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Found 42 results

  1. Hey all, I was just wondering if theres any hope of a Mac compatible Map Editor? Im very interested in making new maps for the area where I live but the only issue im running across is that the PZ Map Editor is a windows only program. If PZ is a Mac compatible game, it should only make sense that the Editor should be Mac compatible as well.
  2. BeWater

    Kaputt, PA

    Hey all so I just got into project zomboid a few months ago after not having played it for like almost 2 years and I love where the game has gone and I'm impressed with the community immensely So to my point; I decided to get into map making because its something I enjoy in all games of all genres. I'm here to reach out to the community for help in any way they are willing. For starters the map is called Kaputt because I like the name and it's "located" in Pennsylvania because it's where I'm from; it has no realistic basis map wise. Let me express what I want to do. Firstly I'm doing this for fun so I hope people enjoy what I can manage in my spare time. Secondly I want to get the community involved as best as I can. I've seen some really awesome building designs and I want my map to be entirely unique, no recycling (as in every building is different, aside from 'chain' stores). To do this I need all your help to make it take less than forever. I'd love to see what people can come up with for my map and how I might implement it. If you want to get involved by giving me tips on mapping, building, making your own building to put on the map (credit due of course!) please leave a comment or message me directly. Lastly I plan to update this thread at minimum weekly to let people know how Kaputt is coming along if they're interested! STEAM LINK: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=678778880 UPDATES: 5/4/16 Started the map today 5/5/16 Got the map up on steam 5/6/16 Updated the map a few times. Have some small neighborhoods, hospital, towers, apartments, etc. 5/7/16 Added another neighborhood. Continuing to tweak and customize buildings. Side note: working on some texture packs for additions accent items in game. 5/12/16 Made a lot of changes to the environment and the main map itself. Lots of new buildings. Going for a more natural look. Lots of good movement 5/28/16 Working on a big update with a ton of detail. However i just had teeth removed so I'm behind schedule. Hoping to get some updates rolling soon. See you all around and remember to be water my friends! Edit: Updates
  3. Matthee

    My map project

    Hello people! I have been working on this map for several months and finally briefly finished a cell. So why not make a thread and gather some feedback Overview Screenshots Any questions, comments, suggestions are welcome.
  4. LOCATION OF CALIFORNIA, KY STEAM LINK http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=747740095 UPDATE 8/19/16 The Map is now given to public in order for it's completion. In case of wanting to mod California in anyway. Dropbox Link Below Entire Cali v2 Map, and Buildings from All of PZ World. Here is the LOTPACK AND WORLD PACK FILES TO OVERRIDE THE WORLD FILES FOR CALIFORNIA TO SHOW ON MAP California, KY (Manual File Installation) https://www.dropbox.com/s/4b4sqkjucm1mmak/California%2C Ky.zip?dl=0 Directions on how to get to California the fastest way. Think of your points of the Compass as Such. Muldraugh= South WestPoint = North Bedford= East California= Head West From West Point down the River (Opposite from Going to the Mall) Accomplished. TCO So I have (Finished Louisiana, Ky for the most part, waiting on feedback to tweak what needs it) and I have an Idea for a 6 x 6 cell to fill the top of the map above West Point with the River. Image for Reference. Image above Edited on 8/15/16 I have tidied up the Veg map to allow me to finish the river north. srandiny is working on a bridge. I am hoping to get a Good Golden Gate to cross the river. Not sure If I want two bridges that cross the river yet. Sieben has a great building that I would love to use. Kinda inspired me for the city of California. I would like to have tall buildings for the most part in here. And for the outlaying cities of California I will make them more rural. Sieben Has All of the Military Bases and Whatnot that I am going to use, Plus this massive Hotel! Tell me what yall think. I will need help with some buildings as usual to populate the map. I have plans for field areas and outdoor tourist attractions. We will see how this goes. I plan on this map taking upwards of a couple months. @ Jela331 seems to think that I won't give Credit Where it's Due. So Please, If someone has built something that I might or might not use in my Map, Please Don't go Ham. I have no problem Giving Credit to anyone who Helps with this map, Has buildings that I would like to use, and or even attempts to play it. I will do everything In my power to find out where I have gotten the file and Give credit to that person for allowing someone (Myself included) to use it. Thanks EDIT: Mad Props to srandiny For Building the Goldengate bridge!! Also Way2sp00ky Has a Gorgeous Bank I might need to Use. Love its setting. Also has Supplied Coffehouse and Offices. mads232 Has a city house (His house actually that I think would look great for neighborhood houses in Cali! Neutralnz1 has a checkpoint that I am using as well + The Large Hotel of His. Need a golf course to go with that, Also the Med Center would Be Great for the Big City Pjuux Has some wicked buildings that could be fantastic around the city as well cmseter has a fantastic bathhouse that I would love to incorporate. BeastlyBean for the Lost Church Maklane for the Bloody Restuarant Marcelmarceau for the french church! BeastlyBean for the Lost Church Traya Aclus for the Confederate house and Industrial Plant Z3759xy for the Contribution of the Downtown buildings! TCO
  5. Currently, if stairscases are placed directly above each other, it causes them to not function properly. Here's an example: This is a fire escape for a map I am working on. (I have removed the railing so that it's easier to see what's going on.) The game allows you to travel from the first floor up, using the lower staircase. It also allows you to use the upper staircase both ways. But you cannot go down on the lower staircase. I don't know the game engine but I assume that the game sees that I am trying to walk into a staircase, and, since stairs are a physical object, it refuses to let me pass. (Although if this is the case, I have no clue why I can walk up the first staircase since i'd 'bump my head' on the physical object above me - but this is just guessing as pseudocode, like I said before. I have no clue how the game runs.) To clarify further, here's my character struggling in vain to go down this staircase: I've tried staircases at different angles, against or not against walls, and in all sorts of other situations to get this to work, but all in vain so far. I think that having staircases stack vertically is absolutely vital - I am working on a larger city map, so fire escapes, and tall staircases are quite common. But even in suburbs I can see this being an issue, if a house is large enough and the stairs going up to a 2nd floor are below ones for the 3rd floor.
  6. I was looking at Thuztors Mapping Guide on this forum and noticed in the pdf provided that he included 2 tables for color reference. He mentioned using paint.net and I thought to make things easier I would make a nice color palette that would consist of TileZed appropriate colors. Table in Zip: The zip includes both a palette file and a word document with a table to be used for reference as well as explain what each color is for. You can also check out the mapping guide I linked to above which I strongly suggest as it includes a lot of good tips on how to make a custom map. To access the palette in Paint.net, open paint.net, than look at color window on the top of the palette there will be two icons the icon on the right is of a folder with a color wheel inside it. If you hover over the icon it will say "manage color palettes." Click on the down arrow beside the color palette manager icon and select the option that opens the palette folder. In the folder, drag and drop the "TileZed.txt" file into it. Close the open folder menu and click the down arrow beside the palette manager again, an option for a "TileZed" palette should available:) TileZed paint.net palette/Table Guide: color reference.zip
  7. Hello! Have some Problems with my Tileset. I have the tileset successfully inserted into the editor and can use it there, all fine. But when start the game the object does not appear ingame. I have tryed some Tutorials but nothing work for me :/ What I've done: - Insert new Tileset 64/128 - Make Properties and save it in Editor file/Tiles/newtiledefinitions.tiles- Make Tilesset in Building Editor, so i can place it on Map. Whats next? Ingame all works, only my custom Tileset not :/ Hope anyone can help with explanation or a tutorial link for the current version of the editor. =) Thanks
  8. MonolithicBacon


    Hey guys! I've been cracking away at a map now for a few days and I've made quite a few beginner's mistakes, but there's one issue I've not yet been able to resolve. Because my conversion over to BMP was not overly successful (I had a lot of unknown colours) I have been left with no blends between different grass colours, and I'm having to input them all in by hand. Now, I'm happy to take the time to perfect something, but damn, this will take a long time. Does anyone have any idea how to do this on a large scale quite quickly? Many thanks in advance! Here's a little screen of progress so far:
  9. hello Zomboid community. I have a problem with creating a new map, I created the necessary files asking me to run the game. lotheader lotpack spawnpoints map.info description configure the cells in this area. http://pzmap.crash-override.net/?#0.3112313403331722,0.26880536688550943,11.534207561982774 all as according to what I learned. perform the same steps realmpaze the (lotheader) and (lotpack) map Muldraugh, KY, with files from my map. Identification drop the folder with my map spawnpoints, map.info, description and map image. try to run my map, but I get an error on the screen and the game quits. I hope I can find solution.
  10. Hey!!! I got a bit bored with the Radcliff Project and saw that 956Texas was looking for gun racks and counters. So, I decided to make some and share them with everyone! There are 3 different rack types: one empty, one with two rifles and two shotguns and one with 3 shotguns and a single rifle. I can do a couple of others with only shotguns and/or only rifles, if I find that people are actually using these. And there are also all directions for the counters and one extra south and east facing counter for variety. So without further ado, here's the pic and the link for the file. Download updated link with the wall mount stuff. I'll just add that this is just the .png picture file. You'll have to do your own tile definitions for them to spawn weapons and export them into a .pack or .tiles file to work in game. I don't precisely know how either works yet, so you'll have to figure those out for yourself. Oh, and if a mod sees this, could we possibly have a section for textures etc? It's a bit bonky here. Yay for modding! <3 EDIT: I forgot this:
  11. The Base.Map Item Looking through the list of items that can be spawned in the current IWBUMS build, I noticed a new item, Base.Map: Does this have any use yet? As far as I can tell you can equip it, but it does not actually do anything yet. I'm curious, what are the plans for this item? Current Maps for Project Zomboid I dislike using online resources such as pzmap or the Wiki because to me that feels like cheating. My character shouldn't magically know where everything is in the world. Unfortunately given how big the map is now, and will continue to expand with future additions, it has become almost impossible to navigate without some sort of map. I think adding an in-game map that a player can 'uncover' by exploring, similar to what Minecraft does, would not only remove the need for an external map 'cheat', but would also provide the player with a useful mechanic for figuring out where they haven't been, and a neat metagame to try and uncover all of the map. Proposal for an In-game Map Ideally, if I equip the Map item, a new UI window should open that shows all the parts of the map that I have explored so far, in a simplified, scaled-down rendering with basic pan/zoom functionality. It doesn't have to be pixel-perfect like pzmap, but clear enough that I can recognize the layout of buildings and such. For an example of what I mean, here's a quick mockup of what the map could look like as the player uncovers it: (click for full size) And what it could look like fully revealed: (click for full size) The map should be generated dynamically based on what is currently in the player's view range, so that: Changes to the world, such as a house burning down, or new farms/constructions would only appear when the player can actually see them It would work regardless of what map a server decides to run, even if it's a custom map. The map offers the player a way to figure out where to go: "oh I never went down this street" Other potential mapping mechanics: You can share a map with another player (if they have paper and writing material). To account for the transfer time of the map image data that the client would need to receive from the server, this process could use the same progress-bar UI as when reading a book. After all, copying a map takes a good bit of time anyways. You can only add to the map if there is enough light, so you would need to either map the area during daylight, while streetlights are still on, or with a light-source. The map window would just read "It's too dark to see where you are" A simple marker placement mechanic that allows you to mark points of interests. Right clicking on the map brings up the option to place a marker. A marker stores a short title, and an optional short description. (Aquaria had a similar mechanic) Instead of requiring a Map item, just bind the mapping mechanic to 'M' and just let the player always use it. Similar to Aquaria it could just cover the whole screen while you are looking at it, and M just quickly toggles it on and off. Finding the Map item now just adds a faded out underlay below the map that you've uncovered, so you know where everything is, but can still see where you haven't been. Some server-side settings could include: Enable Mapping Enable Map trading Enable Mapping requiring light Enable Player's position on map Enable Nearby Player positions visible on map (perhaps in conjunction with a radio or other item that enables a 'party'?) I would also like to strongly advise the PZ devs against just implementing an in-game version of pzmap. You have the potential for a really fun mechanic here, that will force players to explore, and also help them figure out where they have not explored yet. Just giving players a static image of the current map would be dull, and not nearly as useful.
  12. Anyone out there know what the format of paint files used is for the standard .bmp files used in custom maps for PZ? I only ask, because I prefer photoshop to "Paint.net" which is listed in this (Excellent) mapping tutorial, Here. Other people might use Illustrator or whatever. But its nice to be able to use the tools you are comfortable with- OH! I should probably explain why I don't use Photoshop "Anyway" as it will work just as well, - Well, the WorldEd map tools were generating some odd errors (I suspect in no small part because I was saving in a weird format) such as the colour for "Sand" not being recognised (210, 200, 60 - I think? from memory) in the top leftmost corner up to fifty pixels of my map- and paint.net worked fine. Anyway. anyone know?
  13. Hay! I watched a tutorial on how to make a map but it doesn't work out for me and my buds... You see here i tried to contact the video creator but he asked me to ask you guys.... Everything you need to know is there but if you need more info contact me, i'm online! Picture and some info: http://imgur.com/Q32cUAu Video how i do it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fEZ23jD_mtc&feature=youtu.be
  14. Hi! I'm welcoming you to join the first unofficial real world map expansion for Project Zomboid! Community project: Radcliff Now in blindcoder's PZ Map project! http://pzmap.crash-override.net/?desc=Radcliff0dot2L0 Map description: ''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''' Radcliff Beta v0.2 Disclaimer: I can not and will not support any MP versions of the map and can not commit bug fixes in the forseeable nearTM future. The map is a beta version and does have bugs. If you're willing to live with this knowledge without complaint here's something for you: DOWNLOAD Installation directions: just extract the files in your %username%/zomboid/mods -folder and enable the mod from the pz mods options window (you might have to restart the game). ''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''' As many of us know the developers have been hard at work with the mapping and Mash is pounding away in secrecy and deciding what will be the next big things added to the map. Also much hasn't been confirmed about how big the map will actually be and what it will eventually cover. We have had word that the map will be expanded, and some rumors that we'll likely see the impassable Fort Knox and the swarming city of Louisville implemented in the future. That is all we know. This project is here with that knowledge to be added south of the future Fort Knox and maybe even work as an encouragement for Mash and TIS on their great work. So, what is this about? I am creating (with hopefully some help ) a 10x10 cell map with accurate (as close to real life size and placing, as I have the fortitude) road mapping, forests, rivers, railways, paths and buildings of the town of Radcliff which is south of Fort Knox. Where do I fit in? Your job, if you wish to join and/or contribute to the project, is quite simple at the moment. I will need hundreds of buildings for this project and you as a budding Zob the Builder shall do my bidding , wait... no... can help <3 by making as real life accurate buildings as you can in the style of what is already existing in game (ie.no own tilesets, at least for now). More accurately, you can check google maps for the area covered and try to copy buildings as good as you possibly can. We are also trying to imitate the style that has already been established in the game by our wonderful MashPotato. If you wish to do more than that, have some mapping required (simple) skills and are ready to dedicate yourself, you can contact me by PM and we'll discuss your future role on the project. (Read on for more accurate info on the buildings...) Why are you doing this? Because, I love Project Zomboid and the community and wish to help make this the best zombie survival game it already is! Also I have been doing a fairly large project on my own which includes my home city, but I have decided to put it on the background for a while and do something where the whole community will benefit. As to the purpose of this map, it is to be as good as (or even better ) than the original, existing map, expanding the playable area enormously and maybe even be incorporated to the vanilla map when it is fully fledged out. Only TIS knows! When will this be out? I wan't to play! I'm sorry to say that this being such a huge and intricate project, you're going to have to wait quite a while until it will be in any fully playable state. As in the Indie Stone fashion: No ETAs! That being said the ones contributing most can of course always make test versions for themselves and with agreement, share some versions with friends and others for testing/streaming etc. purposes. Once we get there I will publish larger alpha/beta tests for the public, but I'll say that as I'm quite the perfectionist, the map should be very much near completion at that point. Mainly this is a slow and steady project and I'm in no rush of finishing it tomorrow or the day after. Questions, comments, ideas? Post them below or PM me personally, but as always keep it civil, constructive and lovely, above all! Ok! to the pics yayyyy!!!: Full map plus roads: Roads: A finished cell (1,3): The most typical buildings in the area: png map: _veg map: Plan: Finished areas, buildings etc: Finished/submitted buildings: (note not all of these are yet included in the map but approx. 98% are) 35 garages 147 tiny houses 205 small houses 118 medium houses 2 apartment blocks 3 medium blocks 1 small block 2 large houses 21 trailers 1 medium warehouse 14 construction sites 118 custom buildings (including schools, baseball fields and basketball courts, a town hall, library, a gazebo, chicken coop, a full golf course with apartments etc.etc) 638 buildings in total updated 6.4.2015 Completely finished cells (with buildings/tiles): Important for sending houses: Contributors, thanks and active members: Stay lovely <3
  15. Suomiboi

    Lot Levels?

    Hey, I'm a bit puzzled with purpose of the Lots column in the left side in WorldEd that has the different levels in it from 0-10. Are these different floors or are they meant to be used as to not have clipping walls when buildings are next to one another? I'm suffering from twiddling with the clipping issue and my only solution so far has been to place the buildings in WorldEd from North to South when building a row of houses. Here's a pic: Spoiler If I can assign the buildings to the different levels, that's going to be a huge deal in making my work go a bit faster. If not, do you know a simple workaround? Thanks a lot!!
  16. New thread to keep the buildings organized Last Updated: 09/02/2014 Yippee-Ki-Yay! [Hotel: The Key added (stores #4-7). Project Chernarus Plaza finished] The next buildings are free, you can use, change, share or whatever you want to do whit them. Just remember to add me in the credits and a link to this post. Thanks you! Bloody Restaurant Spoiler Download: https://www.dropbox.com/s/96fp3s8u81xygas/Bloody_Restaurant.rar House #1 Spoiler Download: https://www.dropbox.com/s/wxm6rcpii8ofjl0/House_1.rar Chernarus Bar - Store 1 Spoiler Download: https://www.dropbox.com/s/y4rlugcyk8coq3l/Chernarus_Bar.rar Stores 2-3 (the numbers are for the project, if you follow the buildings and want to put them in order) Spoiler This pack has a Book Store, a Laundry, the Spiffo's Bar up stairs and a bathroom, warehouse for the bar and an office. Download: https://www.dropbox.com/s/yrubgji3ocjzurf/Stores_2-3.rar Chernarus School Spoiler Download: https://www.dropbox.com/s/qmzwhn1cq4hrbcc/Misc_School.rar Industrial Warehouse 1 Spoiler Download: https://www.dropbox.com/s/gn4155gd122cz60/Industrial_warehouse_1.rar Industrial Office 1 Spoiler Download: https://www.dropbox.com/s/xl2x60tj0q8c6tt/Industrial_office_1.rar Hotel: The Key - The missing tiles at the left bottom are because this building was made for the project "chernarus plaza". The empty space it's exactly for the "Chernarus Bar" at the left, bottom corner, and the "Stores #2-3" goes in the next place, after the bar. Spoiler Download: https://www.dropbox.com/s/yqje4i4vnd3f3gx/Hotel_plaza.rar If do you want to place all the buildings in the correct order, see this picture: You need the following buildings: Hotel: The key + Clothes Store + Hair Dresser place + Public Bathrooms + Plaza + Stores #2-3 + Chernarus Bar I made a pack for you. You just need to download this pack, and you will get all the buildings listed above. Place them in your map and have fun! The size of the whole pack together: 62x35 tiles Download the pack: https://www.dropbox.com/s/8y17wds2jpgwjfh/Chernarus_pack_1.rar I'm working in making buildings for the Chernarus Map Project of grivcin. Check it! http://theindiestone.com/forums/index.php/topic/5122-project-cherno-wip-updated-with-new-images/ If you are working in a map or another project and you need buildings, you can tell me and we will see what we can do For everyone but mostly spanish people: Un usuario de Youtube (ditoseadio) está haciendo una serie sobre el mapa Bedford Falls en modo Hardcore y con voz en Castellano. Si quieres ver el mapa hecho por la comunidad, entre ellos mis edificios y una entretenida serie con zombies y muchos analgésicos de por medio te animo a que te pases por su canal y eches un ojo a sus videos https://www.youtube.com/user/ditoseadio
  17. Resident Evil's Raccoon City This map is created along side it's corresponding mod I will be re-creating Racoon City based on the game series, it will feature many different 'landmark' buildings such as the mansion, police station, clock tower etc. Some locations from the movies e.g The Hive may be implemented, so if there's anything you would like to see, feel free to suggest putting them in. Here is my progress so far; Full Scale Map - The map is currently 1200 x 900 pixels, that is 4 x 3 game cells Spencer Mansion Raccoon Police Department (RPD) Kendo's Gun Shop RE3 Start Warehouse RE3 Bar Jack (Bar Where You Meet Brad) Stagla Gas Station (Waiting on custom signs + detail to be added in tiled) Will update this when I do each new area, so please give some feedback on what you think so far as I will continue to work on this regularly. Up Next; - Spencer Mansion exterior buildings (Guardhouse, lab etc) - Racoon City Police Department (RPD) - Kendo's Gun Shop - Hospitals, schools etc Ideally this will slowly piece together to create one large recreation or Racoon City, and if anyone is a fan of the series and would like to help out with ideas, mapping, sprites etc feel free to pm me. Some misc. houses; There will be a Spiffo hunt, where you must find hidden Spiffos throughout the map, and we can see who can find the most. Some will be a bit of a challange to find, and if you remember any hidden areas from the original games then you should find them with no problems.
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