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Found 9 results

  1. You saw the title. Main idea is to make radios actually have use instead of attracting hungry zomboids to your local bungalow. Airdrops would be a random event and could be a civilian aid airdrop, or a military aid airdrop. These would be announced over radio. This is a good idea because it would actually make radios and walkie talkies (such as the military HAM radio and the military walkie talkie) actually useful. This would make players keep a walkie talky on them at all times (on the belt) in the chance there's an airdrop called in somewhere to grab. You could also create some kind of zed story at these locations as well such as : Airdrop was taken before you could get there : military was ambushed by bandits at the airdrop : civilians went to the airdrop was ambushed by bandits or military, vice versa. This would be gold in multiplayer as gangs of players would compete for the airdrop in the chance of getting their group more powerful fire power.
  2. EDIT: This is still occuring in the newest IWBUMS version. The bug has been corroborated by other users as of October 2020 AD. I am submitting further information. Good evening. I am experiencing an odd situation on a custom Map. Now, one might say to oneself, "this is a Mod issue, take it there", but it isn't. The original author of the Map has confirmed the same bug in a game on his map without Mods. In the pictures attached, you will see the issue. In these specific classes of shelving furniture, the game is incapable of spawning anything except books. I searched in rooms marked "TOOLSTORE", "ELECTRONICSSTORE", "MEDCLINIC", "STORAGE", "GROCERYSTORAGE", "JEWELRYSTORE", and various other rare specilizations. Every single one of them spawn books. Only books. Every time. Despite this, I have seen other loot tableswork properly. In a room marked "STORAGEUNIT", I found a Baseball Bat and various tools inside both a filing cabinet and a desk. In those same kinds of places, the types of shelves pictured continue to spawn books, and only books. In the few instances where there are no books, I find empty shelves full of Plaster Powder and Concrete Powder, and five nails. I have never seen a Display Case producing anything but nails and Plaster Powder. It seems, based on what the makers of the Map I played on, that some classes of shelving are hard-coded to spawn ONLY books unless they are in one specific class of room. Some store shelves seem to spawn ONLY books UNLESS they are in an area marked as "GROCERY" or "GROCERYSTORAGE". Am I doing something wrong? Should I restart and run a custom Map, and only the Map, for testing? What governs loot spawning in shelves? Is it tied to the room, or to the shelf? I'm sick of books in my tool stores and electronic stores. Thank you for any assistance you may render. Warm regards and warm bodies, -TURTLESHROOM
  3. Good afternoon. I want to create a Recipe that allows you, if you have the required goods, to craft your own Sledgehammer (among other things). However, I am unable to find any of the Items, Recipes, or documentation of all the Vanilla rendition things you can gather in the game. Where, in the Steam Launcher Program's PZ folder, can I find what I need. Thank you for any assistance you may render. Warm regards and warm bodies, -TURTLESHROOM
  4. Good evening. In my most recent "Zomboid" game, I accidentally jumped out of my running vehicle by pressing the "E" key and was unable to get back in, despite pressing it again and despite the green square being highlighted. I popped out of the car by pressing "D". Consequently, the zombies that I mowed over devoured me, and I committed an act of Save Scumming because of the accident. Restarting the game at my last back up, I showed up back in my base and walked to where the vehicle was. It was there, but the key I had left in the ignition was not present. It vanished. I am using the latest "I Will Back Up My Save" branch on Build Forty-One. Thank you for any assistance you may render in future updates. Warm regards and bodies, -TURTLESHROOM
  5. Zombies that jump over small fences, burnt walls/windows, and anything that has furniture next to it will get pushed instead of kicked when they get on the ground. Some burnt walls dont dissapear when you are near them, kinda like the tall fences b4 the last update.
  6. So, I understand, that it takes time to fix everything, but it glad to know how yours deals are going on. And it possible to update a current build with bug fixed, that you already done? People could play more comfortable and test result of your fixex (fix can provide a new bug)
  7. yesterday i could play for a few minutes the build 41, a bit laggy but still okay with low specs, today i going to play but game crashes loading the game, i tried to reinstal, delete saves and nothing seems to work to me specs Win 10 64 bits i3 3120m Intel hd 4000 8Gb ram, 470 reserved for hw Thanks for any help Paste bin log
  8. Had a crash while driving a white van and another crash while driving a pickup i was using custom sandbox difficulty and if you need it i also got a twitch highlight of the first incident. Thanks for the fun update. despite it being experimental it's already a lot of fun.
  9. On the beta, there seems to be an issue with interacting with surroundings like the sinks and cabinets, my character faces the opposite direction. Click boxes for cars and lights are a little finicky aswell.
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