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Found 7 results

  1. 41.64 Multiplayer Host No. Reproduction steps: Just driving a car, I don't really exactly know, but while driving the character will sometimes just remove the key and refuse to start the car (I think it happens most often after motor dies) I've seen this happen a couple of times in my multiplayer server with my friends where the car will not start moving. Sometimes it's just due to engine failure, but I've noticed that when you try to start the car again, they key disappears from the keyhole and even when you put it in, the character doesn't rotate it and the car just can't start until you step out and in or after a couple tries of rotating the key.
  2. Middle mouse button (as well as other additional mouse buttons) are ignored in they key binding. I have to remap them to other keyboard buttons for them to be usable.. it's silly. You already have shift+ and other combinations possible in the "accessibility" menu, why not unify it and just make shift+*/alt+*/ctrl+* bindable in the key binding menu, the game has enough actions and menus for this to be possible. For example I'd bind alt+1...5 for info/skills/health/protection/temperature. Also why isn't construction/deconstruction a bindable button?
  3. Good evening. In my most recent "Zomboid" game, I accidentally jumped out of my running vehicle by pressing the "E" key and was unable to get back in, despite pressing it again and despite the green square being highlighted. I popped out of the car by pressing "D". Consequently, the zombies that I mowed over devoured me, and I committed an act of Save Scumming because of the accident. Restarting the game at my last back up, I showed up back in my base and walked to where the vehicle was. It was there, but the key I had left in the ignition was not present. It vanished. I am using the latest "I Will Back Up My Save" branch on Build Forty-One. Thank you for any assistance you may render in future updates. Warm regards and bodies, -TURTLESHROOM
  4. Hey All, I really need a good description of how the keys work in-game. I am currently developing buildings for a map, but if I was to create a building like a Hotel... how would the keys work? When creating a building like a hotel in BuildingEd, you would create as one building... so would one key open all the doors? I ask because my expectation would be that 1 Key opens one door... Other wise all hotel keys are Master keys and I need to move to Muldraugh hahaha My reference for asking is developing semi-detached or rows of houses, I don't want 1 key to open all the houses in a row, if developed as one building in BuildingEd. And the reason for wanting to develop them as one building is because it's hard to align them correctly in TileZed when using multiple buildings. As the buildings will overlap, overwriting the other buildings tiles. Thanks for any responses -TG
  5. Right now, keys don't have much use in single player with no NPCs (which is fine). However, its immersion breaking in how they work. Basically if you want keys to a house, you drag zombies into a house, (re)murder them, and check for keys. Repeat till you have all the keys that you want. I think a better way to handle keys would be through various hardware/retail stores. There should be lootable doorknob packages, which come with a doorknob + key combo. Now, the stores would also have blank keys and a key cutting machine. This should require no skill level to operate since most of them are pretty self explanatory, and even have instructions on them. They do require electricity to run though, so this is something you would need to plan ahead for. The blank keys could also be a very abundant loot, with tons of them on a keyrack next to the key cutter machine (make it a furniture container with 0 weight capacity, as if I recall keys weigh 0). Honestly, I see very few people wanting to run off with tons of blank keys in a zombie apocalypse, so this would make sense. You could make the key cutter machine an item like the portable generator, so if someone did want to take it, it would be difficult as you would have to carry it back to your base with both of your hands occupied. Now in multiplayer, this may cause some issues. What if some jerk just loots every key cutting machine and hauls it back to their base? What if you can't find a portable generator after the power is out? Well, hopefully you could rely on courtesy (why take the machine, when your only gonna need maybe 4 or 5 keys tops for you and friends?). But, to solve this issue somewhat, let high level metalsmiths / carpenters get access to a simple door knob and key recipe. So in the absolute worse case, they could make a simple lock at high levels with keys to go with it. Finally, one last thing is I think the door recipe should require a screwdriver + 4 screws. I also think that you should be able to change the locks from inside the door if you want to, without having to dismantle the whole door. If you have a doorknob, 4 screws, and a screwdriver, you should be able to swap out the doorknob. This would make a convenient way to change locks in the case that your safehouse becomes compromised, rather it be from a rude player or an NPC going crazy that you no longer desire staying in your stronghold.
  6. Now then fellow survivors. For a while now I've been recreating the village I grew up in, which mostly consists of semi-detached and terraced houses. As such, I've been building them in pairs or a big long row in the editor, rather than individual homes. Finally decided to create a mod to test it, realised how easy it was and got annoyed for not doing it earlier, but before long I had spawned in my childhood home. Awesome! However, as I had built both my neighbours house and mine as one, I could lock/unlock both front doors. Not the biggest crime in history I admit, but was wondering if there was something I was missing whilst creating. Is there a way to tell TileZed that there are numerous homes in one building and to spawn seperate keys? Or, do I need to create seperate buildings for each individual home and line them up in WorldEd? Either way, I'm happy. I'm not too far into making the houses as I've been focusing on gettng the pngs right. I can duplicate the buildings I have, split them in 2 and create side A and B. I'd just like to know before going on a building creation rampage and end up making more work for myself in the long run. Thanks for your time and to TIS for making Project Zomboid. It's pretty wizard.
  7. With the addition of Keys into the new build I think a nice addition to go along with it would be the ability to dismantle doors using a screwdriver and be able to retrieve all the hinges and door knobs. As with the current situation of destroying the door there is a chance that the door knob could be lost, rendering the key useless. I know that the problem with that is that technically a door is then made with screws, so would that require the need to add screws? In the long run I would say yes, but to be fair I have never had a door assembled with nails, or without a drill. Just saying To make it fair you could only dismantle a door from the inside, as most doors can only be dismantled from the inside. But don't make it 100% effective, instead it would just have a higher percentage of dropping. Since some things just break from age. The door can still break to planks like it does currently. This would be a safer option for base builders as it would give a higher chance of items, and it would allow people to take the door knob for a key that they just found, instead of not knowing what house the 5 keys you have go to. This would also give the screwdriver more use in the game.
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