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Found 3 results

  1. ItemZed Scripts & Distribution editor. Welcome to ItemZed! ItemZed is a development and modding tool that is used to edit the contents of script modules (foodstuff items, weapons, recipes etc) and the distribution table that dictates where different in-game items can be found and looted on the map. Additionally, it loads texturepacks containing icons so you can change how things appear in-game. On top of the manual editing of data, there are options for the batch refactoring of large numbers of items and in-game objects. We h
  2. I'm working on a literature mod and one of the peskier problems i'm having with basic functionality is that the books dissappear after use. My desired functionality is: a, Book delivers benefit per page b. book stays in inventory when finished (like a skillbook). Its quite confusing sorting out how pz decides whether to consume the item in question or not. as before, the skillbooks do not have the replace on use (self) feature. Now i can go through and addkey addval pairs with replace on use and item.name, but this is time consuming. My real
  3. Hi all, Despite quite a bit of computer experience and time in PZ, i'm not really a modder, and never took to programming. That said, with the advent of the itemzed tool and a little spit and polish with the tutorials, I figure I should be able to get items in the game sometime this weekend. I'm going to blather on a bit about my project, and I'd be happy to field C&C or indicators of problems in scope, whatever. My project is to modify books, replacing the "book" consumable with a variety of different titles and page lengths and get the distribution and ratios set.
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