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Found 15 results

  1. Clothing in the game should be able to carry objects considering so many articles of it have pockets, zippers, pouches, etc. I'm tired of my military backpack and my fanny packs getting filled to the brim with stuff and I still don't have room for everything. Notice how I didn't mention main inventory until now. Well that's because I really don't recommend the main inventory for carrying things. Sure you need it for your clothes, your containers and a few objects here and there but you're really supposed to use your containers which get full as hell really fast and easily. You want to reduce that encumberment as much as possible while carrying as much as possible after all. So anyways here's how it could work; either have each article of clothing that can hold anything have its own icon (like a container icon e.g. backpack) or have each article of clothing have a dropdown menu (by its sprite menu icon) in which the player would drag items in and out of. Like instead of having to immediately load your fanny packs after your main inventory and backpack are full (like yours truly) you could load up your pockets on your pants, coat, jacket, etc. with items. Stuff like cargo pants could hold a ton of stuff like matches, lighters, nails, small food items, flash light, etc.. which would be really great! Jeans wouldn't hold as much and as for pocket less yoga pants they couldn't hold anything. Damaged clothing might hold less due to damaged pockets.
  2. I'm sorry for my English, I'm Brazilian and I'm using the translator. My system: i5 3330, Graphics onboard, 4GB RAM. My problem: My game is crashing on the normal Build 41 and IWBUMS (I don't know the difference). When I open it for the first time, it still crashes on the menu, the second time it usually crashes on the map loading screen, when you finish loading and the map appears, a 5 error message will also appear in the lower right corner of the screen and the third time it crashes while playing, after a few moments. He just stops responding, and closes. It also features some graphic bugs where the shadow of the character and the walls is square. I think it's because of this error message.
  3. List of changes: "BACK" button discards all changes; "ACCEPT" button applies all changes and start reload lua (even if there were no changes). Panel with filters and search: - button "Show all mods" resets all filters, but not search; - when reload lua, panel is reset to default state. List of mods: - be careful with "To favorites" and "Remove from favorites": after clicking "ACCEPT", favorite mods will be enabled in all saves; mods removed from favorites will be disabled in all saves; - icons are read from mod.info; image will be scaled to line-size (which depends on the font size); if no icon is assigned, the map-icon will be used for mods containing maps, and the "piece of cake" icon for all others; - mod states are written in brackets after the name, as well as displayed by a marker near icon and color of the text. Panel with preview: - if the image is one, then it will be stretched to the entire panel (saving aspect ratio); - if there are several images, then it can be leaf with mouse-wheel or clicking the side previews; clicking on central image will stretch it to fit the panel. Info panel: - can display description of the mod in current language - for this in mod.info file need <LANG:XX> command (XX - language code); - the rest of the information is placed in the collapsible block "Extra info"; besides mod-ID and require-list, from mod.info reading lines "modversion", "pzversion", "tags", "authors"; - under the collapsible block there are links to local files of the mod, steam page and address specified in mod.info file in line "url". - at the very bottom - the button for editing custom tags that will be saved in the file (homedir)/Zomboid/Lua/saved_modtags.txt. Saving lists of enabled mods: - file (homedir)/Zomboid/Lua/saved_modlist.txt is used; - four preset lists: "Disable all mods" and current actives lists (global, last save and current save, if you went from the "SELECT SAVED GAME" panel); - mods marked as favorites ignore selection from this list (that is, "Disable all mods" is disable all mods, except for favorites). Notes: - mod works instead of original ModSelector.lua file - gamepad is almost not supported - only "BACK" and "ACCEPT" buttons (does anyone need this?) - button "Map Mod Priorty Order" removed - I did not find anything that would make it available (if it is still needed - write me how and where it should work) Mod in GitHub Mod in Steam
  4. Tybs


    Playing with gamepad, IWBUMS version 41.33. In previous builds, when trying to open the menu for character information (and skills, health, etc), normally you follow this procedure: 1. Hold the SELECT button to make the radial menu show. 2. Use the right stick to select the required option. 3. Release SELECT to open the selected option. However, the radial menu currently disappears within half a second, despite holding SELECT. To select the requested option you need to respond quite fast, usually it fails. You can see this effect for player 2 in the video sample below at time 3:04. This also happens while playing solo, btw... quite harsh when you're bleeding out quickly and try to patch up your neck 😅 If behavior could be reverted to the previous situation, that would be much appreciated! Example:
  5. I've been playing on Build 41 for a while now and wanted to rollback to stable in order to play multiplayer, however the game won't display the menu UI after reinstalling. The red error pops up signalling that there is 1 error, but I'm not sure what it is or what to look for. It's happening to another friend of mine as well. Any help would be appreciated.
  6. when I click on the mods button in the main menu nothing happens except for a small red box in the bottom right corner pops up and just counts the number of times that I click on the mods button. In videos on YouTube I don't see this happening to anyone else. It's crazy frustrating.
  7. Updated to 34.28 Sorry for taking so long guys, I switched jobs and I spend most of my free time trying to figure out this being a father thing lol. My son is only 8 months old and I spend all of my free time with him. He and his mother went on "vacation" to visit family out of town so I finally got time to complete the mod. Sorry, and I hope everyone hasn't lost interest. When you choose one of the custom hairstyles at the character creation menu the character preview will show the player bald. Don't freak out, that is completely normal and as of right now there is no way to change it. There are 2 different versions, both included in the download. One is for players that use Jab's ModelLoader and the other is for players that don't. Either way the install instructions are included. Have fun!!! Download Alternate Download If you enjoy this content feel free to Donate. FYI, the mod is still currently beta, though it works perfectly fine. It's only beta because I'm not finished adding hairstyles for men and I haven't even started adding beards or hairstyles for the women. I have actually created my own tools to make it easier, once production is finished I will release the tools also, that way everyone can add their own hairstyles to the game easily. ALSO...Do not add my mod to any modpacks.
  8. What I’m about to say might come off as rash or come off as me attacking the game and the developers themselves. But believe me I really care about this game and have been following the development long before it was in 3D. So what do I mean when I say that Project Zomboid is in need of design changes? One of the biggest gripes I have with the game is it’s artistic design, I don’t mean the environments, 3D models, or actual artwork. I’m talking about the UI, Loading Screen, Music, and other elements of the game that are outside of the world itself. I say this because the game takes place in 1993, yet there is not that many definitive indicators that it is. The game looks so stock-like at times that it can be embarrassing from an outside perspective. The UI is not appealing at all, and does not follow the aesthetic that’s supposed to be the game’s core aesthetic. It looks like the Windows 10 desktop interface and it could to be changed to fit something more 90s like. That’s just my preference though, but it’s kind of generic. Why is it such a big deal? Because graphic design represents the game itself, without proper graphic design it makes navigation a chore. If navigation must be a chore do so in a way that it’s stylistic. The art direction seems sort of underdeveloped. It’s safe to say it is absent from the menus and actual in game HUD. It looks really generic, so much so that it makes it hard to get immersed. You could change the font a bit to make it look less generic, take a look at games that came from the early 90s like Final Fantasy, a bit of liberty from everything. or even the first Resident Evil for example; Your player health and inventory is all on the same screen. But please find a way to simplify it. For example, whenever I get injured I don’t want to use a separate injury menu aside from the inventory. If you merge the two it’d make managing your supplies a lot easier. Below are some possible alternative fonts you could use. https://www.dafont.com/vcr-osd-mono.font https://www.dafont.com/final-fantasy2.font https://www.dafont.com/abduction-2002.font For something stylistic maybe you should make the game have a slight CRT filter and post processing for when you get hurt. Fast forwarding, pausing, etc should have VHS effects. Or maybe when you’re about to die the screen goes into a vcr glitch post processing mode. Below is an example of it being done in unity. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gf9Uk2L95II Notice how everything is connected to each other? It’s simple and fast. Not saying the current design doesn’t already work but it’s a bit tedious. Animated heartbeat, a nice touch. Another example of everything being on one page, it’s difficult when everything is separated. The music, what’s wrong with the music? Look I don’t mean to criticize Zach Beever as a composer himself, but it was a poor decision for the compositions to be the way they are. None of the compositions are necessarily bad but they sure can be lacking in some areas. The instruments sound as if they came from Finale’s midi soundfont and it gives off a real placeholder vibe which is very unappealing. I do see that he tried to fix it in the remaster of the soundtrack but in turn it made things seem less intense and more mellow, which in my opinion does not fit the theme of struggling to survive. When getting my friend to play the game for the first time he insisted that the music be muted but then to his dismay there was not that many ambient sounds. What are some other gripes about it? I’m Half-Moroccan so believe me when I say that the Arabic lyrics from the woman is a bit off putting. Why did Zach choose that? I could see it being used for some of the music, but it’s so prominent that it takes away from the actual Kentucky vibe. It’s harsh to say but I found it really annoying and unfitting, so maybe you could ask Zach to find a substitute for it. Also, from a cultural standpoint it’s difficult to see where the use of the Arabic singing is coming from. I don’t know much Arabic aside from Shukrahn and salam alaikum so I don’t know what she’s saying. Though I feel like it gives a bad portrayal of Middle Eastern culture and people as scary. But I could see from the view that it’s supposed to have some flare of mysticism and hopelessness, but it fails to encapsulate me into the feeling that I’m struggling to survive the apocalypse and makes me more confused than distraught. I would like to keep the whole Banjos and Violin ensemble because it’s Kentucky though it should not be used for the entirety of the soundtrack. Because people will be making different maps like New Denver or Louisiana it’ll take away from those public creations and get rid of the vibe those community creators want to establish. If you’re adamant about the current soundtrack then consider giving us the ability to replace the soundtrack without complicated effort so people can have custom server music and custom soundtracks tied to their maps. But if you are open to suggestion on adding a bit more of a John Carpenter dark synth vibe, listen to these playlists and songs. These are all things you could try incorporating into the soundtrack to make me feel like I'm in a zombie flick from the 80’s-90’s. Some of the tracks are upbeat but what I want you to take away from it is the intensity of it which Project Zomboid lacks in it’s now mellow soundtrack. I know 13 more are to be released from Zach Beever but send these links to him, I don’t think he’d be opposed to give the time to experiment with a new style. I even added films and commercials to help with the vibe. Dark Synth https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G9M8hbUSAPQ&t=1216s https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uskjIktAXzs https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZeSN4PntOos&list=RD9YqhhPGe8eM&index=9 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b_4X2NVlw2M https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b4nd-pUEuLk https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kO2gJ4Alrcg https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=orHrAEU-W84 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ur9YfB31cPI Grunge and Alternative Rock https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v8q52lrKMV8&list=PLZCfG2LMycXf5VQMHYblEqlnsH0K83_eG&index=1 https://youtu.be/WDswiT87oo8 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zUzd9KyIDrM&list=PLo5Ncw2lfdoGvIG-1GscyTpfrdp0cHx10 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qzlc9iejLho https://youtu.be/ouqt7tJiCbc Commercials https://youtu.be/vxnQamgVYyM https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_6wFr2SHsmY Horror Movies and Horror Music https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL17Ho36k3DLO3vdC7mpO3dzeGE59mDzJK https://youtu.be/iMP42SoWajQ https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL12D9AE75EA344995 https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLwd2dpqAu5rj7-cuk9xl210Tsr0CPX5Js https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLzT3E3ChVyBmkPRaF8PwvqZXsI7RpfK0e https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G9M8hbUSAPQ&t=1216s VHS Head https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wKcI4tQVLuQ&list=RDGMEMYH9CUrFO7CfLJpaD7UR85wVMI-v3sVWT8pA&index=8 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5PAbG2AcqPI&index=33&list=RDGMEMYH9CUrFO7CfLJpaD7UR85wVMI-v3sVWT8pA This is the music that belongs in Project Zomboid, it’s ominous, it has dark synth nostalgia, it’s scary and it’s intense just like a zombie apocalypse is. If you could pair that alongside the Southern American Kentucky banjo it’d be so badass! But from the standpoint of someone who watches a lot of retro horror movies, the soundtrack is in need of some rework. Maybe I could converse with Zach and give him some opinions as to how to bring a different outlook on sound direction. I could even ask artists I know of if they want to be a part of the project. I’ve listened to some of Zach’s music from his portfolio and thought that he’s had experience with different tones of music, but he still could use a bit of work. I’m no wizard with music myself, but I do have a good ear, and I know I’m playing the devil’s advocate when I say that the soundtrack would sound lacking to new people playing the game. When taking a class on film I’ve learned that music can effectively set the tone and create any vibe you want. But with the current soundtrack it’s much too mellow. The game’s music sounds a bit generic, but the compositions themselves are okay to say the least. To balance out the mellowness of the soundtrack, you could make the soundtrack intensify as the situation worsens. But you don’t have to trash the entire soundtrack at all. If you’re not convinced I can tell you that this sort of style has worked very well for titles such as: Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon, Trials of the Blood Dragon, Hotline Miami, Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number, Super Time Force, Dead Pixels 2, Strafe, Manhunt, Manhunt 2, Ruiner, Retro City Rampage, Hyper Light Drifter, and so many more. Leveling Up Please rework the leveling system! From the level up sound to how levelling up feels like. Every time you level up you get those Arabic vocals, but it’s sort of out of place for a fanfare. It doesn’t make me feel like I accomplished anything, hell I didn’t even know that it was the level up sound because you just can’t tell without any indicators. Without any indication that I did level up it took me awhile to figure out that I actually did so why not add a notification either in the text bar or above the player. You could even go with the player status icon lighting up. The player should feel rewarded, it should feel like crossing a milestone and be apparent that you have, instead of the current “Why the hell do those noises keep coming back?” To shorten it, change the noise and add an some sort of indicator. The voice clip doesn’t serve that well as a fanfare and sounds more like something you’d see from Man Vs Wild than a survival horror game. I know you got the Arabic sample from Arma II it’s really not needed. Every game has a fanfare to remember, Project Zomboid should have one too in my opinion. Below are some examples of fanfares. Why not have an ominous banjo strum? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dObMPDzECCQ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ERImCyRcOAU https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mlN4d5zLliQ&index=13&list=PLFbSMvGVpOAnqg58xTkb_6vhYwDK8nS2V https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3suGfhnT2Sg&index=11&list=PLFbSMvGVpOAnqg58xTkb_6vhYwDK8nS2V https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y1tyK9BCSL0&list=PLFbSMvGVpOAnqg58xTkb_6vhYwDK8nS2V&index=12 Loading Screen and Title Screen The loading screen is quite redundant and could use some work. Sure it was cool seeing it for the first time but after further analyzation I noticed that it was a bit flawed. If you show the text of things that are loading with the narration above it’s confusing because both are battling for your attention. Plus some of the sentences are a bit meaningless i.e “There was no hope” The loading screen is also a bit annoying when you are restarting a game, joining a game, etc. Because you have to wait for the whole narration that you’ve seen over and over before you start the game. I opt for something like a VHS tracking screen to fit with a 90’s vibe and then whenever you click to start it’d be like playing the tape. For first time playing you could do an FMV of a television news broadcast, though it’s still not a good idea to use the same loading screen for everything. The title screen has gotten really old, and if I was someone booting the game up for the first time in awhile I’d think that it hasn’t been updated for long. For one, Kate and Bob have not been a part of the game for some time now, so maybe put something else. Though the loop is cool, if you are keeping it at least enhance it because the animated background appears to be really jagged on most monitors. The title screen music is also kind of generic too, it’s a bit too generic for my taste. It sounds sort of like a bland copy of 28 Days Later (No offense). Most games have a theme to remember for its iconic nature. Think of it like an elevator pitch, a first expression. Also, for the title screen options you should have noises tied to highlighting your options, it gives a sort of reinforcement satisfaction so to speak. Below is the example of post screen load that I feel would be a nice addition to the after loading screen. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sp571uEnWpg If used enough VHS Post Processing in a game can give off a real nice nostalgic vibe and when used subtly it won’t take away from the gameplay. You could also have it toggled on or off. Maybe this screen could be an example of what the screen looks like after death, though instead of the complete blackness you have this as an overlay over your death or have this fade in, where it says “You only survived for … Had Killed…. And etc” Screen spazzing out before death When I talked about the post processing effect... The title is the main focus because of where it is placed, being more prominent to the player. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GHp9l9arcvM (In this you’ll notice the menu sounds) Small Suggestion But Maybe Change the Name of The Game? I know a lot of people are going to oppose this but maybe find a different name for Project Zomboid once the game rises out of Early Access. Maybe “Zomboid 1993” (Just an idea) or just Zomboid or even Zomboid: Isometric Zombie Survival Sim. “Project” sort of has a negative connotation of something never being finished. I’m well aware that it would basically wipe all search results off Google but this is just a small suggestion. Just consider that if you did change the name it could mean a new beginning for a finished legacy of a game which is the contrast from the non three-dimensional sprite-based game. Please Update your Steam Page! Being the fan I am I try to mention Project Zomboid to every friend and they love the idea of a zombie apocalypse simulator that factors in more than just your base needs. But when I send them the Steam page they always have second thoughts as to buying it. It’s superficial I know but I was kind of hurt when someone said “This presentation looks like a high schooler’s project for Unity”. Then, I realized that they did have a good point. Sure the trailer shows the game mechanics, barebones information, and everything that you need to know about the game. I don’t mean to offend whoever was chosen to narrate it, but it is not well voiced at all. It’s a bore to watch and it fails to hype anyone up for the game. Maybe it was acceptable about 4 years ago, but for the amount of time the game has been out and the things that have been added you should hire someone to redo a trailer or maybe have your fans send in some trailers to become the official video for the Steam page. I had an idea for a 1990’s style horror commercial in live action, kind of like the comical “Strafe” trailer. Or the badass Dead Pixels 2 Steam video that pans from action to action. Those have beautiful steam pages and screenshots. If you show anybody Project Zomboid’s current Steam page they’ll put it on the same level of those mobile game ports. There’s already so much to do in development we can’t focus on this right now. Look I know you guys at The Indie Stone are busy, but please do pay some mind to this. Because if you don’t you just may not be getting any new players to play this great simulator of a realistic zombie apocalypse. With the game having gone through so many changes, it’s a shame that it looks like nothing changed on the outside looking in for anyone considering to buy it. Your efforts may be going to be waste if people don’t want to play the game because it doesn’t look finished due to it’s underdeveloped aesthetic. I’m saying that I love the game still, this is your team’s passion and you’re working hard to create it. But listen to me when I say that the best way to get people interested is to work on the small things that make the big picture. Look if you agree with what I’m saying, I wouldn’t mind discussing what would be good alternatives to the current aesthetic of the game. Please just come to this with an open mind, because I want to make this game more engrossing for new players. I don’t want to see the game die because of a lacking player base due to the generic style it has . I have so many ideas for the game. You could ask me for more advice or even ask the community collectively. Thank you for your hard work at The Indie Stone! I really appreciate what you guys do! Warmest Regards, Asten.
  9. I remember some efficient ingames menu and I thought to this radial menu before but for all options, for menu who is out of windows : By holding right click the wheel appear, more like a camembert than a flower (with a very little cancel round at center). With woodenworking, metalworking, mechanic, and other avalaible action : destruct (if sledgehammer), dig (if ground), etc... then at release click on the wanted part of camember : realize the action if it is a single action open a flower menu (as actually for car) to choose action for mecha/metal/wood/water. Open a sub petals for submenu as for table with woodenwork) Could be very efficient and easy to use.
  10. this is a menu based Admin Control Tool. it allows you to just click a menu button instead of typing the admin commands into the chat bar it also gives a number of other handy admining tools. so far it has 5 different sections, Admin Hacks - addxp to admin,unlimited build, fast destroy,invisibility,god mode and a warp. Admin Controls - Gunshot,Chopper launcher, random item spawn on ground, start/stop rain, and thunder. Zambie Spawner - spawn hordes in 20,50,200,500,700 and 900 groups. Teleporter - gives you the ability to spawn in 27 different areas across 3 different citys. Item Spawner - just a small list of stuff admins can spawn. things from melee weapons to guns/ammo and farming/carpentry/fishing. Its not useable on Single Player or by non-Admins. Most of the buttons use the admin commands so it logs the admins actions to the log folder in admin.txt so server owners can monitor what there Admins are doing. i am uploading 2 versions, 1 for normal PZ map servers and 1 for servers running the Bedford Falls V2 map addition. installing 1: download one of the 2 files, depending on your server setup. if your not running bedford get the first link, if running bedford use the second link. 2: unzip the file. 3: open the file and copy the AdminTools folder. 4: do you know where the project zombod game folder is? usually c:/program files(86)/steam/steam apps/common/ProjectZomboid you want to goto the client folder inside that folder so its c:/program files(86)/steam/steam apps/common/ProjectZomboid/media/lua/client 5: now in the client folder make a new folder named Mods 6: inside the new Mods folder place the AdminTools folder 7: boot the game and join your server as Admin, you should see a set of coordinates in the lower left corner of the screen if its working and your logged in as a admin. the Admin Menu can be closed/opened by pressing the Home key. IMPORTANT : if you are not an admin do not try to use this, it is not a hack, it will not work in single player either . LINKS Vanilla PZ http://www.mediafire.com/download/bi7umgzx6s8i7r6/AdminToolsNormalPz.7z Bedford PZ http://www.mediafire.com/download/tjpd2lw1tc9st2a/AdminToolsBedfordPz.7z V2 Updates added the debug map, can be used for teleporting also.(from games debugger) added file viewer and lua reloader (from games debugger) added 3 preset buttons for teleporter an ability to change menu position, goto :/programfiles(86)/steam/steamapps/common/ProjectZomboid/media/lua/client/Mods/AdminTools open the adminpresets.lua with a text editor (notepad or notepad++ will work fine) the lua has instructions in it for editing the settings of the menu. added a coords viewer by RoboMat. added fast logging (chop down trees faster then hell). added ability to be added to mod packs for server and not be seen by non admin players. added corpse deleter, just right click corpses and select "delete corpse". i may be forgetting something....
  11. tommysticks

    New UI window

    I'm trying to make a custom window open at the press of a button by dissecting existing files, but a lot of them have stacks of other files that are required due to extra tabs 'n shit. Anyone know of a custom window that has only 1 window and no tabs? So I can see what it looks like. I tried looking at the mod Admin Tools, which is currently what I'm using to acccomplish what I want done, but there are so many extra files in there due to all the tabs. I can't single it down to the bare minimum.
  12. I have made a brief search of the forum and have not noted a similar post. Please advise if I'm mistaken. The idea came from wasting ropes on fences instead of sheetropes, as I depleated the later and did not check my inventory regularly enough. Since then I found the workaround of droping the ropes as soon as I'm done unstacking logs. But it would be nice to avoid droping and picking up the stuff, since it takes valuable time (meaning less electricity/water time and anhigher need for food, water and sleep). (Edit : and it make some sense, since the character sees what he uses, but the player is reliant on inventory check) It would be nice to have options in the menu to toggle on or off automatic features. Though I'm mainly interested in being able to turn off rope usage instead of sheetropes, it could be extended to other features (see list below). In a first step, it could be a submenu in the option/setting menu AND it's effect would be limited to solo games. Then a second step could be to have a similar menu or list of option added to multipayer settings. Additionnaly, some sliders or input box could be available for rules and exception (ex.: auto eat food equal to or less then -x hunger). Use rope instead of sheetropes when none of the later is remaining in the player's inventory;Auto drink from water containers in inventory (credit is due to an older post that I remember but can't locate quickly enough, please advise);Auto drink if water has the tainted tag if no clean water is remaining in the player's inventory;Auto drink other liquid (by type) if no water is left in the player's inventory;Auto eat food;I will be glad to had other's suggestion to that list.
  13. hi everyone, i have recently been trying to get to grips with the world context menu. i can add an option if conditions are met, player clicks on ground outside and is grass/soil. the menu option displays, however the function i have linked to the menu option (a timed action) is always executed. i'm probably missing something very very simple however i keep looking at my code and it looks fine (well it looks terrible... but...) TL:DR context menu shows my option but always calls the function i have linked to it. function contextMenu(_player, _context, _worldObjects) if test then return ISWorldObjectContextMenu.setTest() end testVar = false; local player = getSpecificPlayer(_player); local square = nil; for i,v in ipairs(_worldObjects) do square = v:getSquare(); for t = 0, square:getObjects():size() - 1 do local item = square:getObjects():get(t); if item:getTextureName() and (luautils.stringStarts(item:getTextureName(), "floors_exterior_natural") or luautils.stringStarts(item:getTextureName(), "blends_natural")) then testVar = true; end end end if testVar then if test then return ISWorldObjectContextMenu.setTest() end _context:addOption("My Menu", _worldObjects, testfunc(player,"woop woop"), testVar, _player); end endfunction testfunc(player, msg) print(msg); ISTimedActionQueue.add(ISslowPoke:new(player, msg, 50));endEvents.OnFillWorldObjectContextMenu.Add(contextMenu)
  14. Pretty much as title said, I like the soundtrack but there is times where I want to play while I'm watching something on the other monitor and the thunder from the soundtrack is blowing out my ear drums. I know this is only in the menu (using "M" when in game) but sometimes it takes me a little longer to plan out my character Muting the whole program from windows is not an option as I do use the sound effects in game, alarms and meta game heli/gunshots are loud enough to be heard while listening to music or whatever. Atm I am in fact muting and unmuting the whole program until game starts but it just seems silly.
  15. I've been playing Project Zomboid, but noticed that in the videos, there is a crafting menu but in mine there is no such thing. iIs this is glitch or is it disabled for the current version? I play with mouse and keyboard and my download is the alpha version on Desura. I also play 32x.
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