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Found 1 result

  1. Hopefully someone can provide a quick answer to keep me from tearing my hair out! I've come back to PZ after a while and suddenly find my mods (mostly made by me, but some downloaded ones too) no longer work. I'm on the private beta "iwillbackupmysaves" (I think it's called) and the game displays "Build 19". Some mods, like NecroForge, work for me. But some, mostly start spawn or item adding mods, do "nothing", even though they have ids and show up to be activated/deactivated fine in the modloader. For example, I made the following quick mod for testing: BanjoCheatersLoadout = {}BanjoCheatersLoadout.GiveCheatersLoadoutItems = function() local player = getSpecificPlayer(0); local playerData = player:getModData(); playerData.HasBanjoCheatersLoadoutItems = playerData.HasBanjoCheatersLoadoutItems or "false"; if(playerData.HasBanjoStarterItemsCheat == "false") then player:getInventory():AddItem("Base.Axe"); player:getInventory():AddItem("Base.Hammer"); player:getInventory():AddItem("Base.Saw"); player:getInventory():AddItem("Base.Screwdriver"); player:getInventory():AddItem("Base.Torch"); player:getInventory():AddItem("Base.Battery"); player:getInventory():AddItem("Base.TinOpener"); player:getInventory():AddItem("Base.Lighter"); player:getInventory():AddItem("camping.CampingTentKit"); player:getInventory():AddItem("Base.BathTowel"); player:getInventory():AddItem("Base.WaterBottleFull"); player:getInventory():AddItem("Base.WaterBottleFull"); player:getInventory():AddItem("Base.TinnedSoup"); player:getInventory():AddItem("Base.TinnedSoup"); player:getInventory():AddItem("Base.TinnedSoup"); player:getInventory():AddItem("Base.Nails"); player:getInventory():AddItem("Base.Nails"); player:getInventory():AddItem("Base.Nails"); player:getInventory():AddItem("Base.Nails"); player:getInventory():AddItem("Base.Sheet"); player:getInventory():AddItem("Base.Sheet"); player:getInventory():AddItem("Base.Sheet"); player:getInventory():AddItem("Base.ShotgunSawnoff"); player:getInventory():AddItem("Base.ShotgunShells"); player:getInventory():AddItem("Base.ShotgunShells"); player:getInventory():AddItem("Base.ShotgunShells"); player:getInventory():AddItem("Base.BigHikingBag"); player:getInventory():AddItem("Base.Duffelbag"); playerData.HasBanjoCheatersLoadoutItems = "true"; endendEvents.OnGameStart.Add(BanjoCheatersLoadout.GiveCheatersLoadoutItems);This used to load fine in the old Steam build several months ago, but now loading it with the modloader does nothing; no extra items are added to inventory on starting a new game. Likewise, my 'start spawn' mods here (the product of days of coordinate research!) no longer "do anything" either; the default start locations are used. At first, I assumed (because I hit the issue with my start spawn mods first) that the game's code had been changed, and thus I'd just have to find out how to re-code my mod to make it work (likely because of the addition of West Point as a map option). But the fact that the above item spwaner mod doesn't work either makes me wonder if something is bugged instead/as well. Can someone confirm for me if there's a problem with my code (here and in my start spawn mods) and/or if they've had trouble with the new Steam beta not loading other such mods for them, too? I don't mind reworking my mods (if someone can point the way!) but I'd hate to spend days trying to fix them only to find out it was the beta itself that was bugged!
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