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Found 18 results

  1. Right now the only things a crowbar can pry are wooden window/door barricades. So I was thinking they should also be able to directly pry open windows, doors and even car doors so you can get inside without having to break anything or look for a key! I think this pry mechanic would be some skill based ability like hotwiring a car and it'd be highly leveled up with the burglar occupation too by default. As for how other characters would level it up I think it would be by attempting to pry things again and again. Any character could do it if they had a crowbar but it'd take time to be able to do it efficiently and successfully. I think a pry operation could start by having a crowbar and right clicking what you want to pry and selecting the option to do so. Like hotwiring it'd take some tries and time to do it successfully. A slimjim ( previously suggested) would be better for cars though. This would make the crowbar more valuable than just a basic melee weapon that pries off wood barricades.
  2. I was thinking what if someone could make it so the zombies hold forks and knives (1 in each hand) while they chase and try to feast on you? The zombies would use the folk and knife to try and stab the player and they could still bite as well. But not scratch or lacerate since they're holding the folk and knife and can't freely use their nails. They may be able to use the fork and knife to grapple the player kind of like when barehanded though this would take health away. When the player is killed by the zombies you could see them feeding on your corpse with the folk and knife before you reanimate. If you die without being infected if the zombies find your body they can continuously feast on it. This would create a unique challenge to the player since the zombies would basically be using melee weapons to a very limited degree. Also it serves as good nightmare fuel and could even make the player panic more than with normal zombies! If the player kills one of these zombies they can get the folk and knife. I've imagined this funny scenario in my head for awhile and maybe someone could make it into reality.
  3. So this may have come up before but I couldn't find it. My suggestion is simply to make a check box that allows you to swap the weapon "attach to back" with your current weapon. For instance you are carrying an axe killing zombies and you start getting overwhelmed; you have a gun attached to your back so you pull it out causing your axe to be equipped to back instead of the gun. After you finish with the bulk of the zombies you swap back to the axe without having to open your inventory.
  4. As in the title, I want to know if I'm alone in this opinion, but I've had far too many runs finished on day one due to a single missed swing. What happens is you swing a melee weapon, and there is a 1.5-2 second period where your speed is reduced to near 0, which makes missing a single swing a little bit TOO punishing, especially when there is more than one zombie. I personally love the challenge this game offers, but in Survivor mode I find it near impossible to enter houses because even if I lure the bulk of the zombies away, invariably I'll still need to kill 5-6, and that latency period with the new player animations is absolutely brutal. I'm not saying you should be able to freely swing then pivot on a dime as if you weigh 3 ounces, but I think that with the added momentum to the player, it's a little bit extreme. What are your thoughts on this?
  5. item BaseballBat { MaxRange = 1.4, at the same time item HandAxe { MaxRange = 1.4, and there are many more such examples. Almost all weapons feel longer than their model and hurt when hit literally empty. Because of this, fighting with zombies becomes either difficult (it is not clear where the optimal strike distance is) or easy, because allows you to keep zombies at a distance, although your usual weapons do not deserve it. I already asked to make different control keys for the upper and lower blow, for different interactions with windows, etc. The worst thing that can be with a game is when it does not act as you expect. (You want to hit a standing zombie, and you hit the ground, bend over and bite you.) It is very easy to die in the game because the character does not obey you, or does not obey the laws set by the developers. I'm not talking about the balance of the weight of objects - to hell with it, but please select a person who will deal with the balance, he does not need to be a programmer, because this is done so easily. Truly yours, fan.
  6. Ever since I first used the spear I've noticed a discrepancy with the animations. Two of the animations are a straight stab and the remaining one is a sort of sweeping slice attack. I always thought it was odd how I could stab two zombies standing about a meter apart with the same spear thrust. Hitting two zombies at once with the sweeping attack makes sense, but not with the stab, unless it's the critical thrust and the zombies are standing in a line. I'm not sure what the best way would be to execute this, as weapon swinging has only ever belonged to the left mouse button, but it's still worth looking into. Picking off stragglers? Get in there with a decisive strike. Trying to keep a group of them back? Go for a sweeping strike that divides the kinetic force of the swing between two targets and doesn't leave you open to getting bitten.
  7. Hi everyone, just realized 90% of my deaths come from this damn key, wanted to push back a zombie, and my character hit an other zombie on the floor (using space key for melee). I think it could be a good idea to have the possibility to chose the keys for melee and stomping.
  8. I made some posts in the Hydrocraft mod thread showing the java behind melee combat and some quick thoughts on it. See here and here I am going to use this thread to summarize my findings, so others can use them as a reference. Firstly: Skill modifiers and weapon categories. What do they affect? By how much? If the weapon has the category "Unarmed", no perk related. The only calculation for unarmed is that it is capped at 0.7 damage per hit. NOTE MODDERS: This means if you categorize a weapon in your scripts as unarmed, putting max damage higher than 0.7 does nothing. These are not intuitive at all. Rather than either starting at 100% damage and increasing (bonus damage) or starting at a low point and reaching 100% at level 10 (competency), skills in project zomboid are a mixture of both. If the weapon has the category of "Blade" or "Axe", use Blade Accuracy perk (java name=PerkFactory.Perks.Axe): If the weapon has the category of "Blunt", use Blunt Accuracy perk (java name=PerkFactory.PerksBlunt): Both Axe and Blunt perks affect damage the same way. 0:30%, 1:40%, 2:50%, 3:60%, 4:70%, 5:80%, 6:90, 7:100%, 8:110%, 9:120%, 10:130% Or, to put it more compactly: Damage = TotalDamage*(0.3+PerkLevel*0.1) If the weapon is "Ranged" (not category), Aiming level affects critchance, not damage. The calculation is weapon.critchance + weapon.AimingPerkCritModifier * (AimingLevel/2) So for calculating the maximum crit of you custom guns, add the amingcritmodifier only 5 times, not 10. Lastly calculated, If the weapon has the category of "Axe" and the target is NOT knocked over. Double damage. Yup, axes do double damage to all standing targets. ORDER OF CALCULATION None of these calculations are exclusive! Furthermore, none of the melee checks actually restricts themselves to melee weapons. So, if you have a firearm (isRanged=TRUE) with the categories Unarmed,Axe,Blunt, and you attack a standing zombie, the following would happen. Get damage from weapon/wielder. If damage is more than 0.7, reduce to 0.7 (unarmed). damage *= 0.3+AxeLevel*0.1 damage *= 0.3+BluntLevel*0.1 critical chance = weapon.critchance + weapon.AimingPerkCritModifier * (AimingLevel/2) damage = damage*2 (Axe) There may be checks earlier in the code to prevent such items from existing at startup, but I know you can make these with lua. NOTE: I have yet to find any references to "improvised" in the code. I'll keep looking. Next time, Strength, endurance, push back, knockdown, and YOU!
  9. Same with bags that can be equipped on your back. Scenario: You're looting some place and come across a better bag. You have a backpack and a baseball bat. You put the better bag in your existing bag, go back to your base, and there you equip your baseball bat primary, and equip your better bag secondary. Straight away, to equip your baseball bat primary, you must unequip it then equip primary. You do this to fight off zombies that may show up (I always keep a weapon equipped). So now you equip your better bag secondary, and start transferring across your loot from your old bag (on your back) to the better bag (equipped secondary) Now, how do you put the better bag on your back? That's right, you unequip both bags, then equip the better bag on your back. Now, how do you put equip the baseball bat in both hands? Yep, same again, unequip then equip in both hands. Really I'm suggesting a few things: 1) If you have a melee weapon equipped primary and another weapon equipped secondary, and you right-click another melee weapon and select "equip in both hands, the latter weapon should replace the former. Same with bags 2) If you have a bag on your back and you want to equip another bag on your back, the latter should replace the former. Same with melee weapons. 3) If you have a weapon equipped in both hands, and you equip something secondary, it should allow the weapon to be demoted to equipped primary. Essentially the scenario described above should be smoother IMO.
  10. TL:DR for those that don't feel like reading: Unarmed combat feels way too strong compared to majority of weapons, excluding those that are capable of hitting multiple zed's like a bat or axe, and insta kill weapons like knives, and in OP's honest opinion, could use a solid nerf. As of right now, unarmed combat allows you to shove up three (might be more, correct me if i am wrong) zombies, doesn't tire you (again, correct me if i am wrong, but just minutes before writing this post i've gone through killing 150~ zed's in WP school with just my hands and the exhaustion moodle didn't show up), has infinite durabilty, and even with standard 5 strength, offers you a crazy high knockdown chance, and enough damage to kill a default health zed with four or five stomps (on rare occasion requiring few more), and doesn't weight anything. Why would one even use stuff like hammers or golf bats, capable of hitting a single zombie, having pretty much the same knockdown chance, barely offering any damage increase, and in addition to that having pitiful durability and exhausting your character, when they have access to a much stronger zed killing tool? Why even sacrifice carrying weight for them? Using said weapons, i haven't really noticed any damage or knockdown increase compared to head stomping and shoving, number of hits to kill one did feel pretty much the same. Ability to damage a zombie without knocking them down doesn't really feel that usefull due to how pitiful and unnoticable damage without the "on the ground" bonus is. I haven't really reached higher melee skill levels to see if they get any better later on, basically due to being able to handle mostly everything exclusively using unarmed combat. Right now if feels that every weapon other than a bat, axe, or knives, is a waste of carrying capacity. Increased exhaustion when shoving zed's away is a must in my honest opinion. I believe shoving charging undead flesh bags would be pretty tiresome. Reduced knockdown chance would be in place aswell, as of right now it is hillariously easy to keep six or seven zeds knocked down, while slowly kicking their brains out. Discuss.
  11. I think melee weapons should have more durability. (I know there is a post about this) Because, if you think in IRL how many times your knife or axe brokes after being used 10-30 times... I mean are there really so bad axes or baseball bats or knives which do get broken after being used for a while... Yeah, I know how weak those kitchen knifes are what you buy and so on... But if you think about hunting knife, should the name already tell that the knife is made to withstand cutting flesh and bones ? And axes.. I have one in my garage which has been used for 6 years now, and every year I use it to chop down branches and logs, and there has not been done any repair to it, and it has been only sharpened once. I don't think that person or zombies is much more tougher than a pine tree (correct me if i'm wrong). Crowbar.. Made 100% from steel... "1.43% Degradation." Yeah... Im just going to leave this here.... Kitchen knife: 50% Degradation, umm "every day i chop some vegetables and my knife just turns into dust" I cri evri tim. Yeah I do understand that the handle breaks down but how about the blade ? Can't you just take a mop and use duct tape to make spear ? Because it's annoying when the game is not about finding water and food... But about constantly finding a new weapon because previous one broke down...
  12. I think that existing weapons in the game should have texture variations to add some sort of personal depth to the survival experience. Police weapons could be found in police stations, and sports weapons could be found at the firing range. There would be a story behind the item and it would become more unique and personal to you.For melee weapons there would be different golf clubs, knives baseball bats etc. All having the same effect. Maybe if possible the weapons could have slightly different sound effects. All of the stats would be the same but they would only look different. I know the image of the pistols all have different calibers. It's just an example.
  13. Here are three new items with their respective mechanics that would flawlessly fit this game: 1. Ladders Ever seen one of these? These foldable metal ladders (which are rather commonplace in garages, construction sites and tool shops) would make quite a great addition to the game. First, they could be used to access the second-floor window of a house you were trying to get into. The downside would be that the zeds could knock it down as you are climbing and send you to your death (or a lot of fractures if you happen to survive). Also, they could be useful for building roofs to our bases, instead of having to waste wood and nails on building a freaking stair. They should be pretty rare (sorta like Sledges, which are hard to find), but completely indestructible. Another downside would be that you wouldn't be able to put it on your pack; you'd have to carry it in both hands (just like with a corpse) and its great weight (I think 10lbs would be a good weight) would slow you down. 2. Machetes No zombie game or movie is complete without one of these, and the same goes for pretty much every garden shed. Currently, the most practical weapons in PZ are always Blunt weapons (with the sole exception of the Axe, which is pretty uncommon); all Bladed weapons either do too little damage, break too fast or have a range so short you end up getting bitten. The addition of a machete to that list would help to balance against the more advantageous Blunt weapons like the Crowbar and the Baseball Bat (Nailed or not). Because the Axe is on the same level of rarity of the Sledge (which would be its Blunt counterpart) and given its wood-chopping capabilities, most ppl prefer (or at least so I've seen) to use it exclusively for lumberjack'n. Machetes should be the Bladed counterpart of the Crowbars; uncommon but not that rare, weighty but durable, and with a real good damage. They would also be found on the same places as Crowbars (crates, tool sheds, hardware stores, etc) which wouldn't make it to hard for them to be implemented. 3. Fire Extinguishers Technically, these are ALREADY in game, but they serve as much purpose as combs and toothbrushes (according to the Wiki, at least). But, let's be honest, we've all gotten our safehouse consumed by flames at least once. So, at the moment we see the flames emerging, why shouldn't we be able to grab one of these and put them out before they do more damage? It would require the same mechanics of a shotgun; just wear them in both hands aim at the flames and unleash a cone of CO2 upon them. However, they would run out after a few uses, just like a paint can. Not to mention they would be quite noisy and probably attract some zeds. Given they wouldn't have any combat use, they'd probably be pretty common. They could be found at houses' kitchens, offices, shops, schools, storehouses; in fact, they'd be found in lots and lots of places. Thing is, many of them would probably have little charge left or be plain empty. And, you wouldn't be able to refill them in any way; it takes a lot of specific tools and materials to get such task done, and it wouldn't be possible in a post-apoc setting. 3. Nightsticks Commonplace in many zombie games, and some places in real life too. So I was pretty surprised that I didn't found any of these in the police station. They would be a decent Blunt Weapon; less range than the Bat, but with a faster swing and much more durable. (Police Officer and Security Guard Jobs could come with a swing speed bonus to it, kinda like Axe Man does for Firemen and Lumberjacks). As for places to find it, Police Stations or any place that may require a guard (Like Banks, some Offices, Stores and Supermarkets, etc ), and sometimes maybe in the corpse of a zombie. (Zombie Cops should be a thing too) 4. Mops/Brooms Who doesn't have one of these at home or has seen the one the janitor of your office uses? They're not exactly a deadly weapon, tho (Unless you're Rei Miyamoto from Highschool of the Dead...). They'd be the shovel's weaker but more commonplace cousin; long range and lightweight but prone to breaking and rather weak. However, they'd be utterly common, and clearly a much better weapon choice than a pencil or your bare hands. 5. Wrench/Spanner Now were's a commonplace favorite I can't believe I forgot about! And although they're not common in people's houses or garden sheds (unless you're the handyman type or the ''Screw mechanics, I'll fix my own car!'' type), they'd be omnipresent on Auto Repairs, Hardware Stores and maybe even the trunks of cars and trucks (when they get added, that is). Combat-wise, they'd be the crowbar's bigger cousin; heavier but deadlier too, yet not as strong as the Sledge. Plus, now that the new Engineer Job that comes on at Build 32, they'd make a fitting weapon for them, or maybe even have some purpose disassembling stuff (it takes more than a Screwdriver to dismantle freezer) . Not to mention that if you're female, you could call yourself a Wrench Wench, one with a mighty Wrench Whack
  14. With the introduction of a button specific for melee without weapon attack, I get use to do the 1-2 combo, where I hit with my weapon and then push the Z's away with the melee command, and some times save some durability of my weapons by stomping with my foot the fallen Z's. But I find unappealing the fact that it doesn't bring any XP gains Since it seems that anything that can be lvl up give XP makes sense that stomping a zombie to 2° death doesn't increase the XP, but taking the risk of going hand-to-hand with such dangerous creatures deserves some kind of award... So, in order to keep the "only upgradable skills grant points" theme going, what about having an UNARMED skill line like the BLUNT and BLADE? I suggest having little impact while the skill is low, hardly pushing away the Z's and rarely make them fall down. But eventually being able to punch them in da face! knock them down easily, or even 1-hit them with a strong punch or a big stomp while in the floor... but that would be the end-game-fantasy . Any way, I'm just saying that anyone brave enough to face the Z's with only their bare hands should be awarded with some XP, and maybe include some traits that increase the skill, like the brawler does it for blunt and blade. what do you guys think?
  15. Hi everyone, Had the idea while having some fun with build 31 feature where you can stomp zombies on the ground. While it is tremendously fun, i feel it's a bit risky to do, as a zombie on the ground could still scratch your legs while doing it, maybe even bite them (unless treated as temporarily stuned as well as being proned). I don't know if it is already in there, if so, i'm playing with fire... If it's not in there, then I think it should at least for the scratching part. Then it got me thinking that it could be lessen by a ''guard'' melee skill. While we are at it, a ''accuracy'' skill wouldn't go amiss. I beleive that the ''maintenance'' part could be left out, unless the dev plan to have use sprain our ankles or something. These same melee skills (guard and accuracy) could be used for fist fighting as well. Same comment for maintenance but for wrist. By the way, I appologize if my writting is not perfect, english is my second language (french is my first). Same goes for all my post.
  16. A minimalist version of the TommyGuns Mod. This mod contains the following: AR-15Remington 700MacheteSurvival AxeSuppressor for the ARSuppressor for the vanilla pistolRucksack Enjoy!
  17. In project zomboid a rather large amount of emphasis is put on crafting. Craft a molotov cocktail to thin out a horde before going in with a bat, craft bandages, craft food. This has probably been suggested before in part and is in the game in part. But I think that more craft-able weapons would be really cool. for example: Stick + kitchen knife + duct tape = Improvised spear Sock + pool ball = Flail (maybe even two of each for twice the smashing (flails are sometimes misnamed maces)) metal pipe (sticks would be too flimsy) + "insert vaguely large round metal object here" = mace These are all examples not the only ones I want added.
  18. Are there any mods that create more melee weapons into the game? If not, then would anyone care to make one? :cool: It would be interesting to have a spear, katana, hatchet, etc. into the game.
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