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Found 8 results

  1. Possibility to break furniture when you do not have the carpentry ability to disassemble them. Example when you have crowbar or some pretty heavy duty tool or melee weapon, you could break beds and other furniture, only getting wood and metal scrap off them. As anyone even without tools could break a bed ect.. so if we cant really move them, let us break them. So we can have bit more control over our bases layout. Just a thought i had while organizing my lovely base.
  2. thx google traductor (hablo español :D, que pasa amigoooooo) Sometimes you walk quietly, you turn around a corner and quickly you realize that a horde was having a picnic until you arrived, there is no time to apologize when they are already chasing you, then you decide to enter a house that fortunately has 2 doors open in a straight line and also next to the first door there is a closet, you are lucky! It's not bolted to the floor, and like in a typical zombie movie you take it and stamp it down, you've just locked the door, and that's how thanks to that piece of furniture you can breathe ... for now. The 1rst idea is simple, lock doors using furniture, this taking into account the height of the furniture and the weight, if it has a low or high center of gravity (if you push it from above it will swing and fall? or has its mass close to the ground and that can't happen) you like to freeze EVERYTHING?, but the bottom of your fridge is empty, I tell you once and for all it's going to fall and push you (do you have a refrigerator and also a window/door that doesn't have a barricade? use it! block that window / door using the refrigerator or a closet) The second idea may make things simpler but I don't know, I'll tell you anyway. The 2nd idea is to be able to throw moderately small objects against the zombies, you are tired, you have been running for a long time and you can not anymore, you are cornered, without weapons, almost in your last breath, what could you do? ... then you remember that you have a can of Dog food (add dogs plz) you throw it at the feet of the zombie and in a stroke of luck he slips with the can and you escape from there. That's it, I don't know how balanced doing this is, but it could make throwing objects consume more stamina, and you get tired of throwing things fast, and the thing you throw is almost certainly going to break. I don't know, but for your attention, thanks
  3. Creating and Manipulating World Objects Seen questions pop a few times regarding placing objects on the map so decided to make a little tutorial on it. Most of the tutorial is written in a single file included in a mod you can download below. The code is commented so you can see whats going on. I recommend loading the lua file in your favorite editor and starting a custom game without zombies with the mod activated in windowed mode so you can play with the mod ingame and read the stuff in the lua file. How it works? The mod allows you to place a red cube on a empty tile, every time you click that tile again the code will do some stuff with the object, you can all see it in the code comments. Target audience. The mod is written for beginning modders, however it might be that there's some stuff useful for more experienced modders here and there. You'll have to judge it yourself. Code. The code is written so that one can follow the tutorial line by line, as such it does not reflect proper implementation but rather serves as a showcase of things you can do and implement properly yourself. You can also build uppon the code supplied in the mod to use it as a testbase for experimenting with objects and their methods. I suggest also digging in TIS lua files regarding buildable objects and their context menu's. About sprites. To create a graphic for your object you'll need to make a transparent image of 64 width and 128 height. This covers one tile and one layer of height in the game. Included in the mod are a few sprites, i suppose you could use "cube_floor.png" as a template: About java. It's highly recommended you have some way of looking up java source classes & methods. The javadocs can be used, personally i've used JDGUI up until now. With JDGUI you can open any class file in <root>/zombie/ directory and it opens up the entire project space as such: Many of these classes are made available in lua to work with. Often they require to be constructed first. To do so you can look up the constructors: In lua you'll have to use the 'new' method like so: local myObj = IsoObject.new("parameters here");By matching the set of parameters in .new() to the ones found in the java constructors you can call the appropriate one. All other methods can then be called on that instance of the IsoObject like so: myObj:setSprite("test");local sprite = myObj:getSprite();The lua file for reference Download Regards, Turbo
  4. How does one import into tilezed a multi-tile object. The one thing that keeps me away from making anything custom is the incredible difficulty in making multiple tile objects. I already have ideas on making car rubble objects, and more but the fact is that You have to split objects that span multiple tiles and I have noidea how that works at all... Does anyone know how this is done? I have already scoured the forums and no one has a tutorial or any videos on the subject. Only single tile object creation. Any ideas?
  5. This is probably a very dumb idea, but after a while you do get bored and start looking for things to do. So, I have come up with this page. If you have played project zomboid for a while, you have probably saw some one of a kind stuff, or things you hardly come across. I have found a few, some being maps, doctor degrees and dark wood drawers with golden handles. So, if you guys find anything, find it on the zomboid map and post the co-ords here! please say which town it is from. remember, this is stuff that you don't see at all, or one of a kind stuff.
  6. I had an idea since when looting areas i was getting of tired of killing all the zombies around the area i was looting. So i thought it would be awesome if we could throw glass bottles and other objects to create distractions. Perhaps even throwing other objects at windows to break them, such as bricks or other objects that are capable enough to break a window. Also to go with it we should be able to throw weapons at zombies, perhaps even craft some sort of throwing spear/sharp stick to throw at zombies. And to go with the ability to throw weapons at zombies a throwing skill could be added determining the accuracy at which you throw the object/item. This could help taking out zombies silently without having to get up close, though it should require lots of practice to master. (Also the amount of strength you have could determine how far u throw maybe???) And to finish this thread off I believe some distraction items should be added such as alarm clocks, or cellphones which you can place down and make its alarm go off so you can safely loot or do whatever while the zombies are distracted Alright well thats it what do you guys think?
  7. Hola mi nombre es Oliver Guerrero soy de Venezuela había añadido previamente la idea de querer proyectar instrumentos Zomboid con el fin de dar el toque musical, artículos decorativos para dar más realismo. Hola mi nombre es Oliver Guerrero soy de Venezuela anteriormente Tuve la idea de querer agregar Instrumentos al Proyecto Zomboid Con El Fin de dar el toque musical, Objetos decorativos Que dieran mas realismo. Tengo aquí el enlace de la primera publicación. Tengo aqui el enlace de la Primera publicacion. http://theindiestone.com/forums/index.php/topic/7744-tienda-de-musica/ Momentáneamente pospuesto. (Pospuesto) Yo tenía un trabajo duro ya que no soy bueno en eso del arte del pixel, pero me las arreglé para hacer algunos instrumentos como guitarra, batería, micrófono, entre otros ... al final y tuvo varios instrumentos, pero que tenía un problema, no tienen en cuenta las dimensiones del personaje en el juego, y las guitarras eran más grandes, que ciertamente no es poco realista, por eso quise hacer este anuncio, y le dije a hacer un post sobre esto en Inglés porque hablo es el español, así que lo hice para entender mejor la mayoría aquí. Tuve Trabajo duro ONU ya què no bueno soja estafa ESO pixel art del pero Logre HACER algunos Instrumentos de como guitarra, bateria, microfono, Entre Otros ...Al final, ya tenia Varios Instrumentos Pero Tuve Problema un, no tomo en Cuenta las Dimensiones del Personaje en el Juego, y las guitarras Eran Mas Grandes, ciertamente ESO no Realista nada es, Es Por Eso que Quise HACER this Anuncio, y Por Que me Dijeron Que hiciera sin mensaje de this in ingles ya Que Yo hablo es español, entonces lo Hice Para Qué entendieran aqui la mayoria Mejor. imaginar entrar en una tienda de música en el Proyecto Zomboid.SE imaginan Poder Para entrar un Una tienda de Música en Proyecto Zomboid. por los momentos que tratan de organizar y pasar el rato con este problema tan quieto un rato antes de enviar instrumentos, sino hacer de sobreviviente se desespere futuros instrumentos musicales entraron en su vida. Por los recuerditos tratare de una organizadora de Que ya ando estafadores ESTE PROBLEMA ASI de Que AUN en Falta TIEMPO Para Qué Pueda PUBLICAR el los Instrumentos de Pero no desesperes Futuro sobreviviente los Instrumentos Musicales llegaran a tu vida. Propuesta- propuesta.-Estoy diseñando objetos sólo son decorativos, pero quiero tener este apoyo, para que en el futuro se incluirán en el juego oficial alguna mapa personalizado o algo por el estilo. -También quieren que estos instrumentos podrían utilizarse para reproducir música al final del día es la mejor manera de pasar tiempo en soledad o compañía, así que si alguien sabe cómo hacer mods, que sería genial para convertir mis objetos decorativos más instrumentos reales , para traer una guitarra, tocar el piano, tocar la armónica, así que si alguien puede desear que usted cumplir con esa máxima.-los Objetos de Que Estoy Diseñando hijo decorativos Solamente, Pero quiero del aire ESTO Tener Apoyo de USTEDES, Para Qué es el mar Futuro incluido al Juego oficial en algun mapa del personalizado o algoritmos Por El Estilo.-Quisiera tambien Que ESTOS Instrumentos sí pudieran USAR Tocar musica en el fin de los dias es La Mejor Forma de Pasar el rato en la soledad o estafa compañia, porción Lo Que Si Hay Alguien de Que mods HACER separado, seria genial convertir mis Objetos decorativos en Instrumentos mas reales, Llevar Poder Una guitarra, Tocar el piano Tocar la armónica, entonces si Alguien Pudiera meet ESE Deseo seria lo maximo. Y el último y más sería genial para usar la guitarra como un arma contra los zombies, una guitarra acústica sería romper nada al golpear un zombi, pero la guitarra eléctrica más seria mejor peso pesado celebraría más golpes antes de romper por completo si se incluye como nuevo arma seria increíble XDY lo ultimo y mas seria genial Poder USAR La Guitarra Como Un ARMA contraindicaciones del los zombies, Una guitarra acustica sí romperia de nada al GOLPEAR zombie un, Pero Una guitarra electrica seria Mejor mas resistant aguantaria mas golpes los antes de romperse porción completo si ESO sí incluyera COMO NUEVA arma seria alucinante XD estos serían los ejemplos más claros si alguien sabe crear un mod que incluye una guitarra como arma, sería muy apreciada, Proyecto Zomboid es el juego que yo era más como el género zombie y esto es lo máximo para mí ya que soy un guitarrista. ESTOS serian los ejemplos Más claros Si Hay Alguien Que sepa CREAR mod Que incluya Una guitarra de Como arma, le agradeceria Mucho, proyecto Zomboid es El Juego que mas me ha gustado del genero zombie y ESTO es lo maximo para mi ya guitarrista de soja Que un. Finalizando- termina Quiero compartir una pequeña muestra de mi trabajo se trata de una guitarra eléctrica les paul, quiero saber tu opinión, y si alguien está interesado en ayudar con las herramientas de dibujo y agradecería que muy real necesidad de salir de los dibujos. Gracias por ver mi anuncio por encima de Zomboid!!! del quiero compartir Una Pequeña Muestra de Mi Trabajo de Esta es Una guitarra electrica les paul, sable del quiero do opinión, y si heno Alguien silencio Interesado en ayudarme Con El dibujo de los Instrumentos le agradeceria ya Que Necesito DEJAR busque Real los dibujos.porción gracias ver mi Zomboid arriba publicacion!
  8. I have an idea of being able to carry corpses (like planks and Logs) they shall weight around 5 and will allow you to build barricades and walls with corpses. Carrying one corpses will lower your mood and also it may make you a bit panicked. If the player has a trait ( "Can't stand smells" ) he will become nauseuous when near a corpse when carrying one or when he is near zombies and Constructions made with corpses. Crafting a Wall with corpses will concentrate all the items they were wearing in one "container" . You will be able to use corpses to block doors and windows just as if they are barricades. However they will be easily removed by players. Zombies will have to hit one corpse wall around 10 times in order to pass through it.
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