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Found 4 results

  1. hey all so i'm just trying to remove the junk items from zombie loot but not sure what the code is any help would be great
  2. So the only thing I have to do to be allowed to play PZ is install a censor mod. I had a great cesor mod that worked with build 26 but crashes with 27. I haven't played PZ in several months(Yes. I am an obidient son) and the guy who made the censor mod refuses to update it. So I'm thinking that I would be able to edit the textures for the blood to make them invisible. I found all the textures but they are in the format of .pack files and I can't find how to extract them(And then turn the edited textures to .pack files again). I do also not know which .pack contains the blood textures. So if someone could tell me how to do this that would be really nice! Alternativily you could update the mod that is here or help me do it although option #1 is easier... Thanks!
  3. When posting in the Mod Help section please follow these guidlines: Title Please choose a title that's short but still gives the basic idea of what you need help with. DON'T name it "question" or "help me". Instead use something like "Can't spawn items" or "How to use events". Description Describe your issue as detailed as possible. We can't help you if we don't know anything about what you have done. Please also post your mod's code (or at least the part of it that is affected). If you post your code please use the followign tags: [spoiler][code]Insert your code here.[/code][/spoiler]Show some effortWhile we are glad to help any way we can, don't expect us to write your mods for you. Mark solved problems as "Answered" I've talked to nasKo today and he gave us that nifty "answered" feature we already can find in the Support-Subforum. If your question has been answered, or your problem has been solved, please select the best answer (You can find the option right next to the reply / quote buttons). This way we can easily see which people still need help. POST YOUR SOLUTION One of the most important things: If you have found a solution outside of the thread POST IT IN THE THREAD! There is nothing worse than looking for help on a specific issue, finding a thread about that exact problem and opening it only to find the last post to be "nevermind fixed it". So once again help the community and POST THE SOLUTION (yes I'm so mad at people who do this that I use capslock). Patience Last but not least: Be patient! Don't bump your thread just because you didn't get your answer within the first 15 minutes. You won't get helped any faster and by spamming the forums you even might get yourself muted
  4. Hey all, I am wondering how I would go about spawning an object, say for example a box or a barrel or whatever, when the player fires a specific weapon? What I'm thinking of is just messing around with something the player can equip, which will "Auto-create" something else, maybe a box, or another weapon or something, when the equipped weapon is fired, how would I go about starting to do something like that?
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