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Found 2 results

  1. Updated for Build 26 (SP & MP). How to install.Single player : as with any mod, put the waterPipe directory inside the mod folder of project zomboid and check "garden hoses" in the in game mod menu. When joining a server, desactivate the mod. Multiplayer (on both server and client computers) : The easiest way to install it is to place the media folder of the mod inside the project zomboid installation directory, saying yes to overwriting 2 files. - overwriting 2 files (rain barrels and takewater action). - I didn't find any other way to activate a mod, I may be missing something. - Obviously, don't activate the mod in game anymore. - To revert back, delete the mod files (or do a steam check integrity) What it does for farming.Plants with a pipe on the same square connected to a barrel will receive 1 water every 2 in game hours. You don't have to check them every day anymore, as long as you have water. Otherwise, refill your barrels. - It’s the same amount the plant lose every 2 in game hours, but not accounting for sunny days ( an additional - 0.1 water every 2 hours ). It may be necessary to check some plants after a lot of sunny days. Which means you HAVE TO water your plants the first time you plow, otherwise they’ll stay at level 0. If you don’t have enough water in your barrels for all plants within a cluster, only some will receive water ( always the same ones, so all may not die ). Plants will receive fertilizer if there are enough for all of them within the cluster ( both water and fertilizer ). - You can take your time pouring the fertilizer without fearing the trigger. - If you have 10 plants and want to fertilize all of them to level 3, add 30 fertilizer doses in total to the barrels of the cluster. They will be fertilized in 3*2 in game hours, unit by unit. During winter (october - january) plants will lose health if they are outdoor. What is does for rain barrel collectors.Barrel water level is averaged with all barrels within a cluster. - You will have the optimal refill when raining at all times. - Don’t connect a 40 unit barrel with a 100 unit one, you will lose all water above 40. Barrels are filled when connected to a piped source (sink and such). It’s a good idea to have one big cluster when water is still on. You can pour in / take water. - Water taken is proportional to item number of uses to fill. Water poured is proportional to item number of uses (with water). - Amounts of water taken/poured back/transferred are coherent among all items. - When taking water, you can interrupt the action, amounts will be coherent. - When pouring, as I didn’t implement it over time, if you interrupt it nothing happens; you have to see it through. You can pour in fertilizer. Please report any bug you encounter, but read the description before. Balance suggestions are welcomed too.Note : When picking pipes up, you need to pick up 10 to get a garden hose back. It's to avoid having plenty of garden hoses with 0.1 uses or less. It's kind of anoying when you need all of them and misplaced one, as you need to pick up 9 more ... will see if I can change that. The download link for build 26, SP & MP. or on PZ-mods. The old download link for build 23 (< build 25). Community update Change log. I hope you enjoy it, and my thanks to Robert Johnson for it's rain collector barrel and farming mod, Kyun.
  2. Originally I started this in the mod suggestion forum as a temporary "hey wouldn't it be nice if..." http://theindiestone.com/forums/index.php/topic/16106-farming-water-management-irrigation/ However the more I've thought about it I see it as a necessity for any long term ( more than 2 week game time ) setttlement / safe haven, while not breaking the z-realisim factor.
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