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Found 3 results

  1. Not sure if this was addressed earlier. If it was, let me know. With that behind, I suggest icing on roads to form as a result of freezing temperatures after a rain or fog. I'm pretty sure there's a grip mechanic regarding tires so shouldn't be hard to implement (hopefully, I'm not a dev). This would add a bit more realism and challenge to driving a car. Imagine just casually driving and then losing control which ends with a glorious crash. Well technically even water on a road should decrease the grip in some way. Dirt roads could get muddy as well, slowing a car down. What is your opinion on this suggestion?
  2. Hi, it would be great if we could wear more clothes like gloves, hats(for winter), socks... -They could get dirty with the time and/or lose efficiency. -When it rains they would get wet and we would have to dry them (in front of a fire?) or we could get very cold. -With the rain, puddles could appear on the ground and if we walk or run into them, our shoes and socks (pants too?) gets wet. -Again with the rain, the grass would become muddy, and running or walking in it would wet our shoes & socks and we would run slower. -Running in the grass/forest we could fall (or if it's impossible, at least being slowed) due to a branch on the ground or a root ? Especially if we're tired or panicked... -Also there could be termites eating the wood sometimes ? For example we should check our log wall from time to time to see if it's not infected with termite and if we don't do anything the log wall could break or at least become very weak ?
  3. NEWS : _____________________________________________________________________________________ New cool art for the menu of my topic! New ideas : - Environment > Hiding spot - Player > Songs are good for the health! - Gameplay > Energy - Gameplay > Survivor's camps - Player > Survival XP - Environment > Corpse odor UPCOMING : ____________________________________________________________________________________ Going to use BBCode to make awesome stuff.. no idea of what yet. xD Gonna add more details to some of the ideas and add some art on the topic! MOAR IDEAS!!!! Rating system : After each idea your going to find a [0]. If someone leave a bad comment I will subtract 1 from the current idea score and if someone add a good comment I will addition 1 to the current rating of the idea. I'm doing that to help everyone know the general opinion about the ideas. I am not adding my opinion to the rating and theres some special cases. Special cases #1: If no one as rated it yet, I'm going to put a dark color on the font of the idea. Special case #2: If peoples have rated it but the general opinion made that the rating score is still at 0. I'm going to set the text to a blue text font. Ideas coming from others player and posted on this topic : They will be underlined with a * at the end of the sentence and at the end of the ideas there will be another * followed by the name of the player who gave the idea. If you see one of my idea that look like another one in the forum : Point it out and I will check it out. If I judge that my ideas look to much like theirs, I'm whether going to put a link to their topics or remove my idea, depending on how much the ideas are looking like each others. Before saying my ideas are illogical : Offtopic Every idea in this topic is logical, I would not propose something unrealistic for this game. So for people who might think my ideas are illogical let me tell you that : For me, a zombie did not have his molecular structure changed. Hes still a human, made of flesh, but with a nasty disease. A zombie, obviously lost any personality, emotions or memories. The two things that make the zombies so dangerous is that, first, they do not feel any pain and secondly if they bite you your probably infected (the ratio of infection is depending on the movie or game your talking about). To understand what I am talking about, I will show you the brain schema and explain of a zombie. Zombie brain : Definition of the parts : Frontal Lobe- associated with reasoning, planning, parts of speech, movement, emotions, and problem solving Parietal Lobe- associated with movement, orientation, recognition, perception of stimuli Occipital Lobe- associated with visual processing Temporal Lobe- associated with perception and recognition of auditory stimuli, memory, and speech All of those dark patch are meaning that its dead, so half dead, half alive I don't think that anyone would arg on that part. Zombies are not invincible, zombies can't swim, zombies can't survive underwater (You can't yell if you got no air inside you, where ever it might be x_X, and in project zomboid, the zombies yell, so they still breath!). Zombies can still think, with the primal instinct of any animal who would be hungry, bear would do same thing if they would be starving, and bears are no zombies. So to conclude, zombie is just a virus that spread by sharing some saliva with an open wound and their mouth. They stop attacking peoples right after their dead just because their now also infected. Their no invincibles, they don't got any super powers, and their smell is not duplicated, they are human with a dead body so it's rotting, dying but their still some stimulus coming from their brains. lol made that big explanation, also, if someone tell me that something is not true and its not related with zombies (Cause can't arg about something that don't exist), please bring some facts to prove that I'm wrong cause if you don't... well its my opinion versus yours. Between, mud does hide your scent and make you less visible. Tips : - If you put you mouse over the scrolling new or update text, it will stop scrolling. Survival utilities : Mud(Hiding trick) : [-1] Snorkeling : [-2] NPC's Languages : [0] Environment : Cars as bed : [0] Windows : [0] Tree houses : [1] Canoe : [-1] Corpse odor : [0] Hiding spots : [0] Weapons Fire + iron/metal melee weapons : [0] Home made weapons : [0] The player Gym/Training : [0] Story related items : [0] Betty : Friend's hand : Songs are good for the health! : [0] HUD Arcade : [0] Energy : [0] Topic statue : Not working on it. My email : Fwilhelmy@hotmail.com Shartuku
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