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Found 1 result

  1. Version 41.78 Singleplayer, multiplayer unconfirmed No mods Occurs on new save How to duplicate: Build any player made wall, then build a walkway on top of that wall. With the zombie population map (ZPM) zoomed in to see pathing obstacles, you'll notice that building a player made floor on top of the player made walls, it will cause them to randomnly lose their obstacle status on the ZPM (Essentially building catwalks on perimeter walls). Double building floors above player made walls will always duplicate this issue (building a floor on an already existing floor above a player made wall). Verified that this will allow the director to spawn zombies into that area (or allow the pathing check through the gap), as if it's not walled off. Currently unverified on dedicated/hosted servers, ZPM doesn't seem to show the same level of detail, no obstacles, can't force respwans (may be user error). Found temporary workarounds for solo players: 1. Building a floor underneath the walkway resets it. 2. Placing items that act as barriers underneath it resets it. 3. Moving the player chunk away from walkway, then returning, putting it back in the player chunk resets it. While away, though, zombies can still be spawned inside, or migrate inside. 4. If solo, reloading game resets it. Small issue, but thought it was worth reporting
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