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Found 4 results

  1. Feyna.

    Character deleted?

    Hopped onto the server I host from my own PC today and my character was gone! I was playing last night and it had backed up the file then, so I unzipped my backup from then to my User/Zomboid file folder location, rebooted, and the character was still gone. Is there any fix to this? I still appear in the character whitelist in the db folder- and this isn't the first time this issue has happened with me. Nothing had changed from the previous night to this morning- no mods or anything updated or were added/removed. I have a considerable amount of time sank into this server and character and would like to get them back, if at all possible!
  2. Então pessoal, faz alguns dias que tento criar um mapa, oq eu queria era algo bem simples, só recortar mapas já existentes de mods e colocar num novo mapa (pois quero fazer um servidor RP e n quero q siga sempre a mesma pegada do kentucky. Ja tentei diversos tutoriais de criação de mapas e etc, mas acaba que nenhum é sobre oq eu realmente gostaria de fazer, até gostaria de criar um mapa do zero se fosse o caso, mas acontece que todos os tutoriais que tento (tanto os daqui do forum quanto os de videos) eles sempre dão um erro onde n acho o problema, como a imagem n ir pro programa, ou o programa n reconhecer o mapa após eu ja ter salvo ele no WorldEd.
  3. At this stage is it possible that companies such as Multiplay could start hosting PZ servers? I emailed them asking and they said they'll put it on their "to-do list". I can run my own server but it's on my own personal network so slows me down quite a bit unless I'm actually playing PZ at the time and don't notice. Has anyone had luck with other providers?
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