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  1. The problem 1. I've played 8 hours in Sandbox mode with modified options as it is shown on the screenshot (Melee weapons - Common / Ranged Weapons - Abundant / Ammo - Abundant) but I have noticed that Firearms and Ammo are NOT spawning more often than on default "Rare" settings. Melee weapons do spawn more often. 2. It is unclear what "Abundant" means. Is it 2x more often? Or 20x? Or this option affects the map generation rules and defines whether CONTAINERS that *may* contain weapons (wardrobe with two halves / nightstands) spawn in houses? Or this option is not supposed to affect the "chance" of weapon to spawn but only increases the quantity? 3. Firearms still spawn where they originally can be found. No extra "sources" of weapons. Proposed solution 1. It would be nice to introduce separate numeric multiplier options similar to how zombie multipliers work. "Ranged weapon quantity multiplier" / "Ranged weapon chance multiplier" / "Ammo quantity multiplier" / "Ammo chance multiplier". 2. Clarify the descriptions so that a user would know what to expect from this options. 3. Introduce a very small chance for "extraordinary" items (like weapons, nails, seeds, special magazines or skill books) to be found in common places - on civilian zombies and normal book shelves for example. 0.1% chance by default could work - in fact there is a slight chance that a civilian could have a holster with a gun in it or a box of ammo. The multiplier however could increase this chance (say, a 30x multiplier will turn 0.1% into 3% chance) which means that what is supposed to be "abundant" will be "abundant" not only in special looting locations but overall on the whole map. Description Initially I wanted to benchmark all weapons in the game on runner zombies. I increased zombie stats and make them always run. I set spawn rates of weapons/ammo to "abundant" and expected that I will find a lot in the houses all over the map because I knew that there is a decent chance to find a gun case with weapons in a normal house in a double wardrobe. I picked a "lucky" trait on my character to increase the chances of finding weapons even further. However, after playing and looting a couple of houses I realized that not only I can't find "all types of weapon in the game" - but I can't find ANY firearms at all... I was killed numerous times because even a small group of 2-3 runner zombies with increased stats is almost unbeatable in melee. I tried with "lucky" trait and without it. In 8 hours I managed to find 1 rifle, 2 pistols and numerous shotguns however it's not super rare to find pistols and shotguns in just normal houses with two floors and wardrobes even on "rare" setting so I didn't notice the difference... and weapons are by far not "abundant". Because Abundant is supposed to mean that there are a lot, right? Or at least this is what a user expects. This just doesn't feel right. It may be that "lucky" trait overrides the modifiers of the loot spawn that I chose in the sandbox menu. It may be that weapon rarity modifiers do not affect GUN CASES containing weapons, but only affect the spawn chances of weapons themselves... which are not the main source of weapons because in civilian houses GUN CASES are seen more often. It may be that the difference is just not significant enough to be recognized. Like, if the default chances are 1% per wardrobe and "abundant" increases it to 4% per wardrobe it still means you will spend weeks trying to find what you look for.
  2. In Project Zomboid if you don't dump the loot and clothing a corpse (zombie or regular dead human) has before the time they rot away, it'll rot away with them. This makes it incredibly inconvenient to have to go to every corpse and dump the clothes and loot so you don't have to constantly check the body to see what it has on it. The body disappearing but everything it had on it remaining is what should happen. It'd be so much more convenient for the player as well as being more realistic.
  3. I'm trying to make a simple mod to add car windows to the loot pools for mechanics / car supply stores. I have a file called CarWindowProceduralDistributions.lua under media>lua>server>items here and CarWindowDistributions.lua, also under media>lua>server>items But none of the items are appearing in-game. I don't see any obvious syntax errors, and no errors are being logged. All loots settings on the world are set to abundant so I would assume at least one roll would land. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!
  4. In the loot rarity section in sandbox settings, I would like to see "none" as an option to make certain kinds of loot not spawn at all. Useful when you want to make a world with zero food so you have to forage, fish and farm everything.
  5. I added my item to the zombie loot and it worked fine. This is the function I use, referring to other people's modules: table.insert(SuburbsDistributions["all"]["inventoryfemale"].items, "TWI.PillsHWJGreenOil"); table.insert(SuburbsDistributions["all"]["inventoryfemale"].items, 0.1); table.insert(SuburbsDistributions["all"]["inventorymale"].items, "TWI.PillsHWJGreenOil"); table.insert(SuburbsDistributions["all"]["inventorymale"].items, 0.1); However, when I try to spawn my items from paperbag, I get the error in debug mode. Here is my function: table.insert(SuburbsDistributions["all"]["Paperbag_Jays"].items, "TWI.BobaStraw"); table.insert(SuburbsDistributions["all"]["Paperbag_Jays"].items, 50); table.insert(SuburbsDistributions["all"]["Paperbag_Spiffos"].items, "TWI.BobaStraw"); table.insert(SuburbsDistributions["all"]["Paperbag_Spiffos"].items, 50); I don't understand. They are all in the same format, why do I get error in paperbag? And how do I fix it?
  6. 41.65 SP/MP No mods Watched a handful of Home VHSes early in my save, and every new tape I found after that (survived for 9 months) had no data assigned to them. This seems like a generation issue instead of it being unusable on purpose, as there are 3 types of them: VHS (VHS), VHS_Home (VHS - Home), and VHS_Retail (VHS - Retail).
  7. You can often find bags in cars, but they're always empty, same with garbage bags. Would make sense for garbage bags to spawn with rotten food and stuff, shop bags - with groceries/books/etc...
  8. I've been having a pretty regular issue while playing the game as of late. During sorting from my inventory to a container, or vica versa, the game will freeze and the screen will go black. The program becomes unresponsive, and I'm forced to open the task manager to regain control of my system. The status in task manager is still "Running", however if I try to go back into the game, it strobes between an image of my desktop and a black screen. I've left the program both before and after opening task manager to see if the game would work itself out, but it either stays on the blacks screen or the strobing screen. The only way to close the program is to kill it with the task manager. Upon reopening the game, It will have saved at the point of freezing, or within the previous five real time minutes before. Computer Specs in photo included.
  9. World: Is the loot respawn and zombie respawn real life days or in game days? Cause if its in game days don't think its working correctly. Been several months and no loot has respawned. And i have it set per week. Thanks,
  10. it seems that the shoes found on zombies are never bloody or dirty, which is odd, epsecially at the rate characters wearing them makes them dirty.
  11. [DISCLAIMER] I didn't play with Hydrocraft (far way too many things in it for my taste), so some ideas may be alrdy existing in this mod.[/DISCLAIMER] Some suggestions to help this skill to get more lüv. Frankly, i'm not sure that any of these suggestions isn't more of bug report or highlighting some broken/unfinished business. If that's the case, fixes could sincerely be welcomed and appreciated 1) Experience on ALL recipes tied to Electricity (at least in the craft menu) So far, only dismantle (mainly radio, talkie, TV and some others) and making radio/talkie give exp. Noise maker don't ; Remote (trigger and controler) don't ; Timer don't ; creating a handmade battery support for lamp don't. It's pretty disappointing and sad... Patch 40+ => Many electicals things could now be dismantle now and really help your skill up. Not sure on the creation side, but it's now far more decent 2) Slighty up the loot ratio of TV remote & Home Alarm TV Remote are really too rare*. Unfortunatelly, this is a key component for a part of recipes (all the remote controlers). Patch 39.67.5 => Increased the spawn rate of remote control. (Ty Devs) ; still need to play on that patch to see the difference. Home alarm (the item, not the noise event) can't be found anywere. I'm still not sure if it's implemented/actually in game or not (never found one...), but it could be really good to make them more noticeable in houses where they're supposed to be (said : houses with alarm). Unfortunately, this is a key component for motion sensors (which you still can find time to time...). 3a) Directly get battery from dismantled Radio/Talkie. So far, we had to put them in the world, click them and manually remove the battery OR equip them in main hand and manually remove the battery... It's tedious. And basically, that also say the battery just disappeared when you dismantle the damn object. Solved since 38.26 IWBUMS. (Ty devs) 3b) Give us a "remove battery" for radio/talkie in inventory Basicaly, same stuff and line of command as we actually have for flashlight. Right click on radio/talkie, to get the command line "remove battery 1 / All". Solved since 38.26 IWBUMS. (Ty devs) 4) Electrician profession Mention in the occupation description (at character creation), it also give you most of the electrical recipes. 5) Additionnal item Add item "Wiring tools" in the game 6) Alternative connection to house powergrid Allow us to connect a moved lampost/lamp to a house powergrid Recipe => Need Wiring tools & Screwdriver [Equiped in main and secondary hands] + electric_wire (2 units) / Aluminium (2 units) / Electronic Scrap (1 unit) / Adhesive tape OR Glue (1 unit) Electricity Lvl Required 5 (to be in range with the Elec lvl required for batconnector). New connected lamps will be lighted if/when the house is powered (before electricity shutdown and in a house powered by a generator). It's an alternate method (for BatteryConnector thing) to bring light to your safehouse. But you can't light it off (but see point 8 below). 7) New Take/Place/Rotate option Allows us to Take Switch (using screwdriver) in houses and get "Switch" item (Base.Switch) from it. Electricy lvl 1-2 (?) maybe required. 8) Additionnal recipe Allows us to connect "Switch" to a (eventually moved) lamp-post. Recipe => Need Wiring tools + Screwdriver [Equiped in main and secondary hands] + Electric_wire (1 unit) + Aluminium (1 unit) + Electric_Scrap (1 unit) / Adhesive tape OR Glue (1 unit) Electricity Lvl Required 4 This will basically allows the Context_Command Light on/off for the said lamppost. 10) Add little Electricity XP when you repair a generator (suggested by JayM) 11) Fix the Screwdriver priority Small QoL modification ; Build 39.XX => Game still take a new Screwdriver (if one is available) in your backpack when you disassemble/assemble something tied to Elec. 12a) Ability to reload Battery (not car's one) 12b) Ability to craft a hand-made battery reloader (i'm not Electrician myself, so it's maybe not really possible to do that). Elec. lvl required ofc. 13) Option to Attach a noise-maker (using Duct Tape) to other launched bombs (Pire, Incendiary, etc.) ; i undrstd this feel very L4D, but why not ? 14) Recipe to craft a hand-made Car's Battery reloader (still not Electrician myself, so it's maybe not really possible to do that). Elec. lvl required ofc. 15) Up the loot ratio of Watches For a game set in 1993, the loot ratio of watches is really toooo low. 16) Ability to attach A remote Trigger (using duct-tape, as usual) to a lamp/lamp post/Lamp on pillar to be able to light it on/off from range (the said lamp must be connected to some source of power [ie : power grid (usual or generator's one) or some connected Battery) with the usual adequate remote controler (V1 to V3). 17a) Ability/Recipe to make a Timer V2 (using watches or cloak) and "program" it to be active from Time A to Time B (in Hour/Min). Elec lvl required ofc. 17b) Ability to attach said Timer V2 (using duct-tape, as usual) to a lamp/lamp post/Lamp on pillar. Said Lamp will be lighted from Time A to Time B (as long as it have access to power). 17c) Same could occur with Fridge. => Good way to manage your power (limited) supply.
  12. with the help of @Fenris_Wolf I've made a little mod that further customizes the way loot is spawned. I made that for the gameserver project-zomboid.de, but of course everyone can use it. Right now it's pretty much in the testing phase and I therefore could use your help. You can Download the mod from github: https://github.com/DrCox1911/CoxisLootSpawn The way this works: With the mod there ships a "CoxisDistribution.ini", where you can define loot modifiers for categories and for special items. If you don't define a loot modifier for a category the one set with the normal sandbox options will be used. This mod needs the CoxisUtil mod, which you can download from github here: https://github.com/DrCox1911/coxisutil Steam Workshop
  13. (Note that I already made this suggestion on mod ideas section) It's simple. Characters would spawn in with job-specific items. By example, if your character is a police officer, it's most likely that he would spawn in with a pistol, or have one in his household, and along with the keys for the police station's gun storage. Of course, many jobs would need some serious nerfing (Woodcutter), but it would be sensible to have them spawn in with something that fits their job.
  14. This is something that's been on my mind since the first radio and TV stories showed up in the IWBUMS. How about adding small lore elements as random loot to be found around the map? (Just like with the upcoming Annotated Maps) By ''Lore Bits'', I mean random bits of information scattered across the game world. Notes found on dead Zed that maybe give some clues as how did they end up as such or inside containers all over the map. (like some dude saying he was about to try and kill some Zeds with a shotgun he found, or a journal from someone with a certain level of medical knowledge taking notes on the advance of his own infection), hospital reports on unusual events (like an unusual increase in the number of new patients with bite wounds, or that strange banging sound coming from the morgue.... probably just the ventilation, right?) and maybe once tape recorders and cassettes are added, Police recordings of 911 calls (a woman complaining that there's a bloodied man banging her door with its head, or an unusually pale and shambling ''bum'' hanging around their garden, maybe even someone reporting they found a wounded person and are trying to tend his wounds until suddenly-GYAUGH!! Followed by moans and flesh-chewing sounds....). This would not only allow players to piece the PZ story bit by bit (kinda like in Dark Souls) but could motivate certain players to explore places they wouldn't usually go to (like a Bank or an office building), but would also create a sense of ''real'' world progression; the Zed didn't just drop from the sky and ate everybody, there were phases to the infection and not everybody realized what was going on until it was too late. I believe this could be a great addition to PZ's storytelling system as a whole.
  15. Hello, I want insert maps like california or phoenix on my server, but people speak about NO LOOT generates by these maps, is it true? Can we do somethings for these maps for generate loot? Thanks for help and have a nice day!
  16. Ok so first off I'm not sure if anyone has suggested this idea or a similar idea before. If any such posts exist please point me in that direction so that I may link them here. I kind of find it hard to believe that no one else has thought of this idea in the past but I could not find anything on the subject. So we all know how loot respawn works in sandbox games, you set the loot respawn interval and the loot rarity of specific types of loot. Here is a refresher image if anyone has forgotten what all of the default options are. We also are all probably familiar with the way utility shutoff works in sandbox games, you set the option to adjust the amount of time the utilities stay active. Here is another refresher image if anyone needs to familiarize themselves again. Now for the suggestion, what if we mixed those two mechanics? You would set your 'Starting Loot Rarity' as normal and you would set your 'Loot Respawn' interval as you currently do, except there would be a couple of new options. I propose that we add a 'Loot Rarity Interval' option to change the loot rarity of the world after a certain amount of time has passed (similar to how the utility shutoff works). For example, you would set it to '0-30 Days' and after that amount of time has passed the loot would tick from 'Normal' down to 'Rare'. Obviously you would need to have loot respawn enabled to refresh the world and make this work (so you would have the new rarity interval options greyed-out if loot respawn was disabled). I would also suggest that a checkbox option be added to allow loot respawn drop to 'None' as a final tick after the 'Extremely Rare' loot tick. Here is a picture of what something like this would look like in the sandbox options (mini-suggestion, stick all of these options on a separate tab labelled 'Loot'). Basically options like these would allow you to simulate active looting over time. What do you guys think?
  17. I just finished filling my first few crates with the same type of canned good and I came to the realisation that a crate has not enough capacity. I understand that when throwing different type of items in a crate, there will be significant loss of space. But for some reason I like to keep my containers with a single type of item in them. Now making some very rough assumptions that a crate is 3 feet x 3 feet x 3 feet, and that a can is 3 inches in diameter, there should be place for 144 of them in a single row. Assuming the cans are 5 inches in height (to be generous), there should be space for 7 rows or 1 008 cans. What I get, even with organized, is 92 (0,7) cans or 81 (0,8) cans. What I'm suggesting is a weight reduction for same type item or general type of items, because as stated above, I understand that jamming a crate (or any containers for that matter) with different type of items involve a substantial loss of space. No need to over do it so I suggest a 80% weight reduction (covering about half the difference of the math above) if the items are of a compatible size (all cans of the same dimensions) or a reduction of 25% for items of a same general type (all cans). Same thing hold for other items too. For exemple, I beleive that it's possible to place more then 32 handguns in a 3'x3'x3' crate. Conter argument and items that should not follow this On the other end, some items should not be placeable in crates (or any other containers except maybe shelves and racks). Those would be any items measuring more then 3 feet in length (possibly riffles, sledge hammer and/or shotgun). Very low weight unit may also be excluded (0,01). After all, I'm not sure if it's possible to put 32 500 socks (16 250 pairs) in a crate.
  18. A new mod, remind me a idea : I saw empty bleach bottle and broken doors, but more items on ground seems more "apocalyptic". Useless items for ambiance, but usefull items (rare). Some Houses could be "tagged" devastated with many objects on the floor (rush move, Z's attack). some parts of neighborwoods could undergo the same destiny. This could be related with broken windows/doors, empty container place, barricaded houses, etc.. We could find : On streets: knife (close to broke), bag, cloth, paper, hygiene items. In woods : log, twig Houses : knife, cloth, paper, all house objects. Special building : with their related objects (usefull or not). And certainly many others, are you inspired ? What do you think about that ?
  19. I don't find a post on this, so if there is, redirect me... this is related with some of idea i talk about, and certainly could affect other's. Loots on ground seems to be very less quality than in inventory. Best quality items could give a good ambiance on the map and allow to display them on opened container such as bookshelves or allowed on table.
  20. i think it would be good idea if developers eventually go and put some "military grade loot" had such idea when this popped up http://imgur.com/gallery/EM5oU
  21. "37% of Americans say they or someone in their household owns a gun" according to a Pew Research Center survey conducted in February, 2013. A 2007 study by the U.N.'s Office on Drugs and Crime found that the United States, which has 5% of the world's population, owns 50% of the world's guns. Another Pew Research Center study found that people living in a rural area were twice as likely to own a gun as those living in an urban area. I'm just saying, while searching through houses in a rural area of Kentucky, it doesn't feel like I'm finding a proportionate amount of 50% of the worlds guns.
  22. Image created by Onkeen! Thanks! Do you like that everything you find is in mint condition? Do you think it's realistic that all pills you find are completely full? Then this mod is not for you! Everyone else, keep reading! What is Secondhand Loots? SL is a mod that randomizes the condition of weapons you find as well as the fill levels of pills, charcoal, lighters, everything with a "Remaining" bar in the tooltip! How does it do that? By hooking into the loot-generation code of the game. It also handles Lucky/Unlucky in a way that you get more items in perfect or broken condition. Cool! Where can I get this? Download it directly from github: https://github.com/blind-coder/pz-bcRandomizedItems/releases Or subscribe to it on Spiffos Workshop: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=501895986 I'm a modder and don't want my items to automerge! What do I do? To achieve this, add these lines into a .lua file in media/lua/client: if not BCGT then BCGT = {} endif not BCGT.MergeIgnore then BCGT.MergeIgnore = {} endBCGT.MergeIgnore["Module.Item"] = 1;Please make sure to include both if not lines so you don't overwrite other mods' ignore lists. Replace Module.Item with the full type of the item that you don't want auto-merged. Anything else I need to know? Yes: When you transfer items that have a fill level (pills, charcoal, etc) into a container where another one of these items is, they will be combined! That means that two half-empty packs of charcoal will become one full pack automatically. This does not apply to anything that leaves behind an "empty" version of itself like Water Bottles, Pots and the like. Anything you need help with? Yes! The mod can set lower/upper limits of condition for items. For example, an axe will always be at least 25% and a Hunting Knife 33%, no matter what. This is meant so that players don't find a rare item after days of scavenging only to find it's broken and unusable. This is where I need help: Post suggestions of lower/upper limits of condition as well as chances that an item should be broken or in perfect condition! Default chance for either is 2.5% If you have a suggestion for something, please post it here. Please make it a nice "balanced" suggestion, not a "but I want this to be perfect ALLLWWAAAYS" suggestion, thanks!
  23. As I've been spending more time listening to the radio in the current IWBUMS, I've noticed that a lot of stuff happened near Louiseville; stuff that SHOULD appear on said map once it's added. If you kept listening to the LBMW and Knox talk, you know that the military had one big perimeter base near Louiseville, which served as refugee camp as well as an evacuation point. This is where General McScrotum was, which eventually ended up being overrun by Zed, and the military pulled out. I think that these places should appear on the map, and often contain loot that cannot be found anywhere else. I know that Military Aid is up there at the BIG NO! list, but these places should show up just because they're now canon, and we don't expect for the military to be armed with just pistols and hunting rifles. It should be one of the very few places where one may be able to find military-grade stuff, be it assault rifles, grenades (the Pipe Bomb is pretty much a grenade, so why not?), US COMM HAM Radios, Army Walkie-Talkie, Military Backpacks, stashes of medicine, MRE Rations, etc. And by the time vehicles are added, we could even find Army Jeeps (The good ol' and mighty Willy M151, with its great reliability, decent speed and low fuel consumption.) and maybe Military Ambulances (as the place was, after all, a medical station to threat the sick and wounded). In fact, I even have a pretty solid image of this place in my mind.... Surrounded by a pre-built concrete wall topped by barbed wire, with a few blockades with maybe a guard tower on the road leading to it, half a dozen of army-green trailers (some barracks, one COMM station, one Medical Station, a few armories and one Command Center) surrounded by tarp tents, some big like open-air medical stations, with beds, IV stands and cardiac monitors (bonus if many are full of bloodstains, covered in quarantine yellow tape and with corpses strewn around), and some small and containing bunk beds and the like. And of course, carnage; the whole place would be strewn with corpses, specially near the barricades and medical stations, bloodstains covering the walls and evidence of gunfire and explosions. Also, a Heli-Pad with a destroyed army helicopter on it would be a nice touch (to show that no Evac is coming). Of course, such a loot-filled place would become a more obvious target to survivors than the GIGA Mart and Cortman Medical. So, in order to make things balanced, this place would come with the deadliest contraption ever seen; an always-active military grade siren (think of an air raid alarm) that would go off whenever someone entered the camp. It would NOT STOP after a while unlike house alarms, and it would have a radius far bigger, dragging Zed from even more faraway places. There would be also no way to disable it, and it would keep working even after power fails. It would only turn itself off after a while since the survivors left the place. This would make the place a sort of ''Loot and run'' place. Grab all you can, and get away before the Zeds the siren's drawing trap you with no escape. This would make the risk of going into such a place something that every survivor would think twice. Wadda ya guys think of this? I'd love to hear a Dev's opinion on such idea...
  24. The way I see it, it is a in-gmae mechanics that allws you to travel to a small secluded areas outside of main area. Exit points could be set on highways at the map border. Place you travel to is a 1 cell or less if possible map which is randomly chosen among pool of dosen (or possibly hundreds) hand made maps (we do have that map editor now), they even could be community made. Places like lake cabin or picnik area or gas station etc. Really small town with a single pharmacy at most. You can haul only that much anyway. Zombie settings could be completely random each time. When you exit map and return to main area it resets and there is no way to return exactly to this location. So no remote bases. Random events fallout-style are an option. The reason behind expeditions is to bring randomness and new way to gather stuff you need to survive. It is also the only way to live relatively long and prosperous with loot respawn turned off. Resources you need for expeditions are debatable and irrelevant at this stage: food, water, tent, camp fire kit something like that.
  25. When vehicles will be added, it would be really neat to have a plane crash somewhere near the town (in the forest area). It can be civilian, cargo or maybe even military. You could find luggages and crates (civilian,military, or just the usual cargo tipe) there, along with the usual Zed population. ( The place would be like a lottery win, with food crates, and who else knows ^=^
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