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Found 14 results

  1. Hello Everyone!!! How are you? Fine, Thank You!! 😺😺 I was remembering Project Zomboid just now and came up with an idea for a very interesting negative Trait that could make the game more mysterious and frightening: Schizophrenic Trait!!! Some exclusive features of this trait that could be added: 1 - Metagames: False Metagames events, where some of the off-screen events do not attract or direct the zombies in the game. New exclusive Metagame events, like ramdom voices, whispers and screams, also can have sounds of footsteps. 2 - Moodles: There is also the possibility of randomly adding one of these moods to each metagame related to what is happening in the game: Unhappy, Panic, Stress, bored or Fadigue. With this also comes the chance to add new moods, such as: Fear and hallucination (which can bring many possibilities, such as scary black zombie shadows appearing and disappearing quickly on the screen or order many mini-events). 3 - Cure: This trait has no cure, but it can be controlled by the use of Antipsychotics, which can drastically reduce the effects and the rate at which it occurs, making it a very rare debuff, each pill lasts about 40 hours, which means that you can take a single dose a day and reach equilibrium in 5 days. 4 - Points: I believe that because it is an incurable trait and has a considerable number of disadvantages, +10 points would be a well-balanced number. This is all just an idea of what could be applied, changes or additions would be widely requested, since all this is just a draft of an idea that could become one of the best, most immersive and most game changing traits in the game.
  2. Gum chewing raises mood for a few minutes. Once it loses flavor it will begin to bring your mood back down. Spit it out, wrap it in a tissue, put it behind your ear I don't care. Get RID of it.
  3. Hello. My proposition is to have more moodles when we have interaction with animals and npc. I know that we get angry trait if we piss some npc and that u have more stuff as devs in mind. So Hear me out. U can get sick if u spend to much Time in sick enviorement like dead body around or with sick animal/Npc. U can prevent to get sick if u use meds like vitamins or eat proper food like hot chicken broth that will get ur resistence to sickness like flu/cold or Speed up recovery. Ideas for New moodles and condytions: - injured head - U can Black out any moment if u go to sleep There is a Chance that u dont Wake up never again eye - depends nie devastating that injury is u can get short sign, less Vision radius, less narrow Vision when running, pain, or even lost of sight ear - short hear range, Panic Sound will be louder or u can get deff trait, Body parts - u can loose permamently a peace of ur body like a finger, eye, ear, teeth, arm, leg for a Chance to survive sickness, infections etc we could get prostetic Sickness Flu - U can catch it from others and is a cl9nd on steroids + pain and fever Fever - usualy we use sick moodle icon as information that something is wrong with pc i would l8ke to change it on fever if pc is sick or infected. Fever give us a higher body temp, trist and concentration problems soon Time of sick pc get traits like all thumbs or asthmatic with slower swings and mood modificators meaby even halucinations if our pc is realy weak. Skin - If u get skin sickness u can get thin skin trait or something that other npc will treat u bad. Heart atack - part of high exhaustion or paniced condytuon for longer period of Time a big blood loss or no medication if pc have heart condytion. Halucinations - can be a trait itself that u need to consume meds to not get panic atacks, mood swings or visions of zombies it can be a moodle connected to high fever, or some food or weed types. There is a mod that add schisofrenia but i think Halucinations from food or sicknes is better. Cant be
  4. EDIT: MODS! I HAVE REWRITTEN THE ENTIRE CODE FOR THE MOD I WAS MAKING SO THIS IS NO LONGER RELEVANT, PLEASE DELETE. I can't understand what's wrong with this part of the code, maybe someone more experienced in modding and coding can give me a hand. [spoiler][code] local function checkTraits() --Line69 if not player:HasTrait("Cowardly") and not player:HasTrait("Agoraphobic") and not player:HasTrait("Claustophobic") and not player:HasTrait("Hemophobic") then --Line70 becomeDesensitized(); --Line71 return; --Line72 end --Line73 end --Line74 Events.EveryHours.Add(checkTraits); [/code][/spoiler] This is the ERROR log: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- function: checkTraits -- file: NewFeatLostOverTimePlusDesensitized.lua line # 70 ERROR: General , 1658199009328> ExceptionLogger.logException> Exception thrown java.lang.RuntimeException: attempted index: HasTrait of non-table: null at KahluaThread.tableget line:1689. ERROR: General , 1658199009328> DebugLogStream.printException> Stack trace: java.lang.RuntimeException: attempted index: HasTrait of non-table: null at se.krka.kahlua.vm.KahluaThread.tableget(KahluaThread.java:1689) at se.krka.kahlua.vm.KahluaThread.luaMainloop(KahluaThread.java:641) at se.krka.kahlua.vm.KahluaThread.call(KahluaThread.java:163) at se.krka.kahlua.vm.KahluaThread.pcall(KahluaThread.java:1980) at se.krka.kahlua.vm.KahluaThread.pcallvoid(KahluaThread.java:1812) at se.krka.kahlua.integration.LuaCaller.pcallvoid(LuaCaller.java:66) at se.krka.kahlua.integration.LuaCaller.protectedCallVoid(LuaCaller.java:139) at zombie.Lua.Event.trigger(Event.java:64) at zombie.Lua.LuaEventManager.triggerEvent(LuaEventManager.java:65) at zombie.GameTime.update(GameTime.java:542) at zombie.gameStates.IngameState.UpdateStuff(IngameState.java:564) at zombie.gameStates.IngameState.updateInternal(IngameState.java:1659) at zombie.gameStates.IngameState.update(IngameState.java:1369) at zombie.gameStates.GameStateMachine.update(GameStateMachine.java:101) at zombie.GameWindow.logic(GameWindow.java:297) at zombie.core.profiling.AbstractPerformanceProfileProbe.invokeAndMeasure(AbstractPerformanceProfileProbe.java:71) at zombie.GameWindow.frameStep(GameWindow.java:764) at zombie.GameWindow.run_ez(GameWindow.java:666) at zombie.GameWindow.mainThread(GameWindow.java:494) at java.base/java.lang.Thread.run(Unknown Source) LOG : General , 1658199009330> ----------------------------------------- STACK TRACE -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Initially I had 7 Traits on line 70, but reduced it to 4 thinking they were conflicting, which was not the case, I still get the error. Probably it's something simple and straight forward, but I've been staring and that few lines of code for so long I can't find it. Any help would be appreciated. Events.EveryHours.Add(checkTraits); will be changed to Events.EveryDays.Add(checkTraits); - Hourly checks are just easier to test.
  5. I've noticed in my playing that as soon as a moodle appears, I want to "relieve it". I was trying to figure out why having them there bothered me so much, and I realized: it's the color! Currently, the moodles are using shades of red, which are largely indistinguishable, especially at the periphery of my vision. I wind up feeling like I have to take care of the moodle. Proposal: Just recalibrating the color. So, instead of starting with any shade of red, start with a pale yellow-green, then yellow, the the deepening reds as it becomes important to pay attention to. This way, the first appearance of, say, the "thirst" moodle is really just saying that you actually can drink if you want too-- your thirst is no longer slaked-- but it's not a big deal. The other half of this proposal is that for the moodles that have a face on them, draw a different face for each state, reflective of its severity/intensity. Right now, the moodle with both color and face for pain is nearly indistinguishable for me between minor pain and agony. (At least if I'm not seeing another moodle to color colors to). I imagine this is something you're aware of already, but I kind of hope it isn't, so my suggestion is useful.
  6. This going to be a slew of ideas, I'll group them with similar ideas This is going to be very long so if any of this seems too far fetched/ game breaking, just skip it. I don't mind I'm also sorry if this any of these ideas were addressed somewhere else Loneliness and Bonding —Add a loneliness moodle (e.g. lonely<isolated<feeling desolate<desperate for attention) causes unhappiness similar to boredom —Can name items for different effects (e.g. naming a weapon can slightly increase resistance to panic [you are more confident with the weapon], tools can be named for increase speed/efficiency (minor though) you can find and name houseplants, fish (get them at a supermarket, place a tank found in the store in your base and carry the fish in a plastic bag or bottle), and eventually dogs as well. In the case of fish and houseplant you will need to spend water for watering and water changes/cleaning, and fishes would need to be fed certain foods (fish pellets at the store, fish bait from foraging) and perhaps fertilizer for the houseplants. These would fulfill the loneliness moodle if you don't have, or don't want to be around other players/NPCs. Each living thing would have different levels of effect (houseplant<fish<dog/cat), and if you don't care for them they will die and you will get a decent hit to your unhappiness with a similar in proportion to the living thing's loneliness modifier. Same with tools and weapons if you lose (leave it alone far away for too long) or break it. —In order to prevent players from naming everything for a bonus, they would need to use the tool/weapon for a while (I don't think this should apply to pets and houseplants since getting them should be the challenge) (damaging the item making it more costly to name unless you can repair) and you can only name one from each category (tool, melee weapon, gun, one fish tank with a max of 3-5 fish [maybe, less for a fish bowl—and making it harder to clean—] a handful of plants, and maybe 1-3 dogs). Houseplants and fish 6 months after should be extremely rare, maybe you have to catch the fish or find a pretty wildflower in order to have a something with a similar, but less effective property. Weapon Inspection, Condition, Improvised Weapons, and Possible Throwing —Weapons should have an inspection action like tailoring clothing (this could already be planned). However, there could be a "structurally weaking damage" wear type. For example your bat has a crack in the handle, the bat is still in good condition barring the obvious, this crack has a certain percentage or number that can cause the whole weapon to fail when in use. It may be mitigated by certain repairs, but most likely it won't completely fix the damage (you'd better finding a new one or making one if you want perfect). If it has a critical fail when the overall condition is still high, it would surprise your character causing increase panic (at least when using it fighting zombies). It would also make named weapons more likely to break. To not make weapons completely infuriating, they would have great conditions overall and break "normally" less frequently. —There could be the possibility of making some normal items a last-ditch-effort weapon. Chairs come to mind as a medium damage weapon with high stamina demand and very slow animations/swings. Maybe make the Chair able to keep zombies away from by readying/aiming, but this would also use up stamina fast (increasing with the number of zombies). Any item with some heft/pointy end that can be handled effectively can be included as an 'Improvised weapon". —The ability to throw weapons would be a nice feature to give variety to combat. You can throw spears, single handed blunt weapons (maybe two handed), and bladed, each with a different effect. Non-bladed weapons would "DONK" and maybe knock the zombie over with about the same damage of one hit with the same weapon. Bladed weapons like a hatchet or a knife would stab /chop into the zombie doing more damage (perhaps a few swings) with less knockover effect, and spear would be powerful but at a higher cost (they break easier used this way, have very little knockover effect, and have a much smaller chance of hitting the head—the only time it does reasonable damage). Each weapon may also have a chance to hit effectively (going up with a skill). If the check fails the weapon hits the zombie with the handle or some other ineffective spot and does very little if anything. This could be done with improvised weapons as well (think "Dudes of Hazmat" with the cans). Motivation, Willpower and Moodle changes —Could there be a motivation system in place? If one is bored, then one wouldn't be motivated to do tedious work like crafting certain items, tailoring, etc. Other moodles could have effects on different tasks, but the main effector of motivation would be the unhappy moodle. The unhappy moodle doesn't really have a major effect that really burdens the player. When depressed, the character won't want to do most actions (basically anything that the player has direct control over: moving, fighting, and looting with the same slow looting/organizing debuff wouldn't be affected). This represents the character starting to give up. It makes the mental moodles more effective especially unhappiness, which i would say should be one of the major survival moodle. Maybe (distracted, unmotivated, apathetic, vegetative) it could also be a form of "focus" from doing too much mentally straining activities. The higher the unhappiness, stress, or boredom the faster the moodle sets in. Plus, it could also make you feel more fatigued as a form of being unmotivated to move. —However, I don't think control of the character shouldn't be given up. No hard locking action when you would think even when depressed your character would still perform the action. This is where "Willpower" would come in. Whether this would be another moodle or some unseen number like nutrition. It would allow the character do things outside of their natural ability, including doing things that they aren't naturally motivated to do. This would be a precious commodity that would be hard to recover as you would need to have no negative effects or maybe positive effects like a "satiated" moodle for unhappiness like "content". *Note: I don't want to bombard everyone with 126 gallon-load of new moodles especially when so many of them have little difference so if any of these ideas could just be added to pre existing moodles that would work too —Stress maybe could have a chance to send you into extreme panic (i.e. a panic attack) the deeper you are into that moodle. I also believe there could be more separation from panic (fear), being its own gnawing dull pain (stress) when it comes to the effects of game play. As said above it would increase the chance to become panicked, and make it so that it becomes harder to get rid of panic. It could be more like boredom in the sense that it causes panic rather than causing a drop in damage and accuracy. Either panic or stress (I think stress) could have a paranoia effect making sounds like zombie moans, rustling while in the woods, and other sounds that could be hear in a normal dangerous situation (if stress is chosen then it would give other effects beside causing panic. —Hunger, I think, shouldn't kill you so fast rather it should cause loss of fat and muscle. This would make a obese and overweight traits worth less points, though. the loss of muscle would result in the loss of strength and fitness. Making hunger less lethal (you will still die after several days as dying after weeks would take too long), but a very detrimental moodle to have for the long run. hunger should also be a little harder to satisfy —Wet moodle shouldn't cause a cold and only effect would be getting warm is harder and freezing is faster. However, I think colds should, along with other possible disease (like norovirus that causes a faster loss of hunger) should be contracted in a normal way, through fomites and food. Being dirty would cause your character to pick up disease more often, and maybe eating food without clean tableware would increase the chance getting a disease while eating with tableware would decrease it (though chips and the like wouldn't have the same effect as cooked and fresh food). This could make it harder to prevent colds and other diseases. (clean hands means a clean body) Survival changes —Survival tools seem to be too unrealistic. A stone hammer, as it is, would be wasting time with trying to attach a handle to a stone. Instead a stone by itself or maybe knapping a stone with another stone would make a hammer stone would be better. It could have a chance to hurt your hand like furrowing with hands, and would be still inefficient maybe even more so. However, the axe is the complete opposite. An axe would take forever to make irl. It's not just tying a stone with a knapped edge onto a stick. There is two different types of stone axes that I can think of: celts and grooved stones (pictured below). both involve either finding a good shaped stone or knapping a stone into a shape that can be polished down into a head that has a sharp edge with the same polishing technique. This takes a long time. Even the Acheulean hand axes used by our ancestors took a long time to make with a lot of different skills needed. The only way I can think of making an axe/ axe like tool quickly is by polishing and knapping a stone into a easily held wedge that can be used as a handaxe or a chisel, but this wouldn't be able to cut down a large tree as I guess that would take days. In the survival crafting menu you can knap two stone to make hammerstones and crude stone edge (chipped stone). In order to make a axe head or the chisel I talked about you would need to have water/ be near water and have the chipped stone and another stone (though sand is usually used, but that could be too much) so that you can polished the knapped stone into an axe head (which stone axes would be better than chisels, but worst than modern axes. —Another change would be to make a forage only fire starter that is even weaker/inefficient than the notched plank and a sturdy stick. Man-made wood would be easier to work with (flat board easy to drill into and a smooth stick would be easier to handle), but you could definitely use sticks to make a similar friction fire. Perhaps have it called a fire plow (since it is another type of friction fire starter type that would make it distiquable from the hand drill method) you can make the fire plow (the stick) the fire stick (for a lack of a better name then "board") out of sticks. For balance it'll break quickly, and will not make fires very well unless with a skill, maybe. Just something for the survival nerds like me. (most of this comes from experience) Thanks for any consideration. I'm open to any discussion about these ideas.
  7. I'm trying out the Smoking trait on my new playthrough and as a smoker I have to say it's not very realistic. First of all, I've read that you can't quit - not sure if this is still true, but that seems a bit harsh. At a minimum, a player who hasn't smoked for a month should gain the "Ex-Smoker" trait, giving them random, occasional but mild symptoms for at least another 3 months, maybe 6. At least put a limit on it! Now let's talk about the current "symptoms", which consist only of Stress, which climbs up to "Terrified" if you don't smoke. This does cause mild unhappiness as well, which should be part of the symptom set, but I don't think while trying to quit I've ever felt more than "Nervous and Jumpy". Sadness should be added as another symptom, but again only mildly. Fatigue and hunger should be increased, with maybe some nausea and pain from a random headache. These mild symptoms should occur at random times, with a chance of more than one at a time. In this way, the player might find their stats greatly reduced by an unfortunate combo of symptoms, such as Hungry and Nauseous at the same time while they are wounded, or Pain and Agitated when faced by a horde. Being hungry and nauseous at the same time is perfectly normal when quitting smoking, as are "stress headaches". If the symptoms stack up and the player is in danger, finding some cigarettes might be a tempting way to fix the problem! Having a cigarette should put back any progress in quitting by two weeks. As for relieving these symptoms, I think there should be an alternative to having a smoke, and the obvious one is eating. Ask any smoker and they'll tell you they put on weight when they quit. Eating does relieve the symptoms, but only mildly. If possible, the game could reflect this by removing some symptoms but leaving others - a snack will relieve any stress, sadness, fatigue and (natch) hunger, but a headache would still remain and nausea might get worse. In this way, you could quit smoking by eating more, running the risk of getting overweight (and depleting your stores quicker) but you'd still have some mild effects for a long time that you'd have to deal with.
  8. No More Panic Mod Request In short, the more zombies the player has killed, the less panicked they are when encountering them. This mod means panic reduces faster over time for more experienced survivors. It also means panic is *multiplied* for less experienced survivors. Heres the gist: 0 kills: panic * 4.00 1 kill: panic * 2.00 2 kill: panic * 1.00 5 kills: panic * 0.95 10 kills: panic * 0.90 25 kills: panic * 0.85 50 kills: panic * 0.80 100 kills: panic * 0.70 250 kills: panic * 0.60 500 kills: panic * 0.50 1000 kills: panic * 0.25 Based on time to calm down: 1000 kills: panic cool down * 4.00 500 kills: panic cool down * 2.00 250 kills: panic cool down * 1.00 etc.. This makes beta blockers more valuable early on, and makes killing zombies versus avoiding / saving your weapon more of a choice. Survivors who live and fight long enough become hardened and unphased by the sight of the dead, which is as to be expected. The beautiful thing is if you are six months or a year in, you no longer have to be annoyed by the panic moodle constantly popping up for something *you should be used to be now*.
  9. Yes, Project Zomboid is not some uber-life-simulator, of course, however, making some things more realistic means that they also make more sense for the player and player feels more comfortable with their presence and how they operate, and most of what I have to suggest is not extreme either, so here comes this: getting wet & getting the cold. Facts: Getting damp, wet, soaking or drenched does not significantly increase chances of catching a cold (the increase in chance is minimal and due to other factors primarily). Human rhinoviruses require other humans to spread, so without human interaction there is no infection (if you want to add zombies here or not is up to you). What to do? Getting wet should not directly affect chances of catching a cold in any way shape or form; only indirectly (explained below). Getting wet should affect player's speed, mood, agility, happiness, stress level, endurance and in extreme situations possibility to develop hypothermia. Levels of wetness should primarily affect mood, bad moods can make people's immune systems drop and they can get the symptoms due to that (implying they already have the virus). The Outdoorsman trait should minimize these effects, primarily on mood/happiness due to harsh weather conditions. The Resilient trait here should minimize the chances of developing symptoms. What about the cold itself? Having a Cold and having a Nasty Cold should also affect mood/happiness of character, as it tends to in real life. The Resilient trait could help here. Affecting Precision, Endurance, Agility should also be considered. Stress level could also be affected. In the end, the emphasis should not be on catching the cold, it should instead be on dealing with the cold. Common cold can turn into a serious fever and it can even help others diseases developer from weakened immune system. Since it is a virus, antibiotics are of no help and primary way of healing is making your immune system be able to do it. Antiviral medicines can help, but only marginally and they're not very common and only against certain strains, if you ever decide to have them in-game.
  10. Literally recently, were added, "sleeping events",nightmares of the character that he can dream, if he has a negative moodles. Browsing the official russian group of PZ,i have found this . My suggestion is : 1. Why not add good dreams for the character, if he has a positive moodles? ( well fed for example ) 2. Adding a soundtrack for "sleeping event" dreams. 3.Also, in my opinion, i think,it would be nice to have positive versions of bad moodles,that will be give a lil'bit boost for healing and speed of dragging items Bored - gladness Unhappiness - happiness Depressed - euphoria Stress - peacful
  11. So, ever since Build 31's release, I've been extremely pleased with how many more traits and occupations there now are. Compared to earlier builds, this is a much more balanced and fleshed out means of creating a character who's pros and cons align themselves pretty accurately with their profession. I, myself, was guilty of choosing the Construction Worker or Ranger profession during the earlier builds due to Thick Skin/Builder and Outdoorsman being pretty overpowered, at least when compared to things like Night Owl - when Sleep was not even properly implemented, yet. So anyway, this is just a small list of things I've come up with. I've based the suggestions off of my own observations, so obviously they're far from perfect, nor do I think they're properly balanced. That being said, I'm not looking for these to be implemented as is, nor do I really expect anything to be done with these ideas-- I'm really just trying to give the Zomboid Devs some food for thought and ideas for future additions. I already love what they're doing, so I'm more than confident that - regardless of my input - the future bulds (like 32) will be equally as amazing. But enough of that. Onto the list! Firstly, some traits. These were the easiest to come up with due to how the game currently functions. Some traits have no counterpart, whilst other factors seem to have not been tapped, as of yet. There's a lot of potential, is what I mean. Moving on to something of similar note, I only have one new idea for an Occupation, as well as a suggestion for a pre-existing one; Lastly, some moodles... Simple stuff; What do you guys think?
  12. Just some ideas for moodles regarding your sanity that may fit in to the environment. Stir Crazy: You haven't left your house in awhile and boredom is setting in. What it does - Character begins to hear banging on windows and doors that may not be real. Deeper stages could cause the character to get jump scare noises randomly, despite no zombies being present. The agitated and panicked moodles could begin showing up randomly as well. Severe conditions of being stir crazy could result in the character beginning to engage in self harm, with random scratches and such appearing on arms. How to activate - Any time your character becomes bored it adds points in to becoming stir crazy. Reading, eating, other things that relieve boredom relieve stir crazy. Stir crazy grows more quickly the longer you stay in one area. Areas will be defined as currently loaded tiles. Leaving an area will be defined as loading new tiles. How to relieve - Just enter load unloaded tile space, the more severe your stir crazy is the more tiles you need to load to relieve it. Trauma: You've seen some things, and those things are sticking with you. What it does - Character wakes up part way through a nights sleep due to nightmares. Causes random panic and exertion, as you re-experience past traumas via flashbacks (assumed, not witnessed by player). Severe trauma may cause your character to hesitate before firing or swinging a weapon, those split seconds mean everything when a zombie is coming at you. How to activate - Witness another player die. Killing another player yourself will compound this. Become harmed by a zombie but survive. Become harmed by another but survive. Live through a serious injury. Have a house catch on fire while you're inside it. How to relieve - Very difficult. Drugs could be used to ease the symptoms but only time would heal trauma. Literally losing your mind: I have no mouth yet I must scream What it does - Think Eternal Darkness style stuff. I hate to just rip off another game but it's a cool system. You begin seeing your limbs fall off, you start crying blood, shadowy figures begin following you around, and I'm sure many other crazy things that people can think of. How to activate it - Being alone, utterly alone in the zombie apocalypse for just too long. There could be a moodle that helps indicate you're working your way towards this (loneliness moodle). Jump scares could also add to this insanity meter. How to relieve - Well when sneak is added you could peak around corners to prevent jump scares. When NPCs are added, being around them will prevent loneliness (and of course real players on servers). Once it's starting to set in the best way to relieve it is to kill zombies. Just go on a killing spree and you'll work that insanity out, that's how life works, right? There you go! Just a few ideas that were kicking around my head. I am really enjoying the community on here since I've joined and I hope to keep posting more things as I think of them.
  13. I just watched Last Level Press's "Passing Pineview Forest" video, and one of the things Mr. Black commented on was that the character seemed to be walking faster towards the end of the run, when he might reasonably be expected to be more scared. I realized, when I was commenting on the video, that that seems like a really Zomboidish thing: fear makes you breathe harder and makes your pulse race, but it also makes you step just a little (or, as the panic rises, maybe quite a bit) more lively when you're trying to walk or sneak about. Walking faster based on your Panic moodles would also have a lot of appropriate knock-on effects: you would get fatigued faster and recover from fatigue more slowly, you would be less stealthy sneaking or walking when you were scared, and you would probably be a little less likely to actually get caught by the zombies that are chasing you even without full-on running. Running I wouldn't have affected by fear (it's called 'sprinting' in the skill menu, after all), but walking I would make quicker.
  14. Heya everyone, I'm looking for a full list of moodle script commands that lets me change moodle through items. I have found the following atm. HungerChangeUnhappyChangeBoredomChangeStressChangeFatigueChangeThirstChangeBut I can't find anyone to add happy. I thought that putting a "-" on the UnhappyChange would give happyness, but it doesn't appear to be that way. So if anyone know of anymore commands that is not on this list, please tell me Thanks in advance, Sejemus.
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