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Found 3 results

  1. New version 1.3 released! Hello everyone. Some friends asked me to create a mod for smoking joints, and I knew that already on some outdated mods like Apocalypse +, a marvelous mod, you can do that. However, in my point of view, this a bit unrealistic. Marijuana appeared out of nowhere, and if you wanted to smoke more, you depended to find more joints or marijuana of fallen zombies or looted houses. Why not grow marijuana ourselves? In the real world you can, if permitted in your country. And if it is not allowed, it is equally cultivated. In addition, 99.9% of cops have become zombies, so the drug law no longer exists. If one person very accustomed to smoking marijuana survive a zombie apocalypse, probably at first is devoted to survive, find food, seek shelter and fortify this, etc. But once felt safe, maybe, and just maybe, wish back smoking again a joint. And not just a dry joint found in the pocket of a zombie. He wish to smoke Marijuana freshly harvested, cultivated with his own hands. Quality. And this is what makes this mod. With this mod you can do many things: These are new items (35) of the mod: Note: The first three icons are of Apocalypse+ mod. All credits to the creator. If necessary, I can change the icons. Note2: Marijuana seeds and its container, use generic icons of the game. Generic Items: Homemade Bongs: Acrylic Bongs: Glass Bongs: Cooking Recipes: - All about cooking recipes: - All about Cleaning of Bongs: Coming soon: In the near future: Testing: Compatibility: Known Bugs: Installation Problems: Multiplayer: Enjoy the mod and smoke Marijuana! Comment on and give tips please! Here is the new version of the mod, with its list of changes. Download link v 1.3: http://bit.ly/1yK1eyS Download link Build 29.4 Icons Hotfix: http://bit.ly/1vEqUjx 29.4 Hotfix Installation: Changelog:
  2. LacidOnex

    Onex's Pot Farm!

    UPDATED AND STILL NOT WORKING Im going to bed - few questions about errors im getting: 1: Im using a texture pack, and in the info file i point to the .pack but it doesnt work. the name of my original tilesheet is also different than the packed file, will that cause an issue? 2: I keep getting exceptions about items not being items when it loads my main .txt... any ideas why? 3: Mods I see have all have something like ISFarmingMenu{}; but it keeps causing stack traces and/or nil errors, is that okay? REQUIRES SOUL FILCHERS FARMING TIME <3 https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=928422722 Onex's Pot Farm.7z
  3. Maska_zgz

    Cocaine Mod

    Cocaine Mod 1.0: Despite the danger of being known as the drug dealer of the forum, some users have asked me for this mod, and as I do not want to add these features to my Marijuana mod, I uploaded a separate version here. The mod is very simple. Cocaine was introduced into the game world, being able to consume this. You can also create Cocaine Cigarettes, putting some cocaine in a cigarette, which entails a somewhat stronger effect. These are the new items (3): Sachet of Cocaine: Dose of Cocaine: Cocaine Cigarettes: - Cocaine effects: - Side Effects: - Visible effects of cocaine on the character: - Distribution of items: - Compatibility: - Known Bugs: - Multiplayer: - Download link: http://bit.ly/1wJAvjE - Download link 29.4 Icons Hotfix: http://bit.ly/1uvjRT3 Enjoy the mod!
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