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Found 8 results

  1. Not just calories and fat. Demand such as vitamins should be increased. For example, insufficient vitamin A will affect vision, and insufficient vitamin K will lead to decreased coagulation ability. It makes people have to eat different foods to maintain nutritional balance and makes different seeds and hunting more useful. Let people not just farm potatoes at the end game.
  2. About us / О нас We're a well-known PvP server with a simple set of rules that's easy to follow. Server located in Saint Petersburg, Russia, so it's pretty comfortable to play from Russia and Eastern Europe. Мы - известный PvP-сервер с простыми правилами, их легко понять и им просто следовать. Сервер расположен в Санкт-Петербурге, играть из РФ и восточной европы будет комфортно. Discord: https://last-day.wargm.ru/discord (integrated with in-game 'all' chat channel) Website: https://last-day.wargm.ru/ How to connect / Как подключиться I
  3. Hello, my charater has a problem to lose weight, its now 18 days with much of running, carrying, chopping, fighting and not eating much (of course only vegetables) and its still 105, not even 104.9. We are playing on a dedicted linux server, on the stable branch. Is there some entry in the console i have to watch if there is some progress at all? Or maybe any kind of debugging/inspection with the admin account? Just to get sure. If it only takes longer its fine, but i remember from a previous session that a change should be already visibile. Regards, Noctem
  4. Since RemouladeFull was given nutrition values in build 40.6, I noticed it's missing the "Packaged = TRUE" tag, which would make the nutritional values visible to anyone, as is the case with mayonnaise. Comparison of MayonnaiseFull (238) and RemouladeFull (280) in farming.txt, showing only the nutrition information.
  5. Full jars of mayo should remain fresh indefinitely. perishable at normal rate once opened and with effective refrigeration. Theres probably a few items like this. I think it would make mayo a high value early game hoarding item for lategame consumption with prepared sliced bread.
  6. seriously broccoli and cabbage, no onion, no salt, no pepper -10 boredom -10 happiness Salt should make it -2 boredom. pepper should make it +4. Onion should make it + 10. I don't care how expertly you slice those veggies its still bowl of raw vegetable matter. this suggestion is hard to apply globally but i think we can do it
  7. Heres one for you! One thing I despise is stir fry. Fill a pan with veggies and "cook" I can see that for roasted vegetables, but then theres no difference between stir fry and roasted veggies except for container. New concept: add Cooking Oil the same way as you use rice or pasta, except it goes into frying pans. This provides a small shot of calories for fat in a nonperishable way but still providing a reason to loot houses and stores ever further away for oil even after you have a farming community established. Personally, I'd go so far as to say cooking
  8. Just had an idea to bring the nutrition/hunger system one step closer from realism, as it would make it a "long-term" thing instead of the actual instant bonus/penalty. Right now it's like an invisible bar running down as time passes, and you fill it by eating stuff ; your "hungry" moodlet depends on your position on that bar, means if you're close to death and eat a huge meal you'll suddenly be all pumped up and fresh again. What about making it an average of the last X days (lets say 7 for the exemple) ? Lets say you have to eat 60 hunger points (arbitrary value, should probably be a bit l
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