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Found 5 results

  1. Greetings fellow Project Zomboid enthusiasts! As I’m sure some of you will be glad to hear, we have founded a dedicated PZ roleplaying community. Project Zomboid is game which greatly caters to immersion and roleplaying. Yes, at first, to some less knowledgeable on the game - its graphical fidelity may put off. Yet, once you begin playing, it truly is an experience to be had by any apocalyptic survival fan. We believe, what we have created is the way Project Zomboid is meant to be played. The playstyle that will bring the most potential authentic entertainment. We, as a group of friends, have often roleplayed on private servers in the past, yet we decided to go to the effort to not only create a better, more diverse and public experience but also a friendly out-of-character community. We have spent the last month or so, hard at work on the community, each serving our own important roles. We will be officially launching on the 4th of June. Plus, to further the hype and narrative stories which will be told in due time; we will be launching with an Outbreak Event. You read more about it here: http://zomboidrp.com/thread-82.html So, what are you waiting for?! Sign up, submit your whitelist application and join us in the epic fall of Kentucky!http://zomboidrp.com Our TeamSpeak 3: We will also be streaming the launch at: https://www.twitch.tv/djhato [Credits to the following users for helping with the initial launch]: Bun, Redsky, Austin, Ryan, Dan, Polaroid and Natje. All of you have received the “Patient Zero” award on the forums for your assistance, which we appreciate beyond immeasurable lengths! If you wish to see what and where these people helped out, check this page out:http://zomboidrp.com/awards.php?view=2
  2. If you add televisions, radios, npcs, cars etc, it would be nice to be able to choose the start of the apocalypse as a start date, were you would be having a pre set amount of $$$ to spend depending on your job and such. That there would be food, hardware and other kinds of stores that you can buy stuff from. That you can try to prepare yourself and your family (if you can have one) before the zeds take over. That would nail the feeling of a real apocalypse. You would start of hearing that this new disease has spread to your town and within a day or so, the zombies would've taken over. It would be supercool to see!
  3. Sometimes when i play i feel weird visiting big places, becouse everything there is okay, glasses arent broken, chairs are nice set up, nothing is destroyed, almost no blood, no corpses, i cant see the chaos. Its like there wasn't any zombie breakout. Just like in second everyone turned on into zombies, and they didnt touched computers chairs tables, and everything was left clean My idea: Add more blood over the map, maybe graffiti on walls, or blood subtitles like "god forgive us" , "there is no help " flipped trash cans, newspaper all over the city, massacred corpses and bones, holes in the walls, broken doors, burned houses, shopping carts near the super market. Or any sight of survivors i mean Barricaded houses with more loot but no one inside, sign saying "nothing is here" or "big horde over here" or already looted houses Zombie events: I mean when you walk on the street you can see a group of zombies eating someone, they cant see you so you can walk around or fight them Thank u for reading
  4. Here's a random idea I came up with. It would be very cool to implement into the game, but it would be very hard, and would require a lot of time. It would also have to come out after NPCs are implemented. Here it is: In the Sandbox options menu, there would be a "Start from the beginning" check box. (I can't really think of another way you would go about starting something like this, other than that.) When you check it off and finish setting up sandbox and hit play, WHAT HAS HAPPENED, I SAY? You have spawned into your jobs building in the map. (Police: PD. Security guard: Bank. Unemployed: in an alleyway or in a cheap house. etc.) The next thing is that there would be human NPCs walking around the map, doing their normal business. You may think this is strange, but no. "Start from the beginning" means beginning of the OUTBREAK. Or however else the zombies came to Kentucky. After about 10 minutes of being in the game, the NPCs would start talking about how some strange virus is going around, and then that triggers the game to infect about a third of the NPCs currently alive on the saved game. After however long you set on Sandbox for the virus to take effect, the population will start turning and CHAOS HAPPENS! Summary: Basically, it's a mode where you get to see the outbreak start and consume Kentucky. I think this would be AMAZING, because seeing people zombify, and have chaos unfold unto the citizens of Kentucky... That's just something you usually don't see in a zombie game.
  5. I've been thinking,when the Kate and Baldspot tutorial first came out i wondered,"Where did they come from, and how did they get in that predicament? Did they get stuck in Muldraugh during a vacation, or did they get stuck there because Louisville was the first to go?" So i was thinking, how about a world that gets persistently worse as the infection spreads? Like everything is normal, then police get called in, then riots in the streets, then the CDC and the National Guard gets called in, then they quarantine the area, then they start bombing runs, then the quarantine fails and it spreads even farther. Please write your criticism and your thoughts in the comments!
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