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Found 5 results

  1. If you cook a stew, eat any of it, but not all (1/4, 1/2, 3/4) and than create 4 bowls of stew the stew bowls will actually divide the original stew value and not the current one. For example if you make a stew with with 100 hunger and eat half ---> cooking pot of stew now has a hunger value of 50. Now if you make 4 bowls of stew each bowl will have a hunger value of 25, instead of 50/4 = 12.5. I haven't tested if the same happens for soup but it might just be the case. I just always cook stew in my game :D. This might be a duplicate but I couldn't find another post about it.
  2. Looking for some peeps who have been wandering around trying to find people to play coop with, I have a brand new server that can hold up to 8 people, its private so the general public cant just pop in and grief everything that everyone has worked hard to build. Voice will be required so everyone can communicate easier and ill have a teamspeak setup for easy access. If anyone's interested in joining me for surviving the zombie apocalypse leave a message down below. The server is based in Atlantic,Ga, I also have a few mods installed eceryone should know Hydrocraft plus a few others that add to realism and some just to help out like cremation to get rid of all those pesky bodies after a killing spree. This is an 18+ server, Im looking for a completely mature group to play with.
  3. Hi everybody ! I'm trying to setup a pz server on a Linux server (ubuntu 14.04) with this tutorial : http://theindiestone.com/forums/index.php/topic/5841-buying-running-a-linux-project-zomboid-server/ and I get an error at this step : ./steamcmd.sh +login mylogin mypassword +force_install_dir /opt/Steam/ "+app_update 108600 -beta iwillbackupmysave -betapassword iaccepttheconsequences" validate +exitreturn : ERROR! invalid password for beta 'iwillbackupmysave'I tried this in one single command-line, and parameter by parameter too, with the same result. Is there something that I missed ? Thanks for your help. Olivier
  4. Server Closed I need to put more ram into it, wasn't going to work very well with out more
  5. Posting this as a new topic to separate it from other questions... As noted in another thread, the new map selector system (Muldraugh or West Point) has broken my previous 'start spawn' mods. Understandable. My question is, what is the method to create new start spawns now? Previously, one did this: require "NPCs/MainCreationMethods"SpawnPointsFarmvilleBanjo = {}SpawnPointsFarmvilleBanjo.DoSpawnPoint = function() local spawnPoint = { {worldX=3, worldY=3, posX=154, posY=129}, -- Pony Roam-o Ranch {worldX=3, worldY=4, posX=214, posY=130}, -- Farm #2 (farmhouse) {worldX=3, worldY=3, posX=24, posY=124}, -- Farm Community House #1 {worldX=3, worldY=3, posX=173, posY=201}, -- Farm Community House #2 {worldX=3, worldY=3, posX=152, posY=256}, -- Farm Community House #4 {worldX=3, worldY=3, posX=68, posY=244}, -- Farm Community House #6 }; BaseGameCharacterDetails.spawnPoint.constructionworker = spawnPoint; BaseGameCharacterDetails.spawnPoint.fireofficer = spawnPoint; BaseGameCharacterDetails.spawnPoint.securityguard = spawnPoint; BaseGameCharacterDetails.spawnPoint.parkranger = spawnPoint; BaseGameCharacterDetails.spawnPoint.policeofficer = spawnPoint; BaseGameCharacterDetails.spawnPoint.unemployed = spawnPoint;endEvents.OnGameBoot.Add(SpawnPointsFarmvilleBanjo.DoSpawnPoint);... but now that won't work, because we need spawns dependent on Muldraugh or West Point start choices, right? I've tried tweaking it to add 'MuldraughKY', but can't get it working. Do we now need to just re-create the whole code chunk from MainCreationMethods as an 'overwrite', or is there a new form of the above that would work? Obviously, the BEST way to do a mod like this now would be to add a custom 'map' choice alongside Muldraugh and West Point (for example: "Dixie Mobile Park") that uses it's own custom spawn list without needing to override the normal one for one or both default maps, but I don't know if that's possible at all or not yet. If it is, does anybody know how? If not, what would be the new way to code/mod/change the spawn points for, say, West Point for ANY existing profession choice while a mod is activated?
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