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Found 11 results

  1. Zombies often stand around in groups doing nothing until they see or hear something. But not at Night Time! This mod will gives Zombies nocturnal instincts that kick in once it gets dark. From 9:00pm to 6:00am Zombies Primal hunting instincts will take effect and they will be moving around a lot more, scattering in random directions and be restlessly searching ... for you. http://undeniable.info/pz/NocturnalZombiesMod.php
  2. I think the light system needs to be adjusted, nights not really dark (Dark nights configuration)
  3. anyone who wants to join my server can: lots of zombies rare loot. try and survive with me! im usually on during weekends
  4. I was curious as to the current possibility of a few mods that I had ideas for. I do not really have any time to do a bunch of art assets (although I may eventually add some) So I am trying to do or collaborate on some value changing mods instead. So here are the things I desire: 1: Either choose a few random zombies to be set as bosses with stronger stats and some sort of icon of minimal visual indicator that they are not your average corpse, or same but with maybe just spawning a few bosses as extra things rather than altering zombies that were already to spawn. (and
  5. Hello. Sorry for my bad English, could you help me? How can I make a darker night (season.moonAmbient = -0.8). I can not do "season.moonAmbient" less than 0.0. Thanks in advance .
  6. I would like to point out that there is no place on the whole map where one NEEDS to hold a flashlight to see something. Cool effect: If you're spending time in a well lit room, and are then transitioning into a darker area, the eyes take a lot of time to adapt.
  7. I was reading at a thread about generators the other day and as I though as was said in the OP of that thread that generators doesn't seem to be worth the effort of using atm. I started thinking about how it would probably be in realistic zombie apocalypse for the average Joe and the reason he/she would want to get a generator working. Alright some might think of maintaining their food fresh, some of warming themselves, but for a lot of people having electricity in ones home would be just a huge moral boost, and it would probably be because of them being able to see notably better at nights an
  8. I would love an option that add photophobic zombies in sandbox mode. That would be awesome with the combo Sprinter + Photophobic! I am Legend - zombie like, if you saw that movie.
  9. Would the devs be interested in adding a trait that makes the player more prone to panic at night? This seems like somthing that a lot of real people have, and would fit well among the kinds of traits in the game so far.
  10. Small suggestions here, but I could not help but putting it out there. Equip a Spiffo plush to gain a sleep boost! Before the player would go to sleep, he or she would equip the Spiffo plush. This would give the player a "Comforted" moodle that would do something like reduce panic before sleep, or prevent the player from waking up early from a sound. The player would wake up with the comforted moodle and be temporarily less susceptible to fear. Equip Spiffo while outside to reduce panic! After an intense fight with a horde, the player may end up experiencing extreme panic. This can tak
  11. Here is an idea for a mod: Night vision device/ goggles! Should be an item for the secondary slot, so it doesn't matter if it's a device with a headholder or to hold in the hand. The duration of this device should be as long as the flashlight but instead of one battery, it should use two (so it's not so overpowered, I think). I think this is the hardest part: It should turn the screen green and highlight the zombs in a brighter green, maybe with sound if you activate it. Challenge: insert small interfering effects Upside: + Let's see you in the dark + Cool effect of nightvisiondevice
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