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Found 1 result

  1. Okay so i think its about time someone makes a topic for the foods that keeps forever and the foods that becomes rotten. I am sure many others like myself have wasted fridge space on beef jerky and other food that doesn't belong in it. So i would like some help sorting the Perishable & Non Perishable foods. With new updates coming out with new foods that one can be unsure about, pickles for example. Do they belong in the fridge or in a cabinet? They don't have a prefix of fresh so you would think they can go in a cabinet, but for some food that can be misleading. Some of the condiments can spoil while others do not. So if others would like to help keep this list updated for everyone who is unsure. Perishables Apples, peach, orange, bread, carrots, cabbage, corn, lettuce, tomato, radish, bell pepper, milk, all cooked soup/stew, any bowls of soup/stew, chicken, steak, salmon, meat patty, burger, dead rat/mouse, banana, grapes, leek, eggplant, egg, grilled cheese sandwich, peas, watermelon, opened can of beans/soup, broccoli chicken casserole, cheese, pie, ... Non Perishable Beef jerky, chocolate, bag of chips, butter,peanut butter, cupcake, bottle/can of soda, Ketchup, salt, pepper, tv dinner, canned soup/beans, instant popcorn, Dry Ramen Noodles, Lollipop, Whiskey Bottle, ... Should but don't perish. Ham, cheese sandwich, peanut butter sandwich, ice cream, hot cuppa. Will keep updating once i remember them and see which ones do or don't rot. Not adding items not listed as food or that don't increase hunger directly. Items such as sugar, teabag, coffee, etc..
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