would work as a shoddy fridge. Basically keep food insulated and away from light and you increase it's life expectancy (air tight is always good too) Has this been suggested before?
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