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Found 4 results

  1. It would be cool to see a water tile that blends with the normal ones, but are shallow enough to walk across, so could have animated water over rocks or some such. Cool way to add small streams and things without fully blocking overland travel. Bridges would have to be built otherwise, or have ugly breaks between water and land tiles. It could also be a unique foraging zone, yielding more stones. Who doesn't like rock? 'twas the 90's, after all.
  2. I did a search and I was surprised to see that nobody had suggested GPS and that it wasn't in the frequently-requested things. I'm particularly inspired as my current character is lost AF. I had a look-see, and GPS existed, although it was grossly inaccurate, the receivers were very finicky and heavy, and it was only common with military. GPS then was likely just rough-coordinates on a screen. With one equipped, it might have display similar to the watch, but show coords. Then, using the map (planned), it would show you (roughly) where you are. Keeping true to the real-world function, accuracy is worse around tall buildings, and non-existent inside of buildings. The receivers would be rare loot, of course, and have a few different models of varying weight and quality. If you wanted to be strictly historical, they'd probably only be found with the military. But use in agriculture might have already started (for real), and if you wanted to pull it a bit, you're only talking about a few years difference.
  3. I can't tell you how many times friends and I have been trying to lead a relatively new player to a landmark so we can meet up in game. The compass item would function much like a digital watch. Once in your inventory, a small compass would appear in one of the corners of your screen indicating the direction you're facing. It's a bit hard to believe this isn't an item yet. As for where they would spawn, I would suggest them showing up fairly commonly in residential areas, like your spawning locations and more rarely on zombies. Obviously you want the player to find one within the first half a dozen houses they loot because they're especially useful early game. If you're exploring the deep woods to find a cabin it would be very useful as well.
  4. Id like to add on the continuous fight with navigation. First of all isnt this character from where the map we start is, then a map isnt that stupid as he/she knows her way around even if we dont. Even if he doesnt we still need a way to navigate where we have been. Maybe we can find maps around that we can look at that give a very simple look over the layout of the town. And lastly perhaps there should be a compass item that you can find which will help you navigate by a small compass showing up in the UI Perhaps if even paired with a map it can show the direction to your designated first and second safe house on the compass? Im not saying this to make the game easier, but more cause it is GREATLY to game'y in the form of super difficulty by giving your character 50m vision range and short term memory so he cant even remember what house is down the street which he was just inside of.. Do not mistake this for a minimap(Even though theres a reason games use that) But mainly cause navigation is a serious game breaker on the level of fun. I accept that these are mainly my own opinions and i only speak for myself and those who agree with this.
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