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Found 5 results

  1. Is there any chance of being able to change the mod location from ( C:\Users\[USER NAME]\Zomboid ) to another drive as my C:\ drive is nearly full.
  2. I did a search and I was surprised to see that nobody had suggested GPS and that it wasn't in the frequently-requested things. I'm particularly inspired as my current character is lost AF. I had a look-see, and GPS existed, although it was grossly inaccurate, the receivers were very finicky and heavy, and it was only common with military. GPS then was likely just rough-coordinates on a screen. With one equipped, it might have display similar to the watch, but show coords. Then, using the map (planned), it would show you (roughly) where you are. Keeping true to the real
  3. Flanua

    Mansion, KY

    Created for the fresh game version 40.40 and 40.43. I aslo uploaded this mod on NEXUS here is the link: Download from Nexus I also attached this mod in this post. Mansion - On the outskirts of Kentucky, in the middle of a forest is located a huge mansion. This private property on its territory has a garage, steel fence, fresh air, storage unit and even greenhouse in case the fridge is almost empty. This is one of the nicest, safest and peaceful places you could ever find in the whole Kentucky! In case you ran out of supplies you could visit a conve
  4. It'd be nice if in one of the more urban areas you could find a plant nursery with seedlings, saplings, cuttings, and all the other sources of rare fruit you could want. The catch? You'll need to get there before the power gets shut off, because the automatic watering system will only last so long, and allll those rare plants will die without water. You'll never taste a banana, orange, pineapple, lemon, or avocado again...unless you can get in, get the sprouts and seedlings, and load them into your car before the zed get there. It'd also have big stocks of seeds, shovels, trowels,
  5. First off: Sorry if this have been made before, I haven't seen it. And if it has been made it a good idea. This is just for the idea of the addition of a building. I have always had it in my mind that, were there a Zapocolypse, that one of the first places that I would raid would be the local museum because they have a whole bunch of classic weapons (e.g. swords -katana, long-sword, etc -, medieval axes, clubs/maces, as well as old school muskets and armour). This would also be a fairly heavily defended site I thought. Thoughts and suggestions? I know that they weren't planning on putti
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