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Found 6 results

  1. I am trying to launch any build of project zomboid and it just shows the game started in steam (green text), any window appearing, no logs, idk what to do, the game was working before. And after all that things - steam "game started" disappears.
  2. Hi guys. I have a question. Have u got any goals, when u start new game? My goals are to get food, get weapon, and...and that's all, i just don't know what else i can do. Share your goals please, so maybe me and some new player could use to start their new zombie adventure Thanks PS: Sorry for my english, your eyes can start bleeding. PS2: By goals, I mean something like: 1. Get Food 2. Get Water 3. Get Weapon Something like this.
  3. Hey all, first post I've been playing Zomboid for a while, but just with a few friends. I find it hard to get them on especially with them being so different, they prefer other games it seems. I was playing on a SpiffoSpace server, and all was going well but I didn't like the fact that the server was running 24/7 and there were some people who, it seems, just exist to cause suffering Right now I'm running a pretty chilled out server, good for learning the game and just kicking back and enjoying the apocalypse. Utilities never run out, loot respawns after a week, zombies after a month. Infe
  4. Hey Guys, Im new to PZ and the game is pretty awesome. I find myself in the Dilemma of every survivor: Where should I go next? Basically, Ive been surviving for 8 Days now, clearing out a few houses around mine (Southeast of Muldraugh) and im starting to get slightly nervous about the water situation. The Supplies could go off any moment and right now my water reserves would keep me alive for merely another week. As I am using a map (yes, I know, some consider it "cheating", but I find it logic, that a resident knows his way around town + im new to the game), I figured that there ar
  5. Hello sorry for the intrusion just noticed a mod / bug fix in the modding section that recompiled a class file , i'm just asking is there a way to add custom mods to the java files directly and then recompiling the game ? I'm asking because even though i kinda grasp the power of lua i'm more conferrable in java (not that i'm an expert by any means) but i really want to start modding whit java project zomboid instead of lua (personal preference) Sorry for my English i'm a bit rusty but I am hoping that my message gets trough and thanks in advance if someone helps me out.
  6. Hi, I don't know how to use the secondary weapon. I would like to have a pistol in the secondary slot, but i don't know how to use it P: Oh, yes, I have keyboard and mouse. And Thanks!
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