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  1. Figured out, need this deleted.
  2. It's too painful when you just want to enjoy the game's BGM in work or sleep etc. but you have to run the game and click it one by one. Don't be shy your majesty, please sell your great music collection to your BIG fans.
  3. The newest edition of Survivor Radio brings you MUSIC! Coming soon, Voice Acting! Catch it on TVM, 93.4 and ... on a secret channel only available on walkie talkies! [PLAYLIST] Come As You Are -- Nirvana 40 oz to Freedom -- Sublime Enter Sandman -- Metallica Gimme the Loot -- Biggie Smalls Radar Love -- Golden Earring The Pot -- Tool Paranoid -- Black Sabbath Don't Worry, Be Happy -- Bobby McFerrin Carry On My Wayward Son -- Kansas Personal Jesus -- Depeche Mode Mama Said Knock You Out -- LL Cool J Alive -- Pearl Jam Man In The Box -- Alice in Chain
  4. There's already instruments in Zomboid that haven't got much use other than as a weapon or a collectible, but wouldn't it be cool to have them be playable? Examples of their application could be: A way to stave off unhappiness or insanity. Social use in multiplayer for fun. Being the Post Apocalyptic Pied-Piper of Muldraugh. I think the two ways of implementing this would be a form where you have access to a keyboard and can play the keys in sequence (not very fun) and through the ABC system (very fun), similar to how it was done in Lord of the Ring
  5. With the release of radios in iwbums 33 we got radios! Sadly radios arent as awesome as i hoped. I am no expert modder but have dabbled in some codedry and it seems possible to cause music to trigger music scripts when a radio is activated. Again im no expert and if anyone could enlighten me a bit more on this i'd love to know but im hoping someone can help me bring music into the game such as old classical songs maybe the fallout 3/4 soundtrack and other past copyrighted songs that are available. Also through modding im led to believe we could probally put current songs into the mod as a mod
  6. First of all I apologize for any mistake in my English. I just wanted to share the idea of putting the MP3 player to very good use in addition to the headphones. It would be amazing to be able to use these two in combination so we can play our own music (like in other games) at least for the single-player mode. This occurred to me as there are situations where I like to listen to music while playing, but I feel the loss of immersion in having to use Spotify for that. The idea of having to use a device in the game itself to enjoy music is a very good one for me. I don't
  7. Add Music to Cd player in game to entertain you instead of only playing the same music
  8. I would like a mod where you can add personalized music through a CD as in the videogame my summer car can work both in car radio and in the portable CD player. It can be inserted into the CD player to listen to personalized music. Up to 15 tracks can be added to the CD. Custom music must be in Ogg Vorbis format (.ogg), and each track must be named Track1.ogg, Track2.ogg, Track3.ogg up to Track15.ogg. The music must be inserted in the following directory: . \ steamapps \ common \ My Summer Car \ CD This is an example of the game My Summer Car but the folder can be called custo
  9. Hi I would like the game to have the CD player and CD but it would be functional to add custom music because sometimes playing the game is a bit boring but I would like the CDs in the game to put music on the portable radios, on the radios of the cars and the portable CD player. I mean placing a custom music folder in .ogg format so that later the cd when placing them in a CD player this reproduces music.
  10. What I’m about to say might come off as rash or come off as me attacking the game and the developers themselves. But believe me I really care about this game and have been following the development long before it was in 3D. So what do I mean when I say that Project Zomboid is in need of design changes? One of the biggest gripes I have with the game is it’s artistic design, I don’t mean the environments, 3D models, or actual artwork. I’m talking about the UI, Loading Screen, Music, and other elements of the game that are outside of the world itself.
  11. I don't know if someone has commented before, but it would be a great incentive to find music tapes or CDs to improve the happiness of the players, or be able to find video tapes that are played in their respective devices to gain happiness or improve Our skills. In addition, I belong to a music band of Death Metal and we can offer our songs for free to help you in the advancement of your game. Greetings!
  12. xphylum

    In-Game Music

    Hello, I had a great idea to import(or)replace some new music into my Project Zomboid game, does anybody have any clue how to do this or if it is even possible? If it is, I would really appreciate a guide or tutorial as I have not even tried making my own mods for Project Zomboid so you can understand why I would need some help.
  13. Hey guys, Every now and then I post free music here for use by indies Link I'm also available for hire. Harry
  14. Hello! I drove on new cars, tested the update and crushed the zombies. I wanted to see the possibilities of the car. I opened the windows, moved to another seat, looked at the amount of gasoline, and then came to the radio. I turn it on and I understand that there is no sound, but instead of a sound, the text line is running. Of course i know that this is a game style «project zomboid»! But! But! But you can't imagine a huge desire to destroy the dead along with quality atmospheric music content! The one who watched the series called "walking dead" probably wi
  15. To put simply, I think it would be pretty cool to have an acoustic guitar or banjo where if equipped, you can use the numbers 1-6 to play each note. Can start in Standard tuning then add the feature to change the tuning. It would play a sound clip of that note when pressed. Chords can be held with 2 or more buttons. Just a random thought. Add something to do while the night passes by. If a window is open, zombies might be able to hear the said instruments.
  16. It would be cool if Radios could play custom music on survival singleplayer, like have a folder on our computer that plays MP3's from that folder, would be cool to hear radios playing our music in the distance or luring zombies with "Never Gonna Give You Up." GTA and The Sims do this, seems like a cool idea, even though it probably wouldn't work for multiplayer. Singleplayer is good enough for me.
  17. The only way to kill boredom so far is by reading books or magazines, that's not bad, of course not. But not everyone in the post-apocalyptic world would read books to entertain themselves, even knowing the fact that literature is the easiest way to create entertainment. The survivors could find some other ways to pass the time, of course that some of these ways could be more difficult to achieve. The main idea is basically introduce an actual use for these 4 items: Earbuds, Headphones, CD player and CDs. It's obvious at this point what is the use that I'm implying for these items. There cou
  18. Atoxwarrior

    PZ Music

    Music has arrived Hello community Zomboid, greetings from Venezuela. After a long time, since I dedicated myself to making this project a reality, today I bring my idea to reality shows, music as an element in this post apocalyptic environment. Note: these are (SPRITE), created to be used as decorative elements in the creation of new buildings to the game, the moments are only visible in the TILEZED. Well here are the sprites that I created to decorate my buildings, is a varied collection of musical instruments, equipment and decoration, I hope they are to your liking https://www.dropb
  19. Salutations! I have an idea to customize the game slightly. It just involves editing sprites and replacing some of the game's sound files. But I don't know where to begin, I took a look through the files in the steamapp/common/project_zobmoid folder but I don't outright see images or sound files. Like maybe I wanted to make a Randy Savage zombies mod or something (I don't but... I'm reconsidering). Anyway, I hope you can help! Have a nice day! EDIT: I Found the sound files with a little digging around. If anyone else wanted to know its C:\Program Files\Steam\SteamApps\common\ProjectZom
  20. So this was just a spur of the moment idea. It hasn't really been thought through fully, just figured I'd get the idea written down here and perhaps someone would find it interesting. How about instruments? To use as a way to entertain yourself. It's a RISKY way since it will make noise, perhaps attracting Zeeks. But the entertain-value will be higher than the usual, perhaps book. And for each time you played an instrument you would get BETTER at it. So for each time you use it, you won't play as clumsy and loud and the entertain value will increase even further. Just throwing it out there.
  21. A volume slider to level out the music/in-game sounds ratio would be nice. After the 4th/5th attempt, I'm starting to depend on hearing the tell-tale banging of a zombie trying to get in. Sometimes the music overwrites that sound trigger and distracts the immersion. I really dig the music, I think it adds a lot. I love that it's not on a continuous loop. The music is definitely part of the brand now, but I'd like the option to mix it into the experience.
  22. Hello all! I'm Bideo Wego http://bideowego.com I'm pretty stoked to announce my first game release on Kongregate. I only uploaded it a week ago. Mo Ritmo is a rhythm game for flash player and is completely 100% original and my creation from the art work, music, to the programming. I wrote it in As3 using the flixel framework. And the music was created using FL Studio for those wondering. I've left it completely open to add levels/songs as it downloads them dynamically as well. So the game is expandable even while it is being played in its current state! If you are a trance/electr
  23. I would love to see an iPod or an mp3 player in game that could play music from your own music. Maybe it could give you decrease and also increase in some moddles. It could be charged off of a portable charger that takes batteries. I hope one of you brilliant modders will take this idea into consideration, thanks. :cool:
  24. (Firstly sorry, for my bad English, I am a Hungarian Survivor) Hello and welcome survivors, and game developers (I hope they're reading it. ). I am a Musician, I learned Piano for 6 years and after that, I started to learning Jazz/Blues Gitar, and nowadays, I'm making some music with my computer, and with my piano. If the game need some new music, or, need a determined musician, I'm making some music with Depressing and Post-Apocalyptic atmosphere with great joy. I've already made some music,noises, you can check them here: https://soundcloud.com/sickrat/ I hope you enjoy them. So if the gam
  25. Pretty much as title said, I like the soundtrack but there is times where I want to play while I'm watching something on the other monitor and the thunder from the soundtrack is blowing out my ear drums. I know this is only in the menu (using "M" when in game) but sometimes it takes me a little longer to plan out my character Muting the whole program from windows is not an option as I do use the sound effects in game, alarms and meta game heli/gunshots are loud enough to be heard while listening to music or whatever. Atm I am in fact muting and unmuting the whole program until game star
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