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Found 7 results

  1. Cory

    Dupeitem report

    Would anyone have more information on the 'Dupeitem' log - The only reference I could find was back in 2016 build 35 (The mega Test), when it was mentioned that we would have access to the log, but nothing came of it. Has anyone been able to access these logs and willing to pass on the how to. All I can see via the admin panel - database - userlog is that a player has 4000+ Dupeitem reports.
  2. bob_idle problem is still going on Turkish lang. Game stuck in Loading screen in comp. mode without any mods Here is the ErrorLog 17-10-19_20-02-59_DebugLog.txt
  3. When generator was taken frome the ground, log record does not occur. It occurs when the generator is installed, when it is destroyed by a sledgehammer, or when the generator is moved into a container. But the action of taking the generator from the ground goes unnoticed. If you install the generator on the ground, then an entry appears in the log If you break the generator with a sledgehammer, then an entry appears in the log If you put the generator in a container and pick it up back, the following entries will appear in the log But nothing will be wr
  4. So for the old and forgetable people like me, it would be nice, if in futere times a chatlog will be added. But I'm not thinking about a global chatlog how it's in the most current games. If anyone remembering at Ultima Online, there was a chatlog, that only log nearby spoken (or far away screamed) words. This would be perfect for rp-servers.
  5. ... is actually pretty useful for hauling logs. As it turns out you can transport eight logs in a Big Hiking Bag with room to spare if you bundle them with rope before packing them. Total carry weight for a single equipped BHB loaded with eight bundled logs is just under five pounds/kilos/weight units as well. This means that with the Organized trait, sixteen ropes and two BHBs you can transport sixteen logs at once with no other traits taken, no profession taken and no skills invested in. -Edit- You can also manage to equip 3 Big Hiking Bags fully loaded with a total of 24 logs if you c
  6. Log walls are the strongest walls in the game but building them is very easy and not so realistic. Now it look like this: In that picture i explained what should happen with such a wall. So my suggestion is that you need to have a shovel and dig a ditch in order to build a log wall. Like in this picture: I think it will be good change for realism and good for gameplay too.
  7. I was hoping to make a nice page on our forum showing a list of who is currently playing on the server by extracting the information from logs of who connected and disconnected and when. But disappointed to see that the log only shows connects and no disconnects. It would be great if we could optionally add more info to logs such as these disconnects, and or player vs zombie interactions such as players receiving scratches / bites. then me noticing the whitelist table in the db file in the db folder gave me some renewed hope that it would contain some information i could use to make a list of
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