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Found 3 results

  1. I feel like this should be a bug so I just wanted to report that during rainstorms I've noticed massive FPS drops, from 140-160 to 20-30FPS. I tweaked settings until I realized it was specifically Dynamic Puddles. I tried adjusting puddle quality, with pretty unnoticeable changes. I have a pretty high end system and this graphics setting in particular seems extremely unoptimized. CPU Ryzen 5800x3d GPU 6900XT 64GB DDR4 3200 RAM game on gen 4 PCI-E m.2 NVME SSD. Love the game fellas, just wanted to report this option although it looks good, its crazy how much this affects framerate.
  2. Hi everyone. So , in the bottom you will read the improvements: - remove ground (vegetation and floor level) under buildings ( if you know in Buildings Editor we create a floor for building ). Also we can add ground manually if need of course. - make the grass level like the sublevel and the lowest level. Also make the grass a single picture (maybe 300x300), and not like array of units. When the player interacts with the grass level (digging, for example), simply add the appropriate unit and tile on top of the level above the grass along the coordinates. Thus, the grass will not be drawn in a loop, but as one picture, which will save memory resources and drawing of ceil will be faster. - THE BIG NAILS PROBLEM. As you know game freezes when you try to move 1000 nails from bag to bag. SOLUTION: I am sure the every nail made like one independent entity. For fixing that I propose to make nails in general like one entity with counter. And when we move nails to another bag, we need to move one entity , not 1000 entities and just change the counter and show this number near right of entity in inventory or bag. That is , if you have more equal one nail inventory or bag and you try get more , you just change counter and not move entity to inventory. If you not have nails you just move one nail entity and change counter in bag. This solution you can use for another quantitative things. This topic will be update if I have new idea for optimization.
  3. Hey everyone, So I got my server set up, figured out the escoteric arcana that is the soft reset process, went public, and have managed to (mostly) keep this boat afloat. Now I'm starting to wonder about server optimization - but the first obstacle I'm encountering is that I have NO idea what kind of performance I should even be expecting from this jalopy. When I talk to other players / server admins about what kind of performance is possible with this game given my current setup, I get widely varied answers. Nobody really seems to have a clue. So I'm starting this thread with two objectives in mind: 1) I'd like it if other admins who have managed to get a server successfully running for a week or so to post their setup / performance here so that we can zero-in on some answers? 2) I wish to ask if anyone knows of any methods to optimize performance and/or can anyone think of any obvious mistakes that would adversely affect lag? Here's what I am running - Cores: 6 Memory: 16 GB (85% of which is allocated to project-zomboid-dedi-server.sh) OS: Linux Debian 7 Cost: ~$100/month Location: US, Chicago VPS hosted by NuclearFallOut. Here's the performance I'm getting - 0-10 players: Lag is good. You can tell it's not single player, but there is (largely) no glitchy behavior. Zed's rarely phase; when they do, it's only for a split second, and normal gameplay resumes immediately after. 10-15 players: Lag is noticable. Second or two of delay when talking in global chat. Zombies phase left and right to the point of no longer presenting a risk to players. 15+ players: Lag is unplayable. 2-3 seconds of delay when talking in global chat. Zombies phase so much most players can run right through a horde and be unaware that they are even there. Even trying to follow another player is pretty difficult to do. It's pure farm-simulator and Minecraft builder with this many people on, because zed's are pretty much non-existant. So! Anyone have any suggestions / feel like posting their own setup?
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