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Found 2 results

  1. Okay, so I've been a PZ player for a while now (first played the game WAYYY back a few years ago) however I've never really 'stuck with' a single game, I usually get bored and sacrifice myself. However, in this current game, I'm at Day 27 (my personal record so far, my previous being about 5 days) and I'm still going strong.. I'm wondering where I go from here? I have a pretty secure place (in the middle of the town in West Point, believe it or not), I've wiped most zombies from the area and only a few wanderers really come in. I've got a good supply of non-perishables stored in my base (eno
  2. (For when NPC's + other players are added) This is a long term idea but I posted it anyway, so I asked if NPC's would hide being bitten from you if they are (the answer was yes), this is great if you find out their bitten, and if there was a way to cuff them or tie them up so if they do survive the bite that I hear there's a 2% chance, they can stay alive, and obviously if they don't, their tied up. I like the idea of keeping them tied up until you know if they survived the bite as such. This wouldn't just be for this one common scenario but say if you get NPC's hostage and want information, y
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