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Found 9 results

  1. I've been having a pretty regular issue while playing the game as of late. During sorting from my inventory to a container, or vica versa, the game will freeze and the screen will go black. The program becomes unresponsive, and I'm forced to open the task manager to regain control of my system. The status in task manager is still "Running", however if I try to go back into the game, it strobes between an image of my desktop and a black screen. I've left the program both before and after opening task manager to see if the game would work itself out, but it either stays on the blacks screen or the strobing screen. The only way to close the program is to kill it with the task manager. Upon reopening the game, It will have saved at the point of freezing, or within the previous five real time minutes before. Computer Specs in photo included.
  2. How does the idea of "Zombie Traps" sound? I believe that it would open lots of new features, ideas, gameplays and much more potentials for the gameplay. Some of my ideas would be: Bear traps ( A trap that could either work for big animals such as Deers ( if they get implemented in the future ), bears etc or either as a zombie trap to immobilize them or even wound the zombie and making it walk slower. Spikes Pit Fall Boulder Trap These are some ideas of mine. What do you guys say? Do you like the idea ? Let me know and opinions are welcomed!
  3. I always hate leaving loot behind, and seems the things left are always the flatware. Craft the flatware reinforced bats by nailing three pieces of flatware onto the tip of the bat with six nails and the hammer (only the vanilla hammer, maybe I should add my mod hammers.) The new reinforced bats stats are between the regular bat and the nailed bat. Pictures coming soon of recipes.. DOWNLOAD: Main Download (PZ-Mods) || Mirror Download (My Dropbox Link)
  4. My fellow zombie killers, PZ is a great game. The risk of getting an infection from a scratch even when you are geared up and cleaned most of the map is always keeping you on your toes. The hardest part of the zomboid is the beginning of a new game. With no decent weapon, low weapon skills and no pre-cleaned corner to back up can seal the deal even on your first day. Using fire to clean an area was a viable method, before the IWBUMS branch hit build 31, example https://www.reddit.com/r/projectzomboid/comments/2a78he/i_love_the_smell_of_burnt_zeds_in_my_first/ As you see, fire did a quick work of a horde in previous versions. You could even loot the corpses after the fire was over. But the change; Build 31 -> Reduced a lot the dmg of fire on zombies has made this approach obsolete. In my current tryouts, zombies take minimal damage from fire. I've even seen ones burning, went to a 6 hour nap, went to check and seen them still standing there, burning Also in earlier builds, finding a frying pan or rolling pin did save your life. Unfortunately, those weapons are not "that" good in the new versions, because of the new skill/stamina system and zombie behaviour. Build 30.12 -> Zombies now clump together into groups more. In other terms, zombies now not only react to the player made sounds, but also to the other sounds zombies make. The sounds they make while chasing you, when detecting you, and while being killed by you can quickly gather a horde around. A group of 2-3 zombies can easily ruin your first day, if you are not wielding an axe / nailed bat. The hard-part here is; while dealing with multiple zombies, you cannot deliver high-damage ground hits, simply because there is always some zed on their feet chasing you. And longer the process goes, more zed are attracted to the point. So, with the fire out of the question, and the inferior swing weapons (plank, nailed plank, frying pan, hammer, baseball bat) not closing the deal fast and effective enough, what to do? The answer is; butter knife, kitchen knife, screwdriver and hunting knife These weapons are risky weapons to use indeed. They have no knockback, even inferior damage compared to swing weapons. But they have an alternative attack, called in the game code as ** "CloseKillMove = Jaw_Stab" **. This is an instakill move, and performed appropriately, is even more effective then wielding an axe in the beginning of the game (low skills, low stamina). Long story short, here is my "how to" and "rules of engagement" while using those closekill weapons. 1-) Stand still, hold aim. Let the zombie approach you. When the zombie attack animation begins (the zombie head will bob towards you) , hit your attack key while facing the zombie. DO NOT MOVE BACK, AND ONLY ONLY ONLY BEGIN YOUR ATTACK AFTER THE ZOMBIE STARTED TO ATTACK YOU. There is a half a second window you need to attack, before you take damage. Check your health panel afterwards. When correctly performed, you stab before the attack is complete, and you shouldn't be damaged (health=OK). After you get the hang of it, you can start to practice on multiple adversaries or while on the move (move in & stab). Thick skinned and construction worker (previous versions) will help you during your practices. 2-) Kitchen knife = approximately 15-20 zombie kills, butter knife = 5-6, screwdriver = 50-70 and hunting knife = 150-200. Plan your cleaning accordingly. 3-) When engaging multiple adversaries, do not attempt to stab unless there is "at least 1 body length distance between adversaries". That distance will allow you enough time to prepare for the next zed in the queue. 4-) Do not sneak in and stab one, if there is another zed next to it. Instead, try to seperate them by your footstep sounds, or getting yourself in the desired target's cone of vision. 5-) Beware of the change of motion speed some zombies have. While walking towards you, they may raise their hands towards you and have a speed burst. This type of zombie can catch you off guard, if they are next in the queue. If you are not sure about the following zed's speed, try to have at least 2 body length distance between adversaries. 6-) In some point, you'll have 2-3 zeds clumped together, and they have the same movement speed. In this occasions, try to seperate them. Jam them around a tree to slow some of them down, get close and check if one of them is the "arms ready to grab, speed burst" type, sneak around the corner of a house and approach from the other side. Usually, letting them chase you a bit will spread them in a nice, stabbing queue. 7-) Another tactic may be equipping your swing weapon with "1" key, take a swing to pushback / knock down some of them, in order to seperate groups. You can equip your stabbing weapon back with "3" key and contine the fun. 8 ) Collect every butter knife, kitchen knife, screwdriver and duct tape you can. Hunting knives are very rare. You cannot repair screwdrivers. You can repair kitchen knives using duct tape. Only repair when the kitchen knife is broken (for max durability restoration), and do not repair a knife 3rd time, if you are not desperate. 9-) Feel free to ask anything if you didn't understand something I've mentioned here. English is not my native language, so there may be some grammar issues TL;DR: Common blunt weaponry lack the effectiveness to deal with zeds in the beginning. With a little practice, results of using butter, kitchen, hunting knives and screwdrivers with "closekillmove" is an effective and easy to reproduce method. Note to game producers: We need some craftable/forageable Jaw_Stab weapons. A wooden stake comes to mind PS: I made a mod that adds crude stake, wood stake and fire hardened stakes in the game. Feel free to try/give feedback or suggestions about it Link updated for my wooden stakes mod. Here you go! http://theindiestone.com/forums/index.php/topic/13355-wooden-stakes/
  5. In any zombie situations, it's not like you can't sneak up on zombies and slit their spines from the back with a knife, or hack at the head with a sharp weapon. So why not tweaking the detection of zombies so they are less likely to detect behind them at a low chance of hearing whoever walks behind them? At the moment, zombies are like the 'end all, should be avoided' foes that players like them to represent... But all I see are dumb corpses that just outpace a regular human... If the human was stupid that is. 1 Kitchen knife to the spine is all you need to kill a zombie, the neck may have a bone, but it only guards mainly the frontal side of the body, and the spinal cord is on the backside, covered by muscles and tissues. A nicely sharpened kitchen knife can cut through the spine with no issue. The resulting slice, even if it doesn't cut the nerve endings, will severely damage the spine and due to you cutting the muscles to get to it, will collapse the head on it's spine and kill the zombie anyways or at least disable it from functioning. So a 'backstab' mechanic would be useful and can be used to critically kill a zombie in one strike, but less effective with smaller trash weapons like forks and butterknives. Heck, simply stabbing at the back of the neck with a kitchen knive will severely damage the spine, then yanking the knife out would tear the flesh along the blade. The red area would most likely be inside the skull, so the neck would be the purple area. EDIT: The bones of the spinal cord is there, and it's a tube, but since the spine is flexible, it means the a human has 31 'separate' bones with a tube in the middle, meaning it's possible to get a kitchen knife to stab between one. But the back of the neck is the weakest point as there can be no bones there.
  6. "Say Hello To My Little Friends" Bugs so far: Ammo is lost on conversion if it is loaded. Infinite durability because of conversion. Coming Soon (In order of me doing it): Durability to remove the infinite on conversion issue. Mod compatibility for more whipping. Swing sprites. Fix losing ammo on conversion issue. It's my habit not to include instructions on how to use my mods, until people figure out how to use them . Thank you Pezi for your feedback. *TIPS* Firearms now have a safety switch, which will jam upon activation.Unjam the safety switch with a screwdriver and hammer, a rather long process.During the unjamming, you will need to clean your weapon with a dish or bath towel.The blunted sawn-off shotgun can be used like a knife in close quarter combat.The blunted shotgun can be crafted with ripped sheets or belts and knives for some ass-whooping. DOWNLOAD: Main Download (PZ-Mods) || Mirror Download (My Dropbox Link)
  7. I've noticed characters aren't screaming or anything when they're in agony. They bleed a lot and stuff, but they aren't screaming. Should they be? EDIT: I've now updated the poll to portray whether you think text or sound should play during a scream!
  8. Was thinking it would be cool to have a new tag for knives and other small hand-held weapons that would work in a similar fashion like the jaw stab tag for knives, but would force the weapon downward, killing crawlers in one shot, like the jaw stab move.
  9. What is a Swedish Fork Knife?: These ergonomically designed Swedish Kitten knives feature stainless steel blades and provide good balance that gives the arm, wrist and hand a neutral and relaxed working position. The design increases leverage in cutting, utilizing the power of the whole arm and conserving energy, thus making it easier to use for those with a weak grasp and/or reduced hand strength. The Swedish Fork Knife is multipurpose knife with a two prong fork-like tip and a serration on half the blade. Few blades can cut through the thin skin of tomatoes as the 4.5 inch long blade of the Fork Knife. Excellent for food preparation and dining. Weighs 3 3/8 oz. What does a Swedish Fork Knife Look Like?: The stats are my interpretation of the knife, trying to be realistic (at least in my opinion). Spawns rarely considering how much damage it can do. Using Vanilla textures for now. DOWNLOAD: Main Download (PZ-Mods) || Mirror Download (My Dropbox Link) If you can't find it in-game, or just want to test it out. Here ya go. Put This in your "PZ/media/lua" folder. Press F6+K to give yourself one in-game. Mirror Download (My Dropbox Link) INSTALL MOD: Copy the "mods" and "media" folder from the mod zip file into your Project Zomboid game directory, don't worry it won't replace anything (unless on Mac), it will just add the mod file into your "mods/scripts" and "media/lua" directories.
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