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  1. Introduction Project Zomboid, one of the most renowned survival games, offers players a relentless post-apocalyptic setting filled with zombie threats and the struggle for survival. The addition of non-playable characters (NPCs) to this world makes the gaming experience even richer and more challenging. In this context, the integration of ChatGPT AI into NPCs presents an exciting opportunity to enhance player interaction with these characters, bringing substantial benefits and significant challenges. Benefits of Integrating ChatGPT into NPCs The incorporation of ChatGPT AI into NPCs promises several notable advantages. Firstly, dialogues will become more immersive. NPCs will be able to respond more naturally to players' actions and questions, increasing the sense that the game world is alive and dynamic. Moreover, the variety of responses will be expanded, reducing the sense of repetition, which is crucial for maintaining player interest in the long term. Another crucial benefit is the ability to adapt to the storyline. NPCs will be able to react more realistically to the player's actions, making the player's choices more meaningful. This provides a more engaging and personalized experience, where decisions have tangible consequences. Additionally, the integration of ChatGPT offers support for new players, making it easier to understand the game's mechanics and objectives, making the learning curve more accessible. CHATGPT has been used surprisingly in various mods, such as the one for Skyrim like this video shows to us: Challenges and Considerations However, the implementation of ChatGPT in NPCs is not without its challenges. Ensuring that interactions with NPCs remain realistic is a primary concern. NPCs must behave consistently with the post-apocalyptic world and the personalities they represent. Furthermore, it is necessary to protect against inappropriate behavior, ensuring that ChatGPT AI does not produce inappropriate or offensive responses. Another important consideration is the consumption of hardware resources. ChatGPT AI is computationally intensive, and ensuring that it runs without overburdening players' hardware is essential to maintaining smooth gameplay. The Role of NPCs in a Post-Apocalyptic Setting The role of NPCs in a post-apocalyptic setting is a crucial aspect to consider. NPCs must be able to understand the hostile environment, adapting to limited resources, and surviving constant threats. Their interaction with the player, including collaboration in searching for resources and information, is essential to increase immersion. Group dynamics, forming alliances and communities, as well as conflicts and group decision-making, are elements that enrich the game. The variety of personalities among NPCs, including altruistic, selfish, and neutral NPCs, adds depth to interactions and enriches the narrative. Additionally, the actions of NPCs must have significant consequences, affecting group dynamics and shaping the game world in a believable way. Conclusion The integration of ChatGPT AI into NPCs in the post-apocalyptic setting of Project Zomboid is an exciting innovation with the potential to transform the player experience. The addition of more immersive interactions, a variety of responses, and dynamic adaptation to the storyline will enhance the game. However, technical, ethical, and privacy challenges cannot be underestimated. By carefully balancing the benefits and challenges and ensuring that NPCs behave realistically and ethically in a post-apocalyptic world, Project Zomboid can set a new standard for survival games, providing players with an unforgettable and engaging experience. The successful integration of ChatGPT into NPCs promises an exciting journey into the future of the game and, with community support, may lead to ongoing improvements and an even more vivid and complex post-apocalyptic setting. This text was also generated by ChatGPT.
  2. The implementation of a Radio Signal Tracking mechanic in the game can provide a more engaging and strategic gameplay experience, adding layers of realism and challenge to survival. Introducing tracking, players would need to consider radio signal transmission when undertaking crucial activities, such as communicating with other survivors or establishing meeting points. This realistic dynamic adds a strategic element to gameplay, compelling players to balance the need for communication with the risk of revealing their location to other players or hostile NPC survivors. The tracking mechanic could foster the development of specific skills in the game, such as the ability to use radio equipment, find secure locations for communication and resource gathering, and even track other players or threats. This would encourage players to diversify their survival skills, making gameplay more challenging and dynamic. The introduction of tracking could facilitate deeper interaction among players in multiplayer mode, enabling more advanced cooperative strategies. The ability to track the location of other players could be used to coordinate efforts, share resources, or even create strategic ambushes against threats. In summary, implementing a Radio Signal Tracking mechanic in Project Zomboid would not only increase the complexity of the gaming experience but also add realistic and strategic elements, challenging players to enhance their survival skills in an increasingly unpredictable environment.
  3. -Have npc communities develop over time with or without player input. This means they develop regardless in diffrent ways each playtrough in diffrent locations of he map, this helps with not only singleplayer expiriences but also with multiplayer as it adds vareity and promotes exploration, having you survive by yourself before you encounter these settlements. This settlements appearing/ being constructed appear later a few years down the line or months, it's all up to the developers ofcourse. -Having outpost/Settlement wars between Npcs. (Unlike Events which happen and disappear, this should have lasting effects to Npcs aswel). This is a great way to make the player not feel like the only one with braincells, you can't always expect everyone to be good right? it is normal for people to want and desire things out of their reach and achive anything to get there. (I understand this is near impossible i just included it because maybe the developers can take something out of it) -The player gets to quite litterly be apart of these communities either by being a leader or just a normal citizen, or a millitary leader ect.. This as you have guessed it, Helps with immersion and adds playabillity and style to playtroughs, it makes Npc communities make sense for the player and for the Npcs themselves because the have a neural network brain right? (joke) But in order to get to this more complex part of the game you need to survive.. This is end game or a theory of it. This takes project zomboid to a whole new route, I belive you can't implement this yet because the first part of the game and mid game are too tiny right now, this is more in mind with singleplayer rather than multiplayer. Closing off this Comment with a conclusion like school teachers tought me to do" In conclusion, this i belive makes it so much more interesting to survive, adding things to speed up the process of making settlements like small events, finding people, quests, making zombies respawn a lot less and zombie migrations from one side of the map to the other. (Iknow it requires rewriting, worth it? if done right yeahs.
  4. Integration of a complete telephony system including features such as making calls, automated voicemail, and a telephone directory for an immersive virtual communication experience (VOIP). Adding an optional post-apocalyptic starting option, immersing players into a regular day before the chaos, offering a narrative and tutorial introduction to the game. Implementing a seasonal reproduction and migration system for neutral animals, in addition to the animal movement system planned in version B42, to enrich the game's ecosystem. Incorporation of an encumbrance management system for "large items" such as furniture and ovens, limiting their transportation in containers such as car trunks (occupying a passenger space, for instance). This addition will remove the ability to attack while carrying these items by hand or on the back. Additionally, adding a forklift system, a handling device designed to transport heavy items. Dynamic evolution of TV show content based on the progression of the epidemic, providing an increased immersion into the evolving global situation within the game.
  5. Hi all! I had an idea, let me know if it has been mentioned before or if you have any thoughts. After NPCs are implemented, I was thinking it would be cool if we could switch between members of our clan/the character we started with. In my experience, when the game gets stale for the night it's often due to something character related (like an injury, or personality attribute, etc) and I think being able to switch from one character to another would add a ton. Additionally, perhaps when your character dies maybe you could choose to continue as someone in your clan. Cheers!
  6. A few things I've been thinking a lot ever since I first heard about NPCs coming to the game in the future and I wanted to bring this up early since even if there is the possibility they are being considered for the NPC update, there is always the possibility that in the chaos that is the world of gamedev day to day, one or more might have gone by unnoticed. There are 4 possibilities on how you will meet with NPCs and each of them brings up important points that must be discussed and with such I'll add in a few suggestions about each. 1- You DON'T have a "group/base" and the NPC also doesn't have a "group/base". Group in this matter is a survival base with other NPC and/or players. In this case, it should be possible to interact with the NPC and recruit the NPC for your group. Starting a group from 0, setting a home base, defining which place is to rest, where food is stored, where it is safe and where isn't, patrols, watch points, all the needed inner workings of a base, maybe defining what needs to be built where and if you are the leader of the group, giving those build orders and choosing which NPC does what. You could arm an NPC with a rifle and order another NPC to build a watch tower even if you yourself have 0 building skills, placing that NPC with the rifle to keep watch on the tower and maybe even setting more than one NPC at that watch point giving a different schedule for each one so that there is always one person there and when one gets off to rest and idle, the other takes over. This means there should be ways to define Leadership of a group and it should be possible for an NPC to become Leader or a player to surrender Leadership. This also means that the relationship with NPCs also needs some form of "political interaction" within the group and a way for NPCs to know who belongs to their group and who doesn't by interacting with one another and developping relationships with one another, maybe even forming inner factions. And in MP that means that only one player gets to be the "Leader" of the group, or maybe even there could be more than one Leader by "decision of the majority"? Things to consider 2- You DON'T have a "group/base" but the NPC does. This makes it so that if the NPC "trusts" you they could invite you, if they don't trust you, they wouldn't and if they are evil, they could pretend to invite you and screw you over or even they could be evil but the player by doing a proper sequence of interactions still gets that NPC trust and gets to join an "evil" group. This means that a sort of "dynamic trust system" should exist during first interactions with NPCs. Not just due to relationship points, but a sort of "first impressions" system that only is used for the first few interactions of when you meet an NPC. This would also be needed for situation 1 since if an NPC doesn't trust you, due to you screwing them over, hurting them, insulting or abandoning them in a situation of danger, they probably wouldn't want to join your group and say they would be better off alone. 3- You DO have a "group/base" and the NPC doesn't. As I mentioned in situation 2, in this case, the "dynamic trust system" should exist so that the NPC can judge if they trust you enough to join your group, to bring you back to their "family" (smaller than a group, not a base but just a few other NPCs surviving together in a stage with smaller numbers before growing into a group and settling a safe base) so that their "family" may also join your "group/base". 4- You DO have a "group/base" and the NPC also does. In this case, there should still be a "dynamic trust system" in situations that the NPC "thinks their current group/base is bad for them" and even a possibility of needing to "rescue" another NPC belonging to their "family" from their current "group/base". OR the possibility of them bringing you to their group/base that they feel safe as a sort of ambassador of your "group/base" which brings the possibility and need of a diplomacy and diplomatic relations between "group/base" that also need to exist between NPC to NPC groups/bases. Exchanging food for goods, doing scavenge runs together, being requested to rescue someone from their group since they are out of "runners" that can go out of the base and other possibilities that could use the radios in specific frequencies to communicate between groups. Base to base interactions should be something almost as, if not more important than the inner workings of your own base. There is the possibilities of war as well. Kidnappings or murder of your "runners"(NPCs defined as scavengers that go out in search of specified goods defined by the leader). As I mentioned, I just wanted to bring this topic up as soon as possible since I know that the NPC update is already underway and I know how chaotic gamedev is and how some aspects my just pass us by when focusing on other aspects of development. I actually very excited for the NPC update and loving the game currently, so I can't wait to see what you guys are cooking up right now.
  7. Hello. My proposition is to have more moodles when we have interaction with animals and npc. I know that we get angry trait if we piss some npc and that u have more stuff as devs in mind. So Hear me out. U can get sick if u spend to much Time in sick enviorement like dead body around or with sick animal/Npc. U can prevent to get sick if u use meds like vitamins or eat proper food like hot chicken broth that will get ur resistence to sickness like flu/cold or Speed up recovery. Ideas for New moodles and condytions: - injured head - U can Black out any moment if u go to sleep There is a Chance that u dont Wake up never again eye - depends nie devastating that injury is u can get short sign, less Vision radius, less narrow Vision when running, pain, or even lost of sight ear - short hear range, Panic Sound will be louder or u can get deff trait, Body parts - u can loose permamently a peace of ur body like a finger, eye, ear, teeth, arm, leg for a Chance to survive sickness, infections etc we could get prostetic Sickness Flu - U can catch it from others and is a cl9nd on steroids + pain and fever Fever - usualy we use sick moodle icon as information that something is wrong with pc i would l8ke to change it on fever if pc is sick or infected. Fever give us a higher body temp, trist and concentration problems soon Time of sick pc get traits like all thumbs or asthmatic with slower swings and mood modificators meaby even halucinations if our pc is realy weak. Skin - If u get skin sickness u can get thin skin trait or something that other npc will treat u bad. Heart atack - part of high exhaustion or paniced condytuon for longer period of Time a big blood loss or no medication if pc have heart condytion. Halucinations - can be a trait itself that u need to consume meds to not get panic atacks, mood swings or visions of zombies it can be a moodle connected to high fever, or some food or weed types. There is a mod that add schisofrenia but i think Halucinations from food or sicknes is better. Cant be
  8. (Suggestion) I think the ability to carry injured players and NPCs would add a lot to the gameplay in creating a more authentic and cooperative environment. In the game currently, when a player is overexerted, their movement is compromised. Injuries such as broken bones also have this effect. This would mean certain death in many scenarios, regardless of whether the player is alone or with other survivors. My hope is that this feature could allow players to compensate for each-other, perhaps at the cost of their own safety. With this feature, players could either aid someone in walking with an arm over their shoulder or by carrying the injured/exhausted/incapacitated survivor on the player's back (or @Bullet_Magnate's suggestion a 'Fireman carry' and/or dragging). These actions would come with drawbacks for the player performing the action, however the incentive to save a fellow survivor could create a moral choice for players. Drawbacks could include the 'Heavy Load' moodle and its debuffs or a general reduction of speed as well as the inability to use weapons. This feature could also pave the way for more potential interactions between survivors such as pulling or restraining. I am not a modder nor do I have experience in game design, and so I don't know the feasibility of this suggestion. If this has already been suggested or if It doesn't meet suggestion requirements, let me know! I'd also love to hear any other ideas or criticism and will be adding or adjusting accordingly.
  9. I know we still don't know much about Npcs but this will definitely become an issue in a multiplayer setting. If I have attained a decent size NPC faction in multiplayer and a player joins us I would appreciate it if they wouldn't be able to start giving orders and taking npcs out on supply runs right off the bat. It would be easier and safer if there was a way to delegate who was allowed to give orders and bring npc survivors with them on supply runs. I think this would be keeping with the spirit of PZ. It would be weird if the new guy in the group who nobody even knows yet just suddenly started giving out orders and assigning jobs like they are the leader. Most people would probably get annoyed and think that guy would be a nuisance. I don't know if there should be ranks within the faction it would be cool if there was. But I think at least keeping the general flow and direction the faction is going should be up to the one who founded it. If the leader decides to give a player or maybe (if Possible) an npc the ability to take people on supply runs and leave the base there should be an option for that to keep things relatively under control. I don't think players should have more rights than the NPCs just because they are a player. Id rather people be on the same level to keep things feeling natural. And if someone has more rights its because the leader of the group gave them those rights, whether player or npc. It would be like a very loose chain of command (or it could be more strict if possible). I suppose with all this being said you could also end up losing control to other players if NPCs begin questioning your leadership abilities. I know that all of this could already be decided on and will be part of how npcs function but I thought id make the suggestion anyway just in case.
  10. I would like to request that the NPC feature of the game, once it is ready to be added to the game, be an option in Sandbox, if that is possible. I've been playing PZ for just a couple of months and I dearly love the game. Interaction with the zombies gets my heart racing and I find that I have to remind myself to breathe. I'm not saying this is a bad thing....this signifies how much I get into the game. However, I'm not interested in having to deal with NPCs threatening my base and distracting me from the focus of surviving and staying alive. The zombies are plenty enough to keep my attention. So please consider making that feature an option some how, for those of us that just want to fight the zombies, build safe houses, farm, fish, etc. Thank you for your consideration. I tried doing a search for NPC prior to starting this thread but came up with nothing.
  11. More interaction with the helicopter in the Helicopter Event would be nice. At a bare minimum, being able to tell WHAT KIND would be nice-the average schmuck could say "colorful helicopter, drab helicopter, helicopter with guns, big helicopter, little helicopter"; a Park Ranger could say "military helicopter, news helicopter, transport chopper, private helicopter", a Veteran could say "Boeing AH-64 Apache, Bell OH-58 Kiowa, Bell 206A JetRanger, Baby Belle" so forth and so on. Being a Veteran, Park Ranger, or similar profession might let you tune in with a Walkie-Talkie and address the pilots-for good or ill-and at the very least, get them to move away before they attract the zed. In certain cases, maybe even get them to scout the area for you? I don't really expect them to be able to fly you to safety-that's not really in the name of the game-but hell, just being able to learn where other settlements of survivors are and maybe establish trade would be nice.
  12. I know this is a bit off but I suggest when NPc's release we should be able to name our factions. It gets listed in a list somewhere in the game and when NPC's speak of it they'll pull it from this memory bank and say it. Simple enough I think. NPC's will also be able to name factions from a predetermined list of faction names available. Tell me what y'all think!
  13. Well, this all originates from a request from miss DemonXelo, found at http://theindiestone.com/forums/index.php/topic/16455-a-reason-for-doing-what-we-do-request/ Yes! XD Something to just make life a little more livable in PZ, not sure about stationary, but if that's the only way, it's what it has to be since there are no npc's :c, but It is doable?! YES!! And I agree, If you can do this, that'd be AMAZING! xD!! I'll first finish the portable fridges, then first do some tests with making my own npc's (or well, companions), and if the tests are unsuccesfull, it'll be a stationary object. So no promises for making it anything but a stationary object. But I will give it a try <3 Yay I love you! Good luck! Gonna do some tests today ^__^ I'll let you know what comes out! Sooo... First tests are VERY promising and sucessful! I can make the NPC follow me around, say things, and pretty much everything! So, the NPC Companion mod is now confirmed, and will be made. Now, my plan is to make a companion NPC that does basic things, but generally just follows you around. The companion will need feeding, sleeping, etc. I don't know how far I can push this, but I don't see any limits so far. If you have any questions, by any means, ask them And yes... I am a wizard! Things I got working: Todo/Currently working on/Being researched: Features currently being worked in on the go:
  14. I see most NPC talk is "GIMME DIS NOW. IS GONNA BE GOOD. WHY DIS NOT IN GAME YET???" so this is the thread for people to admit that you are scared of NPCs. And if you're not, you should be. Think about it. They're like smarter zombies. They have weapons. They compete with you for food and water. Sure, they can help you guard your base (presumably), but they can also f*ck it up and do something stupid and lead a horde to your area. Or blow a hole through your wall. Or break the window of your safehouse because they "thought it was empty". Why are you guys excited? O___O Do you love chaos and unluckiness and death? (Obviously yes. Since we all play PZ...) This is probably just me being a glass half-empty type of person. But when the water shuts off and you're dying of thirst with no toilets in sight... you want that half-empty glass to stay half-empty. You don't want to come home and find Bob Smith used it to water his pet tomato or make a cuppa or something. TL;DR I'm very worried what kind of additional WTFery NPCs will bring.
  15. Hi guys I joined this forum today so please excuse my very little knowledge of the forums, but I am here to suggest my thoughts about the upcoming NPCs and vehicles. NPCs and vehicles combined: NPCs should be able to get in cars with you and if the vehicle is full they can get in a second car that is functional and follow you in their car. If you are driving through a big horde if the NPCs are armed with guns they should be able to smash/open the window and shoot out at the zombies. Also if there are NPCs that are bandits they should be able to shoot at you through the windows. NPCs: There should be traits that involve social behaviour with NPCs. Socially Awkward: Easily stay on the negative side of survivors. Socially Brave: Easily stay on the positive side of survivors. Suspicious: Survivors may have a chance of warning you and then attacking you if you threaten them. Trustworthy: Survivors may have a chance of joining you or trading with you. Persuasive: Even higher chance to convince survivors to trade/join you. Implausible: Even lower chance to convince survivors to trade/join you. Good Conversationist: Alot of good things to say. Bad Conversationist: Alot of bad things to say. NPCs should also be designated into three types: Heroes/Survivors/Bandits Heroes will trade with you even if you are a bad conversationist, heroes will also attack bandits on sight, if you were to murder heroes you would become a bandit and it would be even harder to recruit survivors and heroes will attack you as you would be designated as a bandit Survivors will be neutral with the player if you provoke them or threaten them they will attack if you speak nicely to them or trade with them they might join you if you kill a survivor you become a bandit. Bandits will attempt to kill you on sight no matter who you are, there can be bandit factions so the bandits can team with other bandits but bandit factions will attack ANY NPC type of faction, if you kill a bandit you will become a hero but if you have killed survivors/heroes in the past you will be a permanent bandit and therefore will be attacked on sight by both of the other types of factions. NPC types should have their colours for their factions Green=Hero Yellow=Survivor Red=Bandit The colour code should also apply to the NPCs you come across in the game. The hero factions will be displayed as green on the factions menu and it will display how many heroes there are in it, Hero factions will only attack hostile factions e.g Bandit factions. The survivor factions will be displayed as yellow on the factions menu and will display how many survivors are in that faction. Survivor factions can attack both heroes and bandits, if they attack heroes their faction name colour changes to red, if they target bandits their faction name colour changes to green they are designated as a hero faction. The bandit factions will be displayed as yellow on the factions menu and will display how many bandits are in that faction. Bandit factions will attack both factions mainly heroes as heroes are the main people who attack bandits. The faction menu will be in order of how many members are in the faction e.g the faction with the most members will be at the top of the factions menu. Vehicles: There also should be military/emergency/civilians/SWAT There should be a different amount of HP for every vehicle, military vehicles being the highest (duh) And there should be a blowtorch and metal sheets to repair the vehicles, and in the garages can have wheels/windows/blowtorches/metalsheets/engine parts/fuel tank and you can fill the gas up at gas stations. The vehicles should be able to run over zombies at a high speed (if this isn't added.. i dont even..) You should also be able to add armour the cars with metal sheets on the windows or find bulletproof tires at military areas. And there should be different engines fuel tanks and wheels for bigger and smaller cars. You should also be able to shoot out of the vehicle you are in by smashing the window (this will make you bleed) or just simply open it (silly!) And finally there should be zombies hiding in cars more zombies hiding in bigger vehicles less in smaller cars. I'm really sorry for the long topic but I just had to release my ideas for the upcoming NPCs and vehicles. Thanks for reading!
  16. We all know that devs are working on NPC's. My idea is - why we need really inteligent NPC's first when we can have "stupid" NPC's like dogs faster? For example dogs would just need to follow player and attack zombies (or players ) which is pretty simple. EDIT Dogs would also need to avoid some zombies, but i think that devs actually have this system kinda working (mondoid).
  17. Hello everyone! you may remember me a few years back posting some ideas, it was a pretty popular thread, well i'm back with new ideas. Here we go! Respectful constructive criticism is appreciated! New game mechanics and medical issues! They're big, they're bad, and they can either help you to a great base, or lead you into your ultimate demise. Here's some game mechanics that i think should be added, and why: Renaming weapons: Have you ever wanted a gun named after you? Well today is your lucky day! In this feature you'd be enabled to rename guns and melee weapons, but unless you put a note next to it in a container saying "I AM HEAVY WEAPONS GUY, AND THIS IS MY WEAPON", others won't see the name as its a personal name. Reduced accuracy during night: Typically, if you go outside in day with a gun, and shoot a target, you'll do well. If you go outside at midnight without any lights, and try to shoot a target, especially a moving one, you won't do very well. Chronic pains: Sometimes, if you break a bone, or lose a large piece of your body, e.g. your hand or arm, It may mess with your body, to a point where you'll get chronic pains. Today, surgeries are available to correct this, except for ghost pains, but in the zombie apocalypse, the only surgery you can get with great success is your disembowelment via zombies. They sure love them intestines! Bone breaks that pierce the skin: Generally, this happens when the bone is entirely broken and the bone is moved out of place, and goes into the skin. If its sharp, it cuts it open, and causes incredible agony. Readable newspapers and pre-made journals: Although the devs won't add a starting time before the apocalypse, or while its happening, (at least not yet, they're full of surprises) this doesn't mean there's no backstory, or can't be! In order to help this, there should be readable newspapers and pre-made journals by other survivors, which can be taken from NPCs and their bases, or zombies you've killed. This would go very well with the new TV and Radio stations they're putting in soon, and NPCs could talk about it too! Weapons causing impaired turning: If you're holding a large gun, or something like a sledgehammer, you're gonna turn slightly slower than you would without it. In this case, a lighter gun, like a pistol or SMG would mean faster turning, and a bigger gun, like a large rifle or machine gun (which i highly doubt would be added) Dislocations: If you carry a very heavy load, or move a joint in a way its not supposed to move, sometimes it'll pop out of place. This will cause some pretty nasty pain and will need to be popped back into place. There are some tricks to pop a joint back in, depending on where it is, But if you throw out your back or pop your hip out of place, well, just hope you're not in a horde of zombies, and the next guy that finds you won't kill you. Guns, guns, guns! Guns, oh guns, the lifeblood of video games. Here's some that would make a good addition to the game, in my opinion, and a reason why: Semi-Auto AR-15: Yes, maybe it could be counted as "overpowered", but its a simple AR-15, semi auto, heck, maybe even with 20 round mag, plus they're pretty common! I think it would be good to bring at least one assault rifle, low powered at least, to the game. Potato cannon/Squirt gun: Why not? When you run out of bullets and melee weapons, use water and plants! Different type rifles, most older style, like M14s or M24s: They'd give a better variety to the guns alone, and give a more realistic feeling to it, but i could imagine them being rare. SMGs, Typically, smaller/weaker ones, like an MP7 20 round or an MP5k: This will give a new weapon variety, next to the AR-15, and other assault rifles if they're added, that may or may not be more common, and although would have a faster firing rate, they'd have more recoil and less accuracy, and they're low powered, since they use 9mm, and some 45. ACP. I'll explain more spawns for these in the new locations in this thread, so keep reading! New weapon accessories: Foregrip: Reduces recoil and muzzle climb. Gives a more solid grip on the weapon. Can be broken if using a plastic foregrip while panicked. Tactical Flashlight: Pretty self explanatory. Heavy barrel: A heavier variant of your current barrel, depending on the weapon. Reduces muzzle climb and improves overall accuracy. Retractable stock: Reduces carry weight and improves mobility. can increase or reduce recoil depending on skill with guns. Ergonomic grip: Reduces recoil. Increased comfort while using gun. Lighted sights: increased accuracy during night. Perhaps someone can mod in things like suppressors and what not if they haven't already, although the devs won't add it, it'd still be a great addition imo. New locations! Fort Knox: Yes i know this sounds a bit far-fetched, but i looked at muldraugh on google earth to compare it to the in game version, and i noticed, fort knox is right there (yes, i didn't know where it was, but i knew it was in kentucky), So it could be implemented in the game as a major military location, and yes, they're all dead. A military base, big or small, square or round: No zombie apocalypse is complete without a lootable military base. This, and Ft. knox, could be the house to a wide variety of weapons, including assault rifles, battle rifles, sniper rifles, SMGs, ect. And yes, they'd be a hotspot for hordes since generally when a zombie apocalypse happens, people are gonna run to the military for protection, which in this case, ultimately failed. Butcher's shops: A major place for all sorts of meats, with the exception of restaurants having them, but restaurants are overrated these days. When i was playing PZ once, we survived off of meat for five days! no, not really, but still, a butchery. Factories: Do you ever go to a warehouse and think "I wonder who put that there..." .....no? just me? Well, here's the solution: Factories! Although there wouldn't be many of them, a few would do a lot of good, and be a good place for finding, well, whatever they once produced or manufactured. Maybe a gun factory, to give parts for guns? *hint hint* Different types of animals, for when they're added. Here's some ideas: Horses: Tamed and/or tamable, they're a great method of transportation, but can be kinda loud, and can panic and run away, get sick, and all that bad stuff. Plus, you may want to ensure yours isn't eaten by a horde near a destroyed tank, which you'll have to crawl into to survive. oh i'm clever at references Dogs, but more in depth, different breeds and their unique skills: Some dog breeds have their own skills, most into which they were bred for. Lets talk about some of those: Golden retrievers: Well, its in their name. They find animals, and bring them to you. They're also great fetch players! German Sheppards and Pitbulls: Strong and loyal, these dogs will always win the fight! ... providing its a 1v1 situation. Chihuahuas: Great lapdogs! They're very nice and comforting, and can help if you're in pain or panicked/stressed, or just bored, you can play with them! But they don't fight too well, but they can bark as a warning of intruders, like all the other dogs, but still! Coyotes: I know this isn't a "Dog" technically, but it sort of is. These guys can be found somewhat deep into the woods, and tend to come in packs, but this is uncommon due to hunting and now the zombie threat. They can tend a pretty big threat anyways, as wolves can easily run you down and maul you, and can give you rabies if you survive. But maybe not... who knows? Now for other animals: Bears: Typically alone, and live deeeeeeep in the woods, they're incredibly strong and pretty fast, and unless you play dead, the probability of surviving is practically zero. But they're pretty big, so you would probably kill them before they kill you... hopefully. Snakes: They live in the woods, and some in the suburbs, and can be deadly, or just an annoyance. There are all types of snakes, and some can be poisonous, but they make some good eatin! The rest i would recommend would already be added, like deer and other such hunting animals, or don't live in that part of the country, so. Next: Zombies. Now you may be thinking "But aaaaxeeeellll, they won't put in any different zombies except for crawlers!" Yep, i know that, but they never said anything on where they can be! What i'd like to talk about today is where they can be, and how it can affect you, the survivor. Now, generally, you can find zombies in houses locked in a place like a bathroom or bedroom, and typically, when you don't see anything, you go in. But, what if they weren't just standing around? I think it would be a good idea to allow zombies to spawn, or be put into things like Dressers and showers, or stuffed in a fairly large cabinet or crate, and under the furniture, especially. Now although this used to be a feature, but seemed a bit of an annoyance to be mauled by an opponent you can't see, so my plan to resolve this, is have them be more visible, and have an option to look under furniture, or reinstate the option to move them. Generally, zombies are sloppy creatures, they don't have the intelligence to hide well or camo themselves, so the best they can do to hide under a bed is lay down however they may be, and chill out there for awhile. In turn, you can probably see an arm or a leg sticking out from under the bed, which is a telltale sign that you're not alone here. So, next time you loot a house and think you might spend the night, look under the beds and couches, they might be waiting for you. And now, our second to last topic for this post. In this, i'd like to talk about realism, even more in depth. Although i'd put up an argument saying that guns and ammo are incredibly common, ect, that would get rid of the challenge quite a bit. so, instead, we're gonna talk about your character. You're character is a survivor, one of the last humans possibly on earth, but what happens if hes not really what he seems? I think it would be a good idea to add different mental disorders, like Paranoia or OCD, which can affect your mood. This can add a ton more realism to the players and NPCs alike, and forge even better personalities for the characters. And for the last suggestion, NPC traits and what not Now, when i say traits, you may think like the traits you pick when you make a new character. Now, partially, yes, but not only that, but some jobs and current occupations and what not. Here's some: The Vet (animal vet, that is): Although he can't help people too much in first aid, he specializes in treating animals, like horses,dogs, cats, ect. The Convict: When the apocalypse started, everything went to hell pretty quickly, and in the midst of this, he/she was able to escape his confinement, and go out to this new, hellish world. But what was he convicted of, and how will it affect your group? Was he a murderer, a thief, or worse...? Now to explain further as requested, There would be a specific set of the criminals most likely, and they'd have their own trait sets to follow, including the possibility of one or two unrelated skills. For example, Thieves would have lightfooted and other skills to help them remain undetected, while Murderers would have slightly more strength and speed, but aren't very mentally stable. And yes, there's going to be all the other ones, like the ex-military, the doctor, the cop, the firefighter, the construction worker, ect. Plus, with the NPCs would come with a moral system, based on leadership and current situations, and if moral gets too low, or you just have a bad mix of survivors, well, just hope things don't go too badly, and keep your pistol with you. Loaded. Well, that's about it for now, i'll probably update this or post another suggestion thread if i get some better ideas, and i hope these would be taken in consideration by the devs, these are things i'd love to see in the game! And yes, i know NPCs and animals and what not are already being added. Again, respectful, constructive criticism is appreciated. Tell me what you guys think and what you'd like to see the comments. Have a good day/night/apocalypse everyone!
  18. As the title suggests, I would like to know if anyone has made an npc mod. If not, then maybe someone would be interested in creating one? Even a simple mod, one that adds npcs that just run around and get killed would make the game much more chaotic and fun. I understand that actual npcs are under development, but it would be nice to play the game with some kind of makeshift npc survivers in the meantime. (Even if they ARE lackluster compared to the eventual release of the official npcs.) Any replies would be great, thanks.
  19. I thought that to make NPCs more realistic is that some should be racist and sexist. It could be any race or gender being against another race or gender and they would be mean to people they are against. If you played someone with a racist character in your group that was racist to you then they would be hard to build relationships with and even if they are very racist (Using some sort of meter maybe) they might just shoot on sight for certain races or genders. Thoughts? Just to assure you, I'm not a racist and I only want this for realism and so I can chop racist balls off!
  20. Here we go. A yet another topic about the ideas to the most discussed, most hyped up and most requested feature of Project Zomboid - NPC survivors. We all want them to be perfect, and we all want them to succeed. Now I swear that I've gone through a whole first page when looking for "NPC" tagword in the search, and didn't find an idea that I've came up with. If it's out there somewhere, you can post a link to the discussion and I'll paste it in the main reply. Okay, so, let's do this. Idea blatantly stolen from the recent game of Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor. Yes, even though the game has "taken" gameplay elements from other games like Batman: Arkham Asylum and Assasin's Creed, it STILL did offer an interesting, new mechanic. The mechanic I'm talking about is "randomized villains/captains". What it does, essentially, is it creates a randomized person with random character traits, weaknesses, looks, voices, names and other stuff. Those "villains" remember each encounter they ever have with you, and level up according to whether or not they survive the encounters with you, or even kill you. They also change visually to portray some stuff that you've done to them - for example, if you burn them in fire, they'll get a burn mark on their face, or something along those lines. What I want Project Zomboid to "borrow" from that mechanic is randomized villain encounters. Whenever you have created a steady enough base with a trustworthy group of NPC survivors, if you happen to let some NPC live after a hostile encounter, they have a high chance of coming back on your ass, leading their OWN group of strangers, immediately hostile to you. Those NPC's would "point out" how you've met each other in the past, reminding you of all the horrible things that you've done to them. Visually, once there's more options regarding the clothing, scars, glasses, hats and etc, they can also change with time, like growing hair, beards, getting eyepatches (my favorite), battle-scars, all sorts of cool things. For all it's worth, it would make a GREAT addition to our beloved "Governor" feature and will actually make NPC's that more interesting. Planned assault on your base at night that kills each of your group's members and only leaves you alive, to later capture you and torture/eat you? What about you waking up in your house and finding it on fire, just to be able to come out with all your stuff packed to face a barrel of a gun facing at your face, and words "We finally see each other again, &character name&" coming out of a leader's mouth, as he orders his men to shoot you? You can make a lot of interesting stuff happen just by implementing this idea, think of all the possibilities that could come out of this. Does anyone remember this famous line, "Howdy, neightbor"? What if that character is explored more into, what if YOU were that sadistic motherfucker who kills a random stranger's wife? What if baldspot returns later for revenge on that bandit? What if YOU are baldspot, and YOU become someone else's villain? Inspiring fear in people, sabotaging the camps and attracting hordes to their bases? I want this idea looked more into and discussed to death. And SORRY if someone has already suggested this.
  21. Well as of now all your character does without a weapon is push zombies down and stomp on there faces. So I think it would be a good idea to add unarmed melee combat against humans only. This means you would use your fists and perhaps even your feet when fighting other players/npcs. So you would be using your fists against npcs and players and pushing zombies down and stomping on there faces as you always have without a weapon. (Perhaps make and unarmed combat skill to go along with it?)
  22. It has already been confirmed that there will be NPCs in the next update of PZ, but the devs have said nothing about NPCs that don't want to co-operate with the player. These possible groups of NPCs include: 1. bandits and looters, groups and single NPCs that might, on meeting the player, would attack the player and/or loot the player's safehouse(s). 2. NPC groups, groups of up to 8 NPCs that hold out in their own safe-houses and don't want to meet the player. Equally there might be groups that function similar to "the Governor's" or "Carver's" groups from the walking dead where they would kill or enslave any other survivors. In both cases, these NPCs would attempt to shoot the player and some of the larger groups might live in sealed off communities of buildings.
  23. I noticed a while back that the player character starts at age 27, as a lot of you know. In case you didn't know, a man with grey, balding hair is not 27. Try 57. So my suggestion is that we should be able to alter the age of our characters, and aging should be added. As years go by, the character should start to get grays, bald out, etc. Because the age system doesn't really make sense as is. That's it, thanks for reading. And I'd love feedback. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------================================================================================== ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ >>>>(If this topic has been previously mentioned, I'm sorry. I couldn't find much related to my topic.)<<<<
  24. I remembered hearing somewhere that if you kill NPCs when they are implemented, you would suffer negative social buffs when socializing with others. But as I heard about this, something didn't make sense, how would these people know what you did if they didn't see you perpetrate the murders? Would they have a sort of telepathic sense that you personally were killing? This is where my idea would come in. At the moment, there is only one type of corpse, and whether the body was human or zombie seems to be indistinguishable. However, I would think a survivor could easily tell if the person was a zombie or not. So my proposition would be to make a different variant of a corpse, still called a corpse but with a different graphic and a special twist to it. This variant would carry information regarding things such as method of death. If the person who was killed was killed with an ax and left out, a passing NPC could see this person and tell by the wounds sustained he/she was killed by an ax, this NPC would then be extra wary and carry distrust toward any new strangers who carried axes in combat. This mechanic could also be used by the player to investigate any bodies and tell if there were murderers to look out for, these tags could also give random information upon inspection such as the person's name or occupation, maybe even a trait or two. The option to investigate could crop up like the info tag on plants and maybe if the player met NPCs, the information could be brought up to them in conversation to learn of any affiliation.
  25. I found it dissapointing how everyone is keeps asking for a release dates for survivors instead of just discussing how awesome they are going to make this game in general so I decided to make a thread about actually discussing the immersion, and depth there going to add to this already awesome game. Though they may not be everything we ever wanted in the beginning, but personally I think they are going to be the best addition for the game. So now that we got that out of the way here are the questions I would like to be answered by the community of what there plans are with additional survivors. 1. Where will you locate your safe house? 2. What will your attitude be towards other survivors will you try to be the good guy, or the bandit who is going to steal the supplies of other survivors? 3. How big will you try to make your group a small 4-6 or a large community of 15+? 4. Will you accept all survivors or only useful ones? 5. Will you try to be a leader or a group member? 6. How will you treat other groups of survivors? My answers: 1. The north farm in Muldraugh for a small group, and the school in Westpoint for a large community. 2. I will try my best to be a good person to other survivors but I will not hesitate to eliminate threats. 3. I am going to try and have a big community, and hopefully it will remain stable. 4. I am going to try and accept all survivors and hopefully they will adapt and become better at surviving if not already. 5. I am probably going to remain a group mate being a leader is not something I want for my survivor. 6. I am going to try my best to remain on the good side of other groups, trading, helping, and perhaps even joining forces.
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