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Found 1 result

  1. Adds more food!! By itself all this mod does is spawn jars, new water bottles and food. Everything else needs to be spawned by another foods mod. Includes spices that do not spawn and require foods mods to be built off of this mod that spawn their required spices so that only needed spices are spawned... If you want to make a food recipes mod using my Spices mod, and need a little help making it work, look at my little tutorial HERE. Spice spawning will now be up to specific foods mods which use those spices. Some stuff still uses vanilla sprites, will make sprites soon. See this for sprites: Food: (Spawned by default, can be added to by modders foods mods) Frozen Brussel Sprouts Canned Beets Canned Chicken Canned Sardines Celery Stalk Cucumbers Chunky Peanut Butter Green Papaya Green Tomato Herring Honey Leeks Maple Syrup Molasses Papaya Fish Sauce Frozen Pot Pie Frozen Scallions Frozen Shrimp Raisins Red Chili Peppers Robomango Fruit (named for RoboMat ) Soy Sauce Frozen Sugar Snap Peas Tobascant Sauce Tamarind Teriyaki Sauce Tomatillo Warcestershire Sauce Water Bottles (the new bottles and jars can be filled with water) White Chocolate Other Items: (Spawned by default, can be added to by modders foods mods) Mason Jars Medical Salve (Think Neosporin) Spice Bags (only added to spawn list so you can carry stuff in them ) Spice Related Items: (These do not spawn and require foods mods to be made that spawn them.) Brown Sugar Fish Oil Kibbled Nori (made from Nori Sheets) Kosher Salt Nori Sheet Mortar and Pestle (To grind up spices and other stuff) Cooking Oils (Canola, Olive and Vegetable) Petrolatum Jelly Powdered Sugar Spice Jars for Spices (Spice list coming soon) Spices (for baking, cooking, bbqing, and other styles) Vinegars (Balsamic, Cider, Distilled, Malt, Rice Wine, Red Wine and White Wine) (Spice list coming soon, for modders, check the source-code to see the spices you can spawn) Download: Main (PZ-Mods) || Mirror (My Dropbox) Foods Mods That Use This Mod For Spices: (Links to other foods mods that use this mod will go here.) Items and Recipes Tutorials For Foods and Spices Mod kinyoshi (Spice up TV Dinners with some Black Pepper) Zombie Body Part Alchemy Mod kinyoshi (Grind up zombie parts to make a partial cure) Salted Meats Mod kinyoshi (Salt meats to make them last longer)
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