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  1. Multiplayer is fantastic, but the constant fear of someone walking in to your 'home' is ever present. In a future update the ability to lock a door would be awesome (like Rust). Doesn't have to be complicated, opening a locked door requires a preset password so your fellow friendly survivors could enter. Thanks!
  2. I can't join my own server more than once. I get stuck on loading after the intro. Friends can join the server as much as they want. Only by deleting the world I can join again. Vantus explains the situation below: 2. Wait for server to start then launch Project Zomboid (64-bit), enter the correct IP, Port and a Username. Then join. 3. Success!! I'm on my server and playing without issue. (See just how fabulous my character is!) 4. I check the Player List to make sure I'm definitely online. Aah-yup! 5. I decide I don't like being quite so fabulous so I decide to come out of the gam
  3. Local Chat Window like Global Chat: A Chat placeholder like the global chat for local chat. If you can see people chatting on screen locally, it should show up in the local chat window. Preferrably have tabs for the chat, or two seperate windows will do. Currently there exists no chat window for local chat and if you look away for a few seconds, you won't even know if someone said something. It is very very hard to communicated locally compared to global communication currently. This was the biggest roadblock in teamwork currently while running with a crew. Suggested Item to add: Walkie Talki
  4. Small indie game with heavy focus on skill based pvp multiplayer with pets vs pets and bomberman gamerooms all in the browser. www.candysugarkingdom.com
  5. Me and my friend have been waiting and waiting for multiplayer, and now it's finally out! So I did everything to start multiplayer, but when it started up, it was black screen, like usual, when it was loading, but then it just exited out without any warning whatsoever, does anyone have a solution?
  6. I'm hosting a small whitelisted PZ Server for just me and some friends. While so far it's been a huge amount of fun with few issues, the occasional, multiplayer-specific issue has made me wish I could modify the data for my users' characters. For example one user was mobbed and infected due to latency making his client unresponsive. After some digging I notice that the character data seems to be stored client-side in <USER_FOLDER>/Zomboid/Sandbox/<IP>_<USERNAME>/map_p.bin, and not on the server itself. Having looked at the file in a hex editor it seems fairly easy to modify e
  7. Greetings, I've been greatly enjoying PZ since first exposed to it late last year. I've started running a server on my own and was wondering if the starting locations of players can be changed or even randomized? On a side note, can custom maps be used in MP as well? Thanks!
  8. Wouldn't it be cool to see airdrops in the mp? They could contain food, water, tools, ammo and possibly weapons. The point of this would be to force survivors out of there bases for the valuable supplies sadly it would attract a horde of infected and also attract other survivors.
  9. First, forgive my bad english Second, I know it might be too early to bring this discussion, but sharing our points of view can't hurt. Third, I am totally against a loot respawning system, and I will give my thoughts on it Why? Because there has been a lot of talking in public servers, many people get pissed off when they join too late and "There is no loot left" Respawning loot would kill the charm of the game and the endgame itself. What would be the point on farming when you can camp houses and wait for food to magically reapear? Why would you care about saving ammo when you can allway
  10. As a huge fan of Project Zomboid and a server hoster myself, I am currently wondering if anyone (devs, admins, mods, or players) knows the day/month/year we will have multiplayer mods for server hosters. Any hints toward such knowledge is greatly appreciated!
  11. Might be jumping the gun on this a little... but I figured it wouldn't be a half bad idea to start a thread for public servers to be listed. Especially for those of us *cough* myself *cough* who seem to find themselves a bit lacking in the more technical aspects of setting one up. For sake of simplicity, please use the below format to advertise: Server Name: Server Typer: (PVE, PVP, RP, etc.) This is probably all the needed info for now as I would imagine most server owners are going to want to privately give out the server IP over PM. Server Name: eliakoh's Server Address: 91.121.15.
  12. Governor

    Game shut down

    When i try to launch multiplayer, game shut down to desktop when "Loading Lua". Why?
  13. I just recently purchased Project Zomboid just to have another zombie/survival game to have on hand. I've only had the game for a week or so, but just recently found myself looking to when multiplier will be coming out for the game!? I've been reading a lot about the new "RC3", which I don't quite understand what it is. If anyone has any information to when multiplier will be coming out for this game that would be great. Thanks! ~HawkenGaming
  14. Just got to my mind, when the world goes multiplayer.... We all know there are gonna be both good guys, and bad guys. ALOT of us will want to play as bad guys, or bandits. So, instead of killing everyone they see, why not make a hostage system? For a character to be handcuffed, a prompt will come, or the character must be passed out (Maybe, when it is created, for when you're hit with a blunt weapon) and then, the character can't run, climb windows or interact with any item. Also, becomes a lootable entity. Optionally, bandits (or anyone) could kick a hostage in the knee making the kneel down,
  15. i just watched some videos of Project Zomboid online and first off i have to say AWESOME! I noticed that the chat could only be read if you where near the person chatting and that is a good idea. but shouldn't it also make noise like hitting the q button in single player? mabey if someone uses caps people can see it from farther away but it attracts zombies also? i have been following this game since forever and am so glad to see how far it has come!
  16. I've been thinking a little about multiplayer, and i just have a few questions about the mechanics and how they will work in a MP game. -Sleeping. It will be a bit of a nuisance to do a minecraft style "all players must be in beds to sleep", so how will this work? Will your character just never sleep? Will there be alternative times per character? -Looting. Obviously, once your map is loaded, all the loot loaded with it is permanently there- no respawning, nothing new added, ect... so how will this work when there are a a good dozen people in- game at once. I imagine there will be a big pr
  17. I just want to remember what they promised to make a game Project Zomboid Coop. If you do not want because they are still developing it. Could make two versions of the game, singleplayer and multiplayer version. I think it would be nice the idea of the two versions. Sorry my english i am using traductor. ESPAÑOL: Escribo esto para recordar la promesa de añadir el coperativo. Si no quieren añadir coperativo aún porque es una alpha no importa solo doy una idea de multijugador. Una idea es hacer dos versiones del juego: El ejecutador Un jugador y el multijugador Yo pienso que no esta
  18. I was playing PZ for the first time today, and whilst I was wondering around aimlessly from house to house I was thinking about how fun a multiplayer would be (I'm always a fan of multiplayer zombie games, of the opinion that the zombie genre is practically made for teamwork), and thought it would be interesting to have a multiplayer game mode in which the objective is to eliminate all 3566-ish zombies that would be roaming around Muldraugh, or something to that effect. I'm not sure how the zombie populations are distributed by the code, so don't know how feasible it would be (also 3,500 ki
  19. Hello, I'm pretty new to Project Zomboid and as I got into the game it started to feel very lonely (not to mention overwhelming whenever I ran into a hoard!). What I was wondering is if the scripting API exposes enough functionality to have it poll a centralized server for updates instead of using an offline simulation. I haven't had the chance to look through the scripts in the Project Zomboid folder yet so I'm not really sure what's possible and what's not. I've had a look at the java docs but there wasn't much helpful info and the mods on the forums are rather simplistic and don't use
  20. I think that is good to implement Safes to the game that the devs can implement to random houses in the map.You need to find notes that its random spawn in that house where you are , that if you found the note you can open the safe and check what it have inside. The safes can have Guns,ammo,Baseball Bats,etc...... When is multiplayer implemented you can use it to protect yours items of other Players and from Raiders (Npc) that enter to your house to steal a lot of your supplies , The safes can only guard a determined Quantity of objects , If the safe is big can have more Supplies but is
  21. Ok I know this is a bit ahead but I like to get some ideas down so when it becomes an issue we have something to work with The big thing with multiplayer is supplies, and the style of how it's set up, There is 2 ways I can see of setting it up , A player makes a game (maybe a password to make it private) and people join it or The PZ owners set up several servers and all players join those, either way we need to discuss how supplies are introduced into the game to make it fair for new players. If the player sets up the game there is no issue with the method of supplies as the build is no
  22. Hey Guys, i recently started playing Project Zomboid and i love the game. Right now i have an established Safe House with a small Farm and water barrels to survive. It wasnt easy to come that far into the game but it was a lot of learning by doing, which made it a unique experience. But right now i´m getting a little bored cause there isnt not much left to do now. So i started to try out every way to start a splitscreen game . (Dont worry that wont be another when do you release Coop Thread). I really just dont like the way the screen gets split. And this is where i came up with 2 ideas fo
  23. Hello, I wanted to share a game I've been working on with everyone. Game Bio: Fate Breaker is an (optionally multiplayer) action RPG that will be released for steam, XBLA, and PSN. The game will focus on fun and fluent combat, character customization, and a story driven by player's actions. With Fate Breaker, we want to take the fun, combo driven combat seen in the Devil May Cry series, and mix it with the RPG elements from the Fable series, and put our own twist on the whole thing. The game is currently on Kickstarter. http://kck.st/18gUAG7 The Fate Breaker website can be fou
  24. Hi guys Firstly I love this game I got it way back before it was on Desura and played it a bit then left it for a while came back when it went on Desura and now on Steam. One of my fave games. However I am dying for the co-op or multiplayer to come out, I play alot of co-op games with my partner and friends and I tell them all about this game but they would rather play co-op. So why not do a kickstart to get the game into multiplayer/ co-op I would support it!!
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