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Found 11 results

  1. The lighters in the game resemble Zippos which are refillable in real life but not in the game. I think in the game there should be a bottle of lighter fluid you can use to refill your lighters. That way you don't have to lug around so many lighters. Basically this would require the lighters don't disappear when they're used up. To refill you could right click the lighter in your inventory and select refill and if you have a bottle of lighter fluid the character would automatically refill the lighter. Right clicking the lighter fluid bottle could also give you a menu for refilling the lighters. Lighter fluid could be found in places such as houses, convenience stores, grocery stores, etc. The player could also dump it around and light it on fire and lure zombies into it. Hopefully you'll also be able to do the same thing with gasoline.
  2. Hello, let us place colored light bulbs as headlights A possibility to paint light bulbs somehow would be cool too. thanks in advance
  3. As anyone who has ever seen a flashlight from far away pointed at them in a rural area will tell you, when everything around you is pure darkness, those things can be very visible from VERY far away. It surprises me how, even in pure darkness areas, zombies seem to ignore flashlights and car headlights pointed directly at them or how they won't feel too attracted to a house with every single light inside turned on when electricity has long been cut off. My suggestion would be: If you point your flashlight or car headlights towards zombies in the dark or at night for too long, they will notice you even from farther away and come to you. The time needed for that "notice you due to the light" to happen should be a lot longer the farther from you they are (but the cone of light will also be bigger there, so a lot more may notice you) AND they need to be looking towards your direction in order to see that light (zombies that are looking back won't notice). This means that for example: -Stopping your car at night with the headlights on and going into a building could be a bad idea, since when you return, a group of zombies that was down the streets could have surrounded your car. -You could use your flashlight to slowly bait some zombies in your direction from far away to slowly trim down a horde. -A carpentry post with a flashlight used as light source needs to be placed taking its light into consideration in order not to constantly attract zombies towards your base. Lights on inside a house or fireplaces at night should attract zombies nearby that look towards it for a while (even lights in higher floors). Similarly with #1, it should take longer for the zombie to be attracted to the house depending on the distance and they need to be looking towards it. Curtains and sheets should mitigate but not fully nullify this. Boarding up the windows or barricading it with bookcases should fully nullify this. This means that for example: -Early in the game, zombies would gather around buildings that have lights on inside and those buildings would naturally have a higher amount of zombies in or around even later in the game. -If your house windows are higher than the fence line, it could attract several zombies from down the street towards your "safe" spot, turning it into a death trap. -You could purposefully light a few houses early in the game as a way to attract zombies towards them and away from your base. -For taller buildings (in case there even is the possibility of starting the game already on Louisville), the higher the floor, the farther away it should attract zombies from, but nullify the effect from zombies nearer (so if a light is on a very high floor, zombies that are up to a certain distance won't see it since they would have to be looking up and not forward). 3- Three words for you: Visible Light Spectrum. As an added to both suggestions above, it could be very interesting if, due to deterioration with zombification and decay, if the zombies eye cone cells degraded and they lost the ability to perceive a few colors of light, more specifically, red and violet, which are the lowest and the highest wavelengths of light. As such, changing your lamps for the flashlight, car headlights or inside lighting for either a red or a violet color would render both effects from #1 and #2 nullified. You could carry 2 flashlights with you, one with red or violet lightbulb to not attract zombies attention, even though the color makes it slightly harder to see and another with a common white lightbulb, that doesn't bother you to see, but can attract zombies attention. If we add both sides with a few craftable battery powered spotlights(with an effect that makes zombies notice it twice as fast) and other "light decoys" and trap mix it with fire or bomb traps and have interesting strategies to deal with hordes that can be used even way after electricity has been cut off. This would bring a whole new dimension of strategy and danger to the game. Light sources doesn't just help you see in the dark, but also makes others see you...
  4. Hi everyone ! First post here, I was a ghost watcher for a long time but I have finally decided to bring my contribution. english is not my native language so bear with me is my sentences doesn't make sense sometimes XD. Be prepared, this post is going to be a little long. PART 1 First, I would like to say that I really love this game, I am not a hardcore player who has like 1400 hours on it but I have played it enough to appreciate it ^^ The developpers have made already a really good game and I am very thankful for that. This post will not be about some gameplay changes but about the overall artistic scope of the game. Honestly, the only thing that bother me in this game is the lack of mood and horror vibes. I have seen some suggestion post about that, like adding some crows and such, which is already a very good suggestion in my opinions. But so far I have seen nothing about the lighting or colorimetry of the game. So I have made some little rough mockup about some stuff I would like to be added if possible of course. I am in no way a game designer or a programmer so I have 0 knowledge about what is possible to do. So, my first point is about lighting and ambient light. I find the overall lighting of a room ( when you press the switch on the wall) lacking of credibility. The room suddenly become clear and you can't see where the light attached to the switch is. I have add some shading on the floor and a glow at the top to look like the light is attached on the ceiling Another similar examples is about bedside lamp, the 2d asset have no real difference between switch on or off right now. So I have made a little mock up that show a more clear difference in my opinion. I don't know if it's possible to add some rim lighting on the characters but it could add a lot more mood and presence to them. In this scene you see the TV screen give a real sense of presence in the room. I think, the tv screen asset could be better with some animated GIF depending on the channel you're on. I also have imagined what a near lightning strike could do on the screen with a big flash ! I think it could bring a lot more horror vibe ^^ Again, I really don't know if the rim light on the character is possible. Another thing I was thinking about is flickering light. Of course, a very few lamp in the game would flick but again It could add some really creepy mood. I have attached some examples, but I imagine the same could be applied to the lighting of a gas station or a neon motel sign for example.
  5. Good evening. Enough said. Thank you for any assistance you may have. -TURTLESHROOM
  6. Hmmm if it could gives some light inside my barricaded house by placing this candle somewhere away of my burned hand !
  7. Hello all. I have made a lamp that can be crafted. This is a moveable type item that once crafted and in your inventory you will click the place button and choose where to put it. You will still have to have the normal electrician of 5 and electronic scrap and a battery to click on the placed object and make the battery connector, and then again to install battery. Considering that you might have some of these things in crates in the wilderness, or may not have picked up a lamp somewhere, this is useful to craft your own makeshift battery powered lamp for base lighting. Thanks and credit goes to Svarog for finding how to do moveable objects as items here: http://theindiestone.com/forums/index.php?/topic/17951-moveables-defined-items-build33/ Click to Download: PortableLights.zip
  8. And so long as I find people who answer my stupid questions, I sat back for the translator. When I realized that to build a house in TileZed not the best idea I discovered Building Editor. More or less understand it, I was faced with a new problem. When I build the wall in a special mode in Iso, for some strange reason they only exterior, but I have chosen, and exterior and interior. Of course, I would probably could go to the Tile mode, but then I would have to manually apply them on the dirt, and it would be tedious. And something else to place the light in the room, I just need to install the switch in the room, or that there is any manipulations? Thank you
  9. Typical situation in game now: it's 10pm, too dark to go outside, probably too early to sleep. Player doesn't have anything to do so he/she read some skill book to gain exp boost / kill time but wait there is one problem with reading, there is no light source (in most cases, after power is off). So i suggest that if player want to read he need a light source near character or he simply can't read books/magazines etc. This of course will require placeable candles/flashlights and maybe some recipe with flashlight so it will work as lamp. I think it is simple, realistic idea which will make game harder and better.
  10. Does anyone else feel that the Lit Candle as a light source is nearly entirely useless indoors? It barely makes a difference when lit, as far as I can see. I've even adjusted my monitor's brightness settings, etc., but that barely made it better (and I'd rather not have to do that every time Iplay). The smaller the room, the better it is (more surfaces) but for larger rooms it's terrible. Candles cast much more light in reality than this currently depicts. It makes having them in-game a bit pointless (for indoor use). Am I the only one with this complaint? I saw nobody else saying as mch in any topic when doing a forum search; or even a web search. Here's a scrennshot of me, zoomed all the way in, with a candle lit indoors; See what I mean... or, more aptly, don't see. It's nearly pitch black. With the candle lit. Almost totally black without (I can barely see the walls). Perhpas this is an issue that will be fixed, or with some kind of in-game gamm/brightness slider?
  11. Until The End A game designed by me, Anthony Liparulo. Until The End is a top-down shooter, where during the day you explore the world for supplies, then use those supplies (like walls, tar, and ammo) to defend yourself against the monsters that come out at night. It will not be a simple task, these monsters killed EVERYONE besides you, whether from luck or skill it doesn't matter, all that matters now is to survive and find the secrets that lay deeper and darker than the night. The game was made by me, Anthony Liparulo. I coded, animated, modeled, and everything in between besides the soundtrack which has a 7 song original soundtrack. Right now you can get the Beta at the end of November by backing us on Kickstarter. It is on Kickstarter because I am just started out and would like to make the best possible video game to show off what I can do, and that doesn't come cheap. Other rewards can be obtained through the Kickstarter. Until The End comes with 3 maps, original soundtrack, dozens of secrets, a Level Editor, and a day-night system. Support me and the game through Kickstarter while also obtaining a fun, fast paced, zombie-shooter. Have a great day and thank you very much! Check out the Kickstarter here
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