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Found 14 results

  1. The game is very stuck even with the necessary hardware configuration to run smoothly. Does anyone know how to solve the sudden drop in fps on machines that have the necessary requirements for the game?
  2. dany

    lag with car

    when i drive a car, the car drives very slowly, the game lags a lot and sometimes no. It seems related to the number of zombies who chase me. I reduced the graphics to the bare minimum, but even there, I have to zoom in as much as possible to be able to accelerate...
  3. With the new update my game periodically freezes for a couple seconds, makes playing very tough Included the console, didn't notice anything unordinary though. I can also list my specs if that's needed. console.txt
  4. Good evening. This is something I can't explain in pictures, because it's in motion. I can, however, describe it. I am also experiencing lag like I've never imagined, although I attribute that to the "Super Survivors" and my entry into a place I have not been before, which requires new Survivors to be generated. (Trying it without the "Super Survivors" enabled only caused monster lag when there were large numbers of zombies.) When I summon a horde of zombies to follow me in my car (so that I may either ignite them or run them over), the occasional event in which the horde gets so big that the zombies literally stop my car happens. This is normal, and usually, my car can't move more than a few pixels for some time until I break out. That is where the problem arises. Zombie hordes keep concentrating on one side of my car, and the game clips as my car is forced in the direction the zombies are pushing. I have no control over my car until it crashes into something. It's as if my car is on black glass! When I plough into a horde of zombies and they stop me, the usual pixel-by-pixel shoving begins, but once I break out of the horde, my car suddenly lunges at full speed, as if the horde was a chain that had been broken, in the direction it was going. I cannot control, break, or reverse course into the car unless and until it crashes in some way. It's as if my car is on black glass! I should mention, BTW, that it is in November, the temperature is approximately thirty two degrees Farenheit, and it is raining. This, coupled with lag, means my car crashes into everything and the game keeps lagging, so even when I am in control, I still crash into things. Even with all the Mods and the special Advanced Map, I never experienced any lag like this, and I've noticed a lot of change in vehicle mechanics and behavior since the IWBUMS V40.14 version. (Namely, the positive benefits are that I can run over zombies more efficiently and vehicles cause more damage to zombies.) Is this Working As Designed, or have I encountered a bug? Thank you for any assistance you may render. -TURTLESHROOM
  5. Hi, I'm on the most recent IWBUMS but I had this same issue on the stable version. Whenever I right click, it brings up a menu as usual. Unfortunately, usually the top option on the menu is unclickable. This won't let me place sheets or do anything requiring the use of the first option when right-clicking. When I attempt to click the first option, nothing happens, and the game starts to get massive FPS drop. Windows 7 SP3, Scaling disabled on High DPI (it was a workaround until the IWBUMS update)
  6. Alright so I started hosting a server on a friends server Virtual Machine, I edit the server with windows remote desktop but enought about that. My issue is that in the game I and my friend have 15 ping (friend) 40 ping (me) but the zombies just stand still and move little even when you sprint, like they are lagging alot but without moving much. And they also phase in and out of existance, like I look at a zombie and the next second it disappears, and then appears again and so on. And the zombies are extremely hard to kill, i guess not hard to kill but when you hit them they get knocked back, and are knocked back like that for about 40 sec and then they fall on the ground, and take 20 hits to kill. Does anyone know how to fix this? Server specs:(Not all resources are used on my virtual machine) OS: Windows Server 2008 R2 Standard CPU: Intel Xeon CPU 2.13 GHz RAM: 6 GB (Can be boosted to 12GB since it's a virtual machine,) Internet: 1Gigabit per second (Can be boosted to 10Gigabit per second, not kidding)
  7. Hi, I use a WD Green drive to store all my games and it seems that Project Zomboid in particular doesn't play well with it. I experience heavy stuttering 5-10 minutes into gameplay, and according to Task Manager, it's because my HDD is stuck processing read/write requests - literally stuck on 100% activity while PZ is running, particularly when I'm loading unexplored areas of the map. I moved the PZ installation to my Samsung Evo 830 SSD, but that didn't help; my WD was still bottlenecking, presumably because the game is constantly writing to the save file in Users/<user>/Zomboid which is also on my WD Green. The temporary solution appears to be to not use a "green" drive, which is known to cause issues with games and gaming. However, I would appreciate it if in a future update you gave players the option to change the location of their savegame data, or if you could find a way to reduce the amount of small read/writes needed to eliminate the issue entirely.
  8. So me and my friends have been getting horrible lagspikes on MP on build 30.12. Is this a build issue or server side or client side problem? I don't have a SP problems. Please help
  9. Hy everyone Before i tell you what i think i just want the devs and all of the ones involved in the development of the game that your going good... your simply doing what i think its THE BEST FREAKING GAME EVAAAR ... Im with you almost since the beggining of the playablbe versions, dont remember wich thou... but for a few years ... Now what this post is about... The biggest and only game breaker to me at the moment (knowing that the game is still beta...) is the Lag... I hate it XD i hate it too much XD Everytime I play, doesnt matter the server, it will lag or have lag spikes, and the Zs will teleport, and I will dioe or get scratched or just get locked in the dark wall ... and I quit for a few days, until I comeback and play again, because i love the freaking game ... It isnt my computer or internet connection because i have good ones for the game. So my questions are: Is the lag gonna disappear? What is beeing made to fix this issue? For me, in all the ignorance i have in making games, this is the main problem as a player Not a suggestion but a question
  10. Hey everyone, So I got my server set up, figured out the escoteric arcana that is the soft reset process, went public, and have managed to (mostly) keep this boat afloat. Now I'm starting to wonder about server optimization - but the first obstacle I'm encountering is that I have NO idea what kind of performance I should even be expecting from this jalopy. When I talk to other players / server admins about what kind of performance is possible with this game given my current setup, I get widely varied answers. Nobody really seems to have a clue. So I'm starting this thread with two objectives in mind: 1) I'd like it if other admins who have managed to get a server successfully running for a week or so to post their setup / performance here so that we can zero-in on some answers? 2) I wish to ask if anyone knows of any methods to optimize performance and/or can anyone think of any obvious mistakes that would adversely affect lag? Here's what I am running - Cores: 6 Memory: 16 GB (85% of which is allocated to project-zomboid-dedi-server.sh) OS: Linux Debian 7 Cost: ~$100/month Location: US, Chicago VPS hosted by NuclearFallOut. Here's the performance I'm getting - 0-10 players: Lag is good. You can tell it's not single player, but there is (largely) no glitchy behavior. Zed's rarely phase; when they do, it's only for a split second, and normal gameplay resumes immediately after. 10-15 players: Lag is noticable. Second or two of delay when talking in global chat. Zombies phase left and right to the point of no longer presenting a risk to players. 15+ players: Lag is unplayable. 2-3 seconds of delay when talking in global chat. Zombies phase so much most players can run right through a horde and be unaware that they are even there. Even trying to follow another player is pretty difficult to do. It's pure farm-simulator and Minecraft builder with this many people on, because zed's are pretty much non-existant. So! Anyone have any suggestions / feel like posting their own setup?
  11. I didn't see this specifically in my search so forgive me if I missed something that's already planned or constantly talked about. I have a couple of ideas about minimizing server lag 1: Create a "maximum dead zombies rendered", where the oldest zombies (and their related blood spatter, and effects) are deleted, minimizing the rendering of objects, ground inventory, and related loading at one time. 2: Create a map cleaning interface to manually remove dead zombies, blood effects and such. Anyway, it's too early in the morning, I haven't had my coffee. Would love to hear other ideas about this.
  12. Trig10

    Slow Motion

    I don't know if this is lag or not but the game is acting like as if its in slowmotion. grabbing items and everything isn't in smowmotion but moving and doing actions is. can anbody help me with this? Ive seen other people play the game on twitch without the slowmotion but all my friends on steam have it to. I personally don't think its lag but that's just my opinion.
  13. I don't have a great computer, probably below average in fact. However on the Desura build my CPU usage would rarely climb above 45% but in the steam beta build it regularly pushes 85-95 with not a single zombie in sight. A pretty basic overview of my specs: Sorry for all the problems, I realize this is an alpha game and not everything is going to be perfect over night. I just really appreciate the work you developers and moderators put forth on such a quality game. oh and if you need anything else from me let me know, thanks.
  14. Hey.. It could be me, but I'm running the game. (Tried both 64 Bit and 64 Bit Compatibility.) And I'm getting some frame-rate issues, and lag. I use ZSpawn and it seems to lag even worse when I pull that menu up. Methinks it may be the graphics? Could it? I dunno.. If you need my specs, ask. Running Windows 7, 64 Bit.
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