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Found 4 results

  1. It would be neat if you got a sadness debuff for seeing a friend as a zombie, and another for killing them. I guess the game would have to track what players have spent time near you, so you don't get the same effect seeing dead strangers. I think it would be an interesting addition.
  2. Hi everyone, as the designated cook in my group of Survivors, I tend to worry about food a lot. A good meal can not just give the body the energy it needs but also turn into an exciting flavour adventure (good or bad) that lifts the spirits of those who eat it. One key aspect of meals, however, is often neglected in those "live-or-die" situations: civility. Chugging down cold beans straight from the can might be efficient, but it's not nice. Even the most exciting meal, when chugged straight from the pot, looses some of its charm. So, here are my suggestions regarding the matter: Make more foods "splittable", using plates instead of bowls and perhaps add larger containers for drinks that can likewise be split up into cups. Add a modifier to any food's impact on mood when using cutlery, plates and other technically unnecessary amenities. To that end, my suggestion would be introducing a "Dinner Table" as a "machine" using the upcoming Crafting Overhaul that allows setting the table, increasing the mood modifiers for food eaten as part of this "machine" depending on what is present at the table. Perhaps this could even extend to work with multiple "courses" of different dishes, turning "food" into "meals". To combat the relatively easy increase in mood this could bring, I would suggest reducing the mood granted by food outside of these settings by some value. Leaving the field of strictly foods and hooking into 3, a general hook for "machines" to influence the moodles of a character would be a great asset for modders, potentially even allowing for things such as arcade machines and the like to be made. Food in PZ is already very exciting and interesting and, while there is a lot that could still be added (adding "vitamins" to nutrition, adding different moodle values to ingredients), it is already a lot of fun to cook and bake in the game. Getting together as a player "family" and enjoying a meal together would be significantly nicer and would add to the benefits of having a base that is not just a room with all crafting materials stuffed into boxes. Overall, though, I love PZ and all the love and labour that has evidently gone into it. Keep up the good work! Cheers, Aleris
  3. Hi everyone ! First post here, I was a ghost watcher for a long time but I have finally decided to bring my contribution. english is not my native language so bear with me is my sentences doesn't make sense sometimes XD. Be prepared, this post is going to be a little long. PART 1 First, I would like to say that I really love this game, I am not a hardcore player who has like 1400 hours on it but I have played it enough to appreciate it ^^ The developpers have made already a really good game and I am very thankful for that. This post will not be about some gameplay changes but about the overall artistic scope of the game. Honestly, the only thing that bother me in this game is the lack of mood and horror vibes. I have seen some suggestion post about that, like adding some crows and such, which is already a very good suggestion in my opinions. But so far I have seen nothing about the lighting or colorimetry of the game. So I have made some little rough mockup about some stuff I would like to be added if possible of course. I am in no way a game designer or a programmer so I have 0 knowledge about what is possible to do. So, my first point is about lighting and ambient light. I find the overall lighting of a room ( when you press the switch on the wall) lacking of credibility. The room suddenly become clear and you can't see where the light attached to the switch is. I have add some shading on the floor and a glow at the top to look like the light is attached on the ceiling Another similar examples is about bedside lamp, the 2d asset have no real difference between switch on or off right now. So I have made a little mock up that show a more clear difference in my opinion. I don't know if it's possible to add some rim lighting on the characters but it could add a lot more mood and presence to them. In this scene you see the TV screen give a real sense of presence in the room. I think, the tv screen asset could be better with some animated GIF depending on the channel you're on. I also have imagined what a near lightning strike could do on the screen with a big flash ! I think it could bring a lot more horror vibe ^^ Again, I really don't know if the rim light on the character is possible. Another thing I was thinking about is flickering light. Of course, a very few lamp in the game would flick but again It could add some really creepy mood. I have attached some examples, but I imagine the same could be applied to the lighting of a gas station or a neon motel sign for example.
  4. I got this idea while watching a Let's Play of PZ. Have any of you played Dead Island? Maybe even Dead Rising (1-3)? Did you notice how the characters are, at first, terrified and fight for survival, but soon it becomes second nature to them? How, in Dead Island, they're disgusted at they slice the undead apart but soon just go about it like it's their job? Well, that's what I feel should be added to PZ. Think about it, you've killed 6000 zombies, you've survived for well over a year and you've (when they're added) seen your friends torn apart and had to put them and other human beings down permantly... Yet you still get panicked when you see a zombie 100 yards off. It doesn't make sense, does it? Simply put, we should have a length of time where Panic decays at a faster rate, then another when it decays faster still, till eventually you're steeled enough to punch zombies in the face without a care in the world. Another idea would be to have NPCs, when implimented, to change as well. Have people snap when things end badly. Would Steve really be fine watching his wife be eaten alive? Can Lisa really handle the moans of the undead anymore? Are you certain giving Alex, the mentally unstable prison escapee, a shotgun? Humans can be strong or fickle and a zombie world will, at some point, push someone to show their true colours. Maybe the sweet church going Anna will try to kill you when food runs low, maybe the ex-con artist Alan will sacrifice himself when the safe house is breached and hold the line while you and the others run from his screams of pain. Imagine the impact these events could have on the player, watching the person you trust most backstab you for their own survival or the person you distrust saving your life against terrible odds. Finally, what about the world itself? It's true, odds are you will die and come back as a zombie or be picked clean by them... But surely not everything can remain the same forever? Imagine if zombies accidentally sparked fires as they lumber around like fools, imagine returning to the safe house only to see a car smash through it, the driver zombified, killing everyone you knew and leaving you alone as the alarm of the car and the flicking fires lure the horde towards you. While likely a very distant thing for the future, the concept of these dramas, of these world changing impacts, could add untold amounts of realism and humanity to the game. Perhaps even out actions, like walking away from a friend in need, could make the character colder to the world, giving combat advantages but also social disadvantages. PZ can be made so that every single aspect of our actions, of other peoples actions as well should multiplayer become an option, cause drops in the ocean to become tidal waves in the future. But right now, making out character calmer after the 1000th day of survival is what matters. If we start with one small step towards realism, the rest could very well follow.
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