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Found 125 results

  1. Many Different People Using my mod have often complained that the item does not spawn. I also found that it is not working often. The only times I was able to actually find the item from the mod spawned was when I used the code: table.insert(SuburbsDistributions["gunstore"]["locker"].items, 30); Even though I have many other spawn locations declared as you see below. The only place I was able to ever find a silencer was in the gunstore in westpoint. And that was only when I spesified "locker" as the container . Using "all" as a container or room name has never worked. Never found one anywhere else. So I was hoping someone could show me what is wrong with the spawn code or the mod in question. http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=639909479 here is the item spawn lua file: require "Items/SuburbsDistributions" require "Items/ItemPicker" SSilencer = {} SSilencer.getSprites = function() getTexture("Item_Silencer.png"); print("Textures and Sprites Loaded."); end -- Add items for Gun Store all table.insert(SuburbsDistributions["gunstore"]["all"].items, "Silencer.Silencer"); table.insert(SuburbsDistributions["gunstore"]["all"].items, 15); -- Add items for Police Storage table.insert(SuburbsDistributions["policestorage"]["all"].items, "Silencer.Silencer"); table.insert(SuburbsDistributions["policestorage"]["all"].items, 15); table.insert(SuburbsDistributions["hunting"]["all"].items, "Silencer.Silencer"); table.insert(SuburbsDistributions["hunting"]["all"].items, 15); table.insert(SuburbsDistributions["storageunit"]["crate"].items, "Silencer.Silencer"); table.insert(SuburbsDistributions["storageunit"]["crate"].items, 8); -- Avery rare in crates table.insert(SuburbsDistributions["all"]["crate"].items, "Silencer.Silencer"); table.insert(SuburbsDistributions["all"]["crate"].items, 4); table.insert(SuburbsDistributions["all"]["metal_shelves"].items, "Silencer.Silencer"); table.insert(SuburbsDistributions["all"]["metal_shelves"].items, 4); print("SuburbsDistributions added. "); Events.OnPreMapLoad.Add(SSilencer.getSprites); Thank you for your time.
  2. THIS MOD IS NOW A PART OF NecroForge AND NO LONGER BEING WORKED ON! This mod was requested by RicoUK so that a server admin or a player could spawn some Moveable furniture in item form with /additem command to be placed later. It does not allow the player to spawn every single moveable, only the ones that are defined in the script. REMEMEBER: You need a tool that allows you to spawn items from within the game with an /additem command like NecroForge or whatever admins use in MP. Download: PZ-Mods Link Defined Moveables List Defined Moveables Visual List Screenshot
  3. wintermuteai1

    Npc Modding?

    Hello there, I know npcs will eventually come into game, but I am very interested in attempting an npc mod. Can anyone point me in the right direction to do this? I am not new to modding nor LUA. I simply have no real reference materials. tyvm -Winter
  4. Would it be possible to code in a new button config that provides for a "drop all bags" button? After an unfortunate death last night of a good character, I got caught kinda off guard by a couple zeds, which quickly turned into 4 or 5. I had intended to quickly open inventory to drop my overweight dumbness, but that GUI is just too cumbersome to pull that off in the middle of a shove-swing-stomp fiasco. I could have made it out had there been a key that allows you to drop any equipped bags (hence, overloading weight). Granted that any overloading weight on your immediate self would be tantamount to suicide anyway, but being able to drop bags by keystroke (say, ~ or Backspace) could mean the difference between life and zombification.
  5. On Bedford Falls, I'm building a base in the large clearing east of the lake in the middle. With the latest build you can move lights, sinks and TV's etc, but because it isn't an existing house, the game doesn't supply power/ water to them.(yes the water and electricity are still on in game). So is there an easy way to mod the files either with the map editor or manually to make the game see those cells as having water/electricity? - I also want to do this to stop erosion from spawning grass and shrubs inside my base. I don't really expect a mod, just a quick fix until the devs implement this properly, but does anyone know how to edit these parameters in my existing game?
  6. Last Edit: 14:50 GMT, 2nd May Latest Version: 0.2.2 To all modders out there: i have no clue of debugging, I'm doing trial & error scripting so far if anyone knows how to debug, please tell me if there are some "hidden" errors and stuff. thx Hello fellow survivors, I'm new to the modding community and want to present you my first mod v0.2.1. As the topic title suggests, i made a mod which allows you to build whatever you like. Well, not yet, but soon Longterm target: I want this mod to become a community project where everyone can suggest new items or buildable objects (as long as they provide the textures). HOTFIX v0.2.2 is online! Check out the Changelog! RecyclingMod not required anymore! Read before installing: From v0.2.1 onwards, this mod uses a modified version of the ISInventoryTranserAction.lua. So this mod has compatibility issues with other mods using modified versions of the ISInventoryTranserAction.lua. However, i do not know of any other mod using the same file yet. Important Known Bug: Sometimes if you want to add a single item to a container (drop one), it seems not to work. however, i found that repeatedly clicking "drop one" will solve the problem sooner or later (sometimes after 2 retries, sometimes after 10 or more). get the mod here: http://pz-mods.net/gameplay/BuildingMod/ What this mod is able to do so far: Buildable Objects Food Furniture Building Door Frames Window Frames Doors Windows Floors Roofs Effects/Functions Resources used From original game Build 25: From Recycling Mod (by Ramibuk) Farming Recipes Changelog Known Bugs/Issues What is planned for this mod: See targets for further versions: Installation: Credits: Thanks to Ramibuk for his work on the Recycling Mod, of which i integrated parts (i.e. items, recipes, textures) into my mod to make it a standalone mod. Permissions: Feel free to link this mod, alter this mod, or use it as a starting point for your own mod. All i want is credits I will keep this thread up to date. Please post me any suggestions, bugs, and whatever you like to post
  7. Austerbeatle


    When come a vehicle update or a Mod ? I wait for a long time for this but nobody makes a mod like this ? Is Anybody working on this please inform me !!
  8. I have managed to edit the long skirt into a more shorter one, I personally find this too short, but I had to make it shorter to show off the differences between each clothing item. This is still a WIP.
  9. i've added these lines to my testserver.ini file. WorkshopItems=515075184;564350497 Mods=Coordinate;SVNoLuckInMP restarted the server and confirmed it downloaded the mods. they are both not working though. do i have to activate them somehow on the server? cheers
  10. This mod aims to allow the player to move using the left mouse button. By enabling this mod you will move to a location in the same manner as the right click contextual option but by simply left clicking on the desired location. This does not remove WASD controls. To Do: 1) Bugs, bugs, bugs. 2) Add an options menu to toggle it on and off. 3) Make the meatbag "Run To" while while "Shift" is being held. 4) Make combat work more naturally with this system. 5) Make sneaking work with this system. 6) Bugs, bugs, bugs. Latest Update: <>The meatbag no longer ignores containers or cancels movement when a container is clicked on. Instead the meatbag will try and navigate to a spot beside the container. <>Other minor bugfixes. <>Code refactoring. Known Issues: (This list will change) #1) A benign error occurs on starting/Loading a game after you click to start the game. #2) Related to #1. The meatbag will try and navigate to "a" location appon clicking to start after starting/Loading a game. If you have any questions, comments, feedback, or suggestions please let me know. If you do try it and decide to uninstall it Please let me know why. This information helps me make the mod better. Enjoy. v0.3 coming soon. Note: this mod currently uses it's own scripts and does not overwrite existing game files. This means it should survive updates for the foreseeable future and shouldn't have any clash of compatibility with other mods unless they overwrite certain files themselves. (No problems so far) I would warn players to try this on a meatbag you don't hold any love for as the move to system in PZ can be somewhat awkward at times if you aren't used to it. This might get you killed if you are used to WASD. You can currently find the mod through the steam workshop in the link below. steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=600699360 Non steam DL Below Click To Move v0.2.zip
  11. I was wondering how you detect an inventory such as a cabinet or fridge on the ground. I want to be able to test to see if there is an inventory on the tile I have clicked on. Edit: Assume I have the grid co-ordinates in world space and I want to derive from the grid co-ordinates if there are any containers in that space.
  12. for example: Lasor has WeightModifier = 0.2, HitChanceModifier = 5, ChokeTubeFull has WeightModifier = 0.1, AngleModifier = 0.1, DamageModifier = 0.5, I want to make a weapon part to lower the SoundRange attribute on a weapon. Is there a Modifier that can change the SoundRadius attribute on a weapon? And if not, is there a list of all the attributes that can be modified on a weapon with weapon parts the ones I know of are: AimingTimeModifier AngleModifier DamageModifier HitChanceModifier MaxRangeModifier MinRangeModifier RecoilDelayModifier ReloadTimeModifier ToHitModifier WeightModifier
  13. The idea consists in that to change a skin of the character and his characteristic, under certain conditions. Instead of input of difficult object as the car, is better to change characteristics and a skin of the character. We will allow you find a certain object, then you use it and you activate it, at this moment the skin of your character is replaced with the car. Whether somebody will be able to realize such idea?
  14. Hi, I am very noob with all this coding thing and Lua files. I tried to do some things for adding to the game, some of them asked before in Suggestion forum. The thing is I managed to do some of them, but find a BIG BUG when I made a Ranged Weapon. At first couldnt shoot with it. Then I thought I fixed some things but instead the weapon became endless ammo. It shoots, it does what was supossed to do in the rest of things, but the ammo don't decrease. Then I messed all up in the ReloadUtil file and ... well, I am a bit lost. At first I tried to make the weapon use the same pistol clip as the default gun, but couldnt do it to reload, so I made a new item, SBerettaclip (it is almost the same as default but with a change in name and I get it from Necroforge spawning by this moment). Here are the Items as part of WeaponsGuns txt file in the folder scripts: And here is the CompilationReloadUtil lua file put in the folder lua/shared/Reloading: Can somebody pleazeeeeed help me with this mess?
  15. With the lack of vehicles right now it can be a pain to loot places that are a whiles away and as someone with a really short attention span... well yeah. As such, I've been using the Cheat Menu Mod and using the teleport function on that. For anyone unfamiliar with that part of the mod, it gives you the option to teleport to some preset locations in West Point, Muldraugh and Dixie or you can have 5 custom places to teleport to. But, as someone who uses a modded map (Bedford falls and New Denver) it would be really really great to have a more dedicated mod with more preset locations in the base towns and if possible, modded maps and/or have more custom locations and the ability to name them in the menu. Until vehicles are implemented for me this is sort of necessary, I enjoy being able to make it unOP by making it you can only travel between 8-9am or 8-9pm and when you travel you must survive at least 1 night before being able to travel back. But that's enough about my boring ass life, just any chance anyone could make a feature like that?
  16. There is a tool for Skyrim that lets you strip and clean orphan scripts (left over, save bloating garbage scripts) from save games that once had mods that were deactivated. I'm not sure how the PZ saves work, but could there theoretically be a way to do the same for PZ saves? Or would it be impossible? Regardless, it might be worth looking into when PZ updates, mods get left behind in the dust and leave behind important things that end up destroying your save game. Let's avoid that, shall we!
  17. Bonjour à tous ! Je me lance dans la traduction/correction du mod Hydrocraft. Pour le moment, j'en suis à mon second jet de la traduction des items du mode Hydrocraft : https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B6q2CMimOVnLNDE5c3VNRGV3Qnc Les items de l'hydrocraft commencent à la ligne 667, avant, c'est les items de base du jeu. Pour que la traduction soit en place dans le jeu, le fichier doit remplacer le fichier d'origine nommé "Item_FR.txt" dans Project Zomboid, que vous trouverez ici : C:/programme/Steam/steamapps/common/projectzomboid/media/lua/shared/Translate/FR J'ai commencé à réorganiser la mise en page du fichier "Recipes_FR.txt", il ne reste plus qu'a le corriger. Pour d'éventuels courageux qui voudraient bien me donner un coup de main, le voici : https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B6q2CMimOVnLdDhEWW5VaHQtWDA Toujours pareil, si vous avez des soucis pour les télécharger, faites moi signe. Dernière version ici : https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B6q2CMimOVnLYWhaTDlxVUxneTQ Merci. Tchuss !
  18. Ive checked the %userprofile%/Zomboid directory, and there is nothing in either "Workshop" or "mods". Also checked in the mods directory in the Game directory, and i cant seem to find them anywhere. Where are they installing to? wrong forum whoops move please
  19. Everyone say thank you to Dudeman325. First mod of lame-o-ness or not, I've finally done it thanks to the help I got that made it so elementary even an idiot like me could do it! Plastic Bag Mountain: Current Version 1.0 What does it do? Plastic Bag Mountain allows you to use "Plastic Bags" - the useless bag we have that we carry around and sometimes find 80+ of if we're (un)lucky and then turn those in to garbage bags (or liners in the future) for use in collecting water and using in recipes. In the future it will also add other liners and possible other uses for bags. Boring Preface First mod of lame-o-ness or not, I've finally done it thanks to the help I got that made it so elementary even an idiot like me could do it! I'll be working on it to maybe give it its own sprite and also adding other things like using tarps or other sorts of bags if I can manage. I'm open to a bit of constructive criticism, suggestions and maybe a nudge in the right direction. Be gentle I'm still a tiny baby at this. Please don't do things with my mod in packs/place it places without my permission if you'd be so kind! Linking back to the PZ-Mods website is probably the easiest way to keep it up to date, I'll be keeping my best eye I can. Thank you! Installing Instructions (Non-Steam) Yep! Steam is my next stop, but for this version: Just extract it to your "C:\Users\YOURNAME\Zomboid\mods" folder and you're good to go after enabling it in the mod area after your game is up. Also Available PZ-Mods Version Steam Version TO DO Going to update these mostly on the Steam and PZ-Mods page, easier for me, sorry!! But there's a ton in planning and a ton in action up coming as soon as I can. Thanks again, Everyone!
  20. Austin

    [WIP] Scientific Mod

    Scientific Mod Ever wanted to be able to spend your time trying to level up your research skills? Such as learning more about the zombies and discovering how to create an antidote that prevented you from getting infected for a limited time? Well, now you can. But that isn't all this mod will consist of. How will you research these zombies? Well, does shooting them with a tranquilizer you made specially for them count? You can set up your own lab, create antidotes. This mod will also add more scenarios into the game. Anyway, I will try to make videos for each new thing added into the mod. Thanks for reading all of this.
  21. With Build 32, it's virtually impossible to burn corpses without destroying the entire known world. So I'd like a fix to this. Maybe something that just takes the sheet of paper, lighter and gas and uses them appropriately, but just transform the corpse into the ash pile, skipping the fire part altogether. Or perhaps just a right-click and "delete corpse" option. Really need this for my role-playing game I'm doing. Thanks to anyone who shows interest!
  22. Hi, I've recently started working on a mod and decided i wanted to add a couple structures that the player could build, Where should I start? Is there a tutorial or something i haven't heard of? I'd also like to have a basis for the textures of my structure, like a frame/generic texture to use as a reference.
  23. Hey guys! Do you ever get bored of running to the same warehouses for tools over and over again. No Luck with a sledgehammer in West Point this Time so you cant break into the GunShop?? This is over now. Every Container in the World can drop an Axe or a Hunting Rifle (very very rare chance tough). This Mod makes exploring fun again. You will never know whats inside the next house and its always worth to check it out. One Warning: - The Loot Rarity is harder than in the vanilla game, so you might start with the start gear option! Download Link http://pz-mods.net/download/RandomLootMod/RandomLootMod.zip Future Plans: - Balancing out the rarity of items (need some feedback for this!) - Multiplayer Servers with better loot options so they dont feel too empty (Warehouses are always already looted when you join a new server) or too full.... best regards Michael
  24. Hey guys. I've made a mod that allows use of any of the traits on any of the occupations during character creation. This includes the three professional traits (Night Owl, Desensitized, and Axe Man) and all the green positive and red negative traits that you normally need to balance with each other. Furthermore, I've added back all the traits that were previously removed from the game. These six removed traits are Brooding, Marksman, Hardened Drinker, Light Drinker, Patient, and Short Tempered. Enjoy being able to use these traits once again! Once you have installed the mod, enabled it, created your character, and saved your game, you no longer need the mod. You can delete it if you wish, and your save file will still have your character with all of the traits you have selected. Obviously, you can keep it in your mods but you don't need to run it every time to have your save file with modified traits. They will stay with that character until that character dies. My mod should work alongside the Cheat Menu mod found here: http://theindiestone.com/forums/index.php/topic/14283-cheat-menu-v16/ Combine these two mods to allow for thorough mod testing, learning of game mechanics, or just cheatin'. You could also play using the sandbox to allow for extremely tailored gameplay. Works on the latest build, v31.13 DOWNLOAD LATEST VERSION: http://pz-mods.net/gameplay/traitmod/ Q&A Q: Can I cheat with this? A: Yeah. Q: Can I cheat online with this? A: No. Q: Will this work on a build older than 31? A: No. Build 31 completely changed the way that occupations and traits work, and also added a ton of new traits. Q: Will your old version still work on the newer builds? A: No, for the same reasons stated above. Q: If you fall off the planet, can I update this mod? A: Sure. The following link is an OLD VERSION of the mod which WILL NOT work on build 31 or newer. The last build it was tested on was 29.4 and it worked fine. It may work on build 30 but I never tested it. Download: traitmod.zip
  25. Hello everyone,I have some question about modding.My English is not good ,but I am working on it. .Lua script of mod how to load? I have read the 'how to use the modding loader'.But I still cant load my mod.This is structure of my mod. Zomboid |-- mods |-- NeptuneMod/ |-- poster.png |-- mod.info |-- media/ |-- lua/ |-- lua.lua |-- scripts/ |-- NeptuneCustomItems.txt and this is source of lua.lua local function addItems(_keyPressed) local key = _keyPressed; print(key); if key == 96 then local player = getSpecificPlayer(0); local inv = player:getInventory(); inv:AddItem("neptune.NeptuneBag"); endendEvents.OnKeyPressed.Add(addItems);and this is Source of NeptuneCustomItems.txt module neptune{ item NeptuneBag { WeightReduction = 90, Weight = 0.5, Type = Container, Capacity = 500, DisplayName = Neptune Bag, Icon = Duffelbag, CanBeEquipped = Back, OpenSound = PZ_OpenBag, CloseSound = PZ_CloseBag, PutInSound = PZ_PutInBag, }}I can find mod in mod manager and I can select it to green,But it not work,When I press the Num 0,nothing happened.So I want to know the Lua Script how to load in correct.I cant solve this problem by my self,I need help.QAQ Yours A China Player
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