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Found 5 results

  1. Maska_zgz

    Literature mod

    Hello everyone. First of all, I would like to apologize for my English, is not my native language, so maybe there are parts of the post in which there is something slightly misspelled. Sorry for this. I spent several hours just to write this post, divided into several days due to my lack of time, due to the creation of all lists of items, especially the list of the 500 most famous books, because I preferred sort this list alphabetically, so you can more easily consult this list. I hope my efforts have achieved a good result. - Literature mod (a short history) - Literature mod explained: Lit
  2. Sometimes when i play i feel weird visiting big places, becouse everything there is okay, glasses arent broken, chairs are nice set up, nothing is destroyed, almost no blood, no corpses, i cant see the chaos. Its like there wasn't any zombie breakout. Just like in second everyone turned on into zombies, and they didnt touched computers chairs tables, and everything was left clean My idea: Add more blood over the map, maybe graffiti on walls, or blood subtitles like "god forgive us" , "there is no help " flipped trash cans, newspaper all over the city, massacred corpses and bones, holes in
  3. To me it does not make sense that every newspaper I pick up reduces the same amount of boredom every time. I think the return I get from reading newspapers would decrease rather quickly. Think about it, there won't be any new newspapers. Nor will any of the 'news' have any relevance to my current situation. 3 months into the zombie apocalypse I doubt I'll enjoy reading a 3 month old newspaper that I've already read 50 times. There won't be any new stories, pictures, comics, puzzles, etc. They won't hold any purpose other than kindling to me. Maybe crappy insulation? But I can find better
  4. This mod adds fourteen new boredom reduction items that have uses and will wear out with each use, all but three are craftable. The craftable ones are two new doodles and ones you can make using a pair of scissors on newspapers or magazines. The non craftable ones spawn in the world and on zombies. 18+ ONLY: You can now use that wallet you looted off of that zombie a few days ago. You can now modify the wallet to hold a bunch of pictures, doodles or other related items. (It works as a container, even though you can put a shirt in the wallet doesn't mean you have to... Please play realis
  5. Very simple suggestion. I think books, magazines and newspapers should have a "durability" bar. Using a book/mag/news would reduce a little boredom and little "durability". This would be a closer simulation to reading in real life, where you read a page or two and are slightly entertained but you can save the rest for later, also losing interest in previously read pages. When the book/mag/news "durability" is completely depleted, you have read the whole thing and you throw it away. Magazines would have a low "durability", newspapers would have medium, and a good book can last much longer.
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