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Found 5 results

  1. Hello, Before i will describe my issue, i would like you to know that i have spent days searching for an answer to my issue and i didn't find anything helpful. I would like to note on the start, that this issue seems NOT like an issue with CUSTOM MAP itself. It seems like an issue of vanilla LOOT RESPAWN system for custom maps. I'm creating a new dedicated PZ server (based on paid PZ server provider) and i have successfully added about 420 mods without any issue, just to find out that the basic, most crucial system - Loot respawning, is not working for custom maps on my server. So i have started from the beginning, reinstalled the server and installed just one mod - custom map - Lake Ivy Township. I have successfully modified server.ini file, and restarted the server. Joined in as an admin, and voila! Lake Ivy Township is in the game. So where is the issue? The whole custom map has wrong zone types, which means that there won't be any loot respawn happening. It seems, that the server successfully loads objects.lua file, where zone types are defined for exact x,y,z locations (Loading: steamapps/workshop/content/108600/2252982049/mods/li_township/media/maps/li_township/objects.lua.). And boom .. not a single place in Lake Ivy, has a correct zone type, but as you can see.. even the chunk debugger shows the zone in light blue color, which is a color for a TownZone (not DeepForest, where loot cannot spawn): I understand all the loot related parameters (HoursForLootRespawn=1 etc..) but those parameters are not the issue, as they are working well on Vanilla maps, where the zone type is showing as it should (zone type TownZone): So i was digging a bit deeper.. Vanilla zones are defined in objects.lua in a path "/media/maps/Muldraugh, KY/objects.lua, where you can see the coordinates and zonetypes settings: If i go to coordinates, where for example Like Ivy is, the zone type is corresponding to the zonetypes in Muldraugh objects.lua. = Muldrauh KY is somehow overwriting the zone types?! Well, the Muldraugh KY has to be the last map in load order, because if it wasn't, we won't be even able to see the custom maps ingame. Ok, does this happen only to Lake Ivy custom map? Lets try RavenCreek and find out! : Whoa! The RavenCreek map doesn't even show zonetypes in the right upper corner! (But it does show the blue light color meant for TownZones, on the places where loot is supposed to spawn).. How ? Because RavenCreek is outside the vanilla Muldraugh coordinates! Lake Ivy is in the middle of Vanilla coordinates! .. if we go to the edge of RavenCreek, we can see, where the zone types stop to show: Lets check a bit more towards RavenCreek: Just to give you the most informations, here are the logs: Clean Install: https://pastebin.com/Y019HZgh Adding Lake Ivy: https://pastebin.com/xCG3Psbq I will appreciate any hints, any help.. we would really like to play this amazing game to the fullest! Best Regards
  2. Du suchst nach einem Project Zomboid Server auf dem du als Anfänger oder Fortgeschrittener in Ruhe das Spiel kennenlernen und entspannt mit anderen spielen kannst, ohne Angst zu haben, über den Haufen geballert zu werden? Dann bist du bei uns genau richtig.!! Die Mitglieder und der Support auf unserem aktiven Discord-Server helfen auch Neulingen gerne und geduldig bei Problemen weiter. WAS BIETEN WIR DIR: Deutscher PVE Server. KEINE Whitelist. Gute Server Performance. Kein übermoddeter Server. Strukturierter Discord Server. Hilfsbereitschaft. Aktiver Admin & Support. Aktive Community.PVE. Loot-Respawn. Safehouse. Safehouse Spawn. Fraktionen. StarterKit. MiniMap. uvm.. Discord: discord.flipmcfly.de
  3. So... in Zomboid there is a bit of a problem i've seen across long lasting servers. Servers either have to have loot respawns on, so everything randomly re-appears into the world again, or let their world go on naturaly, till every possibly resource has been used up. At which point it's stone axes, spears and log walls, True Caveman style. But.. It would be lovely to have the ability or option for more sustainable gameplay. The ability to "Completely" fix weapons and tools, like wood axes, and crowbars. I have 3 suggestions, 2 of which are idea's directly inspired from mods, that aim to add more Sustainability into the later game. "Axes & Recrafting." "Wooden Dowels." "Washed Up Containers." The hope with these idea's is that people can still keep on keeping on, with building and their favourite axe, all throughout the game. The First: Axes & Recrafting. To begin with tools, (Axes Specifically) are of course a limited comodity, unless you count the luck of finding some in the back of a zombies head. And when they break, that's it, you get "Maybe" depending on your carpentry skill a couple more repairs out of them, but then they break forever, and are completely useless. What's proposed is a change to the repair mechanic for some tools, very similar to Shokin's "Axe's Recrafting" Mod. Having the ability to repair tools like the Wood axe, fireaxe and handaxe through a mix of metalworking and woodworking skills would, not only add another reason to go through those skill tree's, but also give these tools, a highly extended life for their intended purpose of cutting tree's (and skulls). The Second: Wooden Dowels. This is an idea directly taken from another mod: Onkeen's "Wooden Dowels" Mod. Essentially, in the world, like with tools there are a limited number of nails. In single player this is often by far plenty for any one person to ever possibly manage, but they will at some point have to venture into the world to find more nails. In multiplayer on the other hand, if you join into a server that's been running for a good period of time, you're likely to encounter completely stripped houses, and not a single box of nails, due to people just Needing them for building. This really limits the options you have for building your own base later on, or even boarding up windows. The proposed changes, would add Wooden dowels, to be able to be crafted (Possibly more yeilded the higher your crafting skill). This would have a few avid benefits for the crafting tree too. It'd give players another way to farm xp for woodworking besides deconstrucing materials in the world, making it also more sustainable in that regard, for continuous worlds. The Third: "Washed Up Containers" This is a more an open ended idea, to add a little more conflict, exploration, and give fresh materials to players lucky/willing enough to find them. The containers being more or less, randomly placed "Shipping Containers" throughout the world (Though, possibly only along the river shoreline) Being washed up, containing anything from; Food to Weapons, Furniture, Medicine, clothes, potted plants, Vehicles, Electrical Equipment. Anything really, that'd logically be transported in shipping containers. These would basically extended the amount of supplies, throughout the game for many different things. People can use them for dismantling, but also as decoration or materials, lessening the blow after, a year old character who's dismantled and used up countless materials to get the knowledge they have, then inevitably kicks the bucket. This would also hopefully give an insentive to drive organised players, or those hoping for decent loot towards a select part of the map fora period of time. Possibly inspiring PvP between players, trying to get the loot for themselves. The locations could also be Given out on the emergency radio broadcast or other channels, giving co-ordinates or real life co-ordinates for people to use to hunt down. I realise the 3rd Point is very much like airdrops, but either or would greatly help players trying to get a foothold in a long lasting world. Also Sorry for any gramar mistakes/ nonsensicleness I'm not the best with words. I'd love to hear any criticism, or idea's for these suggestions. Either way Happy The New Year!
  4. New UE Project Zomboid server, refresh 25/03. PVP and PVE, mods, spawns and active admins. Survival with us! IP: Port: default
  5. Greetings! I currently working on a new server and wanted to get some feedback and some admins for it. Connection stuff: Technical stuff: Settings: Maps: Mods:
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