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Found 40 results

  1. BUILD 27 [sorry about the misleading title, i can't change it] tweaks the maximum carryweight to 9999. note: this doesn't increase the actual inventory capacity beyond '50'. it just allows you to walk around with heavy items and a full inventory. use "delete" key to spawn a void pack. this pack is a bit exploitive, use at your own risk. it allows you to carry an incredible amount of stuff before filling up to the '50' capacity. you can continue to fill the pack beyond the 50 capacity (i've tested it up to 100), but this will freeze your normal inventory. you won't be able to unpack food or other items from the pack into your working inventory for using on the go, but it works great for base moving. also, since it's exploitive (and may be changed in next update to not work), you will see negative numbers in your capacity indicator. maxweight.zip
  2. hi survivors ! i attached an image which is self explanatory i found particulary frustrating having to select every time the right slot/corpse/(bag) every time so why not implement this easy way to scroll through the inventory menù ?
  3. I know that I'm probably going to get a lot of flack for this, but I'm going to suggest this anyway. I think it was mentioned that Lemmy said that he didn't want to use a grid system in the game. However, I think it would help and even improve the game's current inventory and the weight system. Basically, in an example I'm putting up, you'd end up combining the inventory and health menus together to make it a little more smooth. You'd grab things from containers via popup grid. I know that this is the thing that everyone else is doing, but the thing is that it works. You wouldn't have to worry about the current weight system, as long as it fits onto the grid. This would also (potentially) make the crafting system more intuitive, rather then the current boring drop down menus.
  4. Dear PZ-Community, i am writing to you because in my humble opinion, the inventory ui could need a change. I like the way the game gets along in development, the features are already enough to name the game a "time sink" for me... and the best - it's very stable (for me)! The only thing which kinda annoys me is the way the Inventory is organized. I'm a collector and scavenger, organize them strictly in base but this is very time consuming in my opinion (i dont mean the times for unpack/drop etc., just the UI). The Inventory should be more "informative". tl;dr My Suggestions would be: add seperate Weight / Size tabs (sortable!)make name/category/weight/size tabs sizeable and/or hideablecount as prefix (avoids "trimming" with long itemnames) instead of suffix*optional/needs discuss* change "unpack" "drop" etc. buttons to icons (per opt-out maybe?) to clear space up for easier multiselect*optional/needs discuss* how about multiselect with checkboxes and a hotbar with buttons for unpack/drop? Thats for it, maybe you guys can come up with some additional ideas or shape the rough diamonds i dropped here kind regards, Okeer P.S: no native english speaker... sry for it //edit - thx, sry for repost
  5. Hi guys, so I wanted to get peoples feedback on the current inventory management system, what do you like about and what do you feel could be improved. I searched the forums to find an existing thread or something from the developers about this but was unable to find anything but apologies if I am covering old ground. So there are lots of parts of the current system I really like. The way bags work now is great, a rucksack on your back and potentially two more in each hand at the expense of weapons. It forces you into a choice which is always a good thing. I also like the hand/secondary set up for weapons and items, use a two handed axe or a knife and a torch, or you can even use the axe as a 1 hand weapon(although I feel the penalty to combat should be a bit higher for certain weapons than it is at the minute). Now the inventory container, I have a lot of trouble conceptualising exactly what that it. The hands and the bags yes, but what about the rest, are they pockets, are they strapped onto me? If I am carrying 1 bag, 1 backpack, 1 baseball bat, 200 nails in my pockets where exactly are the 4 cooking pots and the extra 3 baseball bats being stored? oh and did I mention its unseasonably hot so my character is running around with no shirt or trousers on ? While I understand its not exactly game breaking or important at the minute I feel in the long term it could be improved upon. Perhaps with the same treatment that the bags got, tool belt, gun harness, strap for the shotgun etc (all found/crafted/upgraded so you don't get them at the start). Crafting - I feel that is area is fine, I just wish that I would automatically use stuff in my bags without having to transfer them to my inventory first, it can be a bit tedious at times. Also I think I should be able to saw logs on the floor without having to pick them up. Maybe with the introduction of something like a shopping trolley/wheelie bin/wheelbarrow I could load up a number of planks and logs so I don't have to keep running back and forward to pick up X amount of logs/planks on mass construction projects, and if we want to get really convoluted we could construct some sort of crane/pulley system to construct upwards. Finally inventory management in my safehouse can be a bit of a ball ache. Maybe its my OCD of putting everything in its own place, but I can literally lose a day sorting my loot. Its not a very fun part of the game but I am not sure exactly what can be done about it. Maybe the ability to assign a container to a type and then have a button that auto unloads that type of item into said container? Other than that all I can think of is to slow down time when you are in your safehouse ( no zombies inside obviously) so you don't lose so much time, but this obviously wouldn't work in MP. Anyway this was just my thoughts on the current set up. What are your thoughts? And maybe when they are less busy the handsome dev's could blog about the direction of this, what they are happy with and what they feel could be improved upon. * Disclaimer - Its probably human nature but I feel I have concentrated on more what I feel could be improved upon as opposed to what is really good, and there is a lot that is really good.
  6. Something that occurred to me during my misadventures - Shouldn't we have the tools and knowledge of our profession when we start? So here are my suggestions for "in inventory on start" Police: Pistol 20 rounds of ammo Aim 2 Reload 1 Sprint 1 Security Pistol 20 rounds of ammo Baseball Bat Aim 1 Reload 1 Blunt 1 Park Ranger Big Hiking Bag Spade Bottle of Water Blunt 1 Farming 1 Lightfoot 1 Fire Axe Blade 2 Sprinting 1 Nimble 1 Construction Axe Saw Hammer Box of Nails Construction 2 Blade 1
  7. I've read about rework on the UI that will happen in the future, but there is one thing that might be (I think) easily added to what we have at the moment. Total inventory weight - the icon on left that allows one to enter into an inventory could potentially show information about current weight. That way at glance player would know after loading if he's ready to go scavenge or he holds a lot and was en route to the safe house. Weight of any container - when viewing the inventory and all accessible containers number on them could potentially show at glance if there is something interesting to loot there or not. Also backpacks would hint player why he's not allowed to move selected items to that baggage. Finding logs on the ground might prove to be even easier.
  8. Search-able Washing Machine and Dryer First off, before I go any further with suggesting anything here about them, are the Washer and Dryer planned to be search-able in the future? Also, will they be functional so long as the power is on? I would assume so, at least, as it makes sense (why include them at all, except for realism?) and would be no different, or difficult, to implement as searching an Oven or Cabinet. The same goes for using them, much like an oven; turn on, time passes, done washing/drying. The obvious question would then be, “What would be found inside either place?”. And, of course, the obvious answer would be, well, clothing; e.g. socks, sweaters, blouse, vests, pants, skirts towels, sheets, etc. And there is a chance that the cloth items in either one could be wet, perhaps because they had not yet turned on the machines when the world went to hell; If they are in the washer, there is a possibility chance – say 70% wet, 30% dry – that they will be damp/wet already.Things in the washer would, most likely be dry, but still a chance they are not – perhaps 10% wet, 90% dry. However, a new question becomes, what non-obvious items could be found in there but still make sense? Well, some things may still be washed that are not clothes – such as hiking bags, pillows, shoes, etc. - are possibilities. There are also things that might be left in pockets - like lighters, pens, pencils, band-aids, pills, tissues, cigarettes, and so one. Even the random, currently useless junk – rings, lipstick, wallet, blah-blah - could likely be found in there. You get the idea. Really, the possibilities are just as random, varied, and as likely as finding stuff in any other place, within reasonable realms of “realism”. I am just wondering if this is planned, since I could find nothing about it in my search through the forums, in the "Commonly Suggested" topic, or online. If you know where it's mentioned, please post a link; I don't like suggesting stuff unnecessarily. Thanks.
  9. Hello everybody! Please don't judge me for my english and drawing skills The picture(which i found on the internet and added some things) shows: 1. Main inventory(holders for the knife and bat, pistol holster). 2. Your pockets and bag or "big hiking bag" if you insist. It can be on your secondary hand, on the back or both(as is done now). The Suggestion on the picture: 1. Gives you quick access to your weapons just like in real life. You can just drag knife or bat (or other weapon you can find and put in your main inventory) to hand, smash zombie head or maybe carve fish and animals with your knife. 2. To open the inventory you need to click on the pocket/bag. Menu pops up and shows your loot. 3. You don't need to keep crafting ingredients in your "box". 4. Pocket opens quickly. But it needs time to open your bag. More about pockets: 1. When you start a new game, all you have is your clothes with some pockets. And maybe a little bag or not. 2. There are different sizes of pockets. Lets say small, medium and large. 3. Not all loot can be put in your pocket. Example: you can't put camping tent in your jeans 4. There are a different clothes which might have different number of pockets. I understand that it needs a lot of work to put this idea into reality. But inventory is very important thing in games like this. I guess that's all. Hope you liked it.
  10. Fix the inventory system a little bit. It only needs a minor tweek. If I pick up 3 pistols, they automatically get stacked even when 1 is Equipped. If I push R it will reload the pistol that is equipped. But If I'm reloading by using the inventory menu I am not sure which gun is getting reloaded. With pants it becomes a difficulty to figure out how to get the right color of pants on, and which pants I am ripping up into bandages. All because of the stack system. So basically allow for equipped items not to stack onto an item of the same type. Anything equipped should appear seperately from stacked items. This also becomes a big problem when I want to drop weapons that are at condition Zero. I had 3 golf clubs in my inventory the equipped one was worn out. I had to drop all of them, couldn't drop 1 at a time. From there I had to pick one up at a time, to avoid getting the condition 0 golf club. A game is hard because of the game play, not because of the interface between the game and the person. People don't generally have to jump through hoops to throw an item away or equip an item in real life unless they have down syndrome. I don't really care if it's a list inventory or box inventory, or sandbox inventory (items are freely moved in a backpack to random positions). Just so long as I can equip and unequip the items I need and know what is going on. Sure you can understand it, but I would hope you want people to have fun playing, not get annoyed.
  11. I'd like to edit the starting carry weight/capacity for my own personal enjoyment. Is there a LUA file that I can edit which will allow me to modify the carry weight?
  12. Description I am new to coding and this is my first real post, i am unsure if other people have been having this issue but when ever i open the inventory panel all the things that use a Condition bar are always messed up and not aligned with the actual item, this fixes that. i hope this gets to Lemmy or one of the Devs. because it is an easy fix and they can incorporate this into the new patch, which makes it a lot easier for me because then i don't have to keep on updating the Code So here you go! [] - [] condition bar alignment fix.zip [] condition bar alignment fix.zip [] condition bar alignment fix.zip *remember this is a fix not a mod, so you install it the way you use to before you got version PM me if you have any ideas, fixes, or updates that i should do.
  13. Heyho, I've created another tutorial over at pz-mods.net which explains how to use inventory context menus. How to create Inventory Context Menus It especially shows you how to differentiate between single items, stacks and multiple stacks of items. Hope it helps! P.S.: http://thecodinglove.com/post/47120159615/when-my-code-works-on-the-first-try
  14. I really like the current inventory system, but the potential is not fully utilized. In this thread, I want to tell you, what bothers me about the current system and what has occurred to me, to make it more realistic and interesting. And yes, I know, that this is an Alpha-Game! What bothers me a bit: Everyone, who plays PZ, knows that each object has only one value. This value has no special weight marking like kg, lb or something else, but this is not a big problem. I was once told that this value is actually a combination of weight and bulkiness. And the minimum amount is only 0.1. This causes no problems until now, but I will come back to it. The second thing is, that backpacks / bags reduce the weight-value of the items inside it. This should not be a function of bags, since it is not realistic. Bags should only increase the load capacity. [Take three bricks in your hands. Now put them in a backpack and lift it high with both hands.You will notice that you feel no weight reduction.] The only weight reduction should work for items that are worn directly on the body, so clothing. Nothing else. Another thing is, that the value for the load is constantly 6-10 (more with trait strong). What I want to say is, that you shouldn't be able to carry items, if you are naked. Without clothes, you should be able to carry objects only in your hands. Only clothes with pockets and bags increase your carrying capacity. A small addition to criticism is the lack of strict division of the number of items. Example: 1x nails, 1x plank, 1x bucket, 1x carrots, 1x peas, 1x shotgun shell.... I hope, you know what I want to say. Each item should occur singly, even if it is super tiny. But it is not important to show just one item with the item-icon. Improvement and Expansion Proposals: First you need to take the value of each individual object and convert it into a realistic weight. Without calculating the bulkiness. No matter what weight is taken, it is important that the value is at least in the three-digit decimal field. The second new value of each object represents the bulkiness. So how much space an object occupies. It should also be in the three-digit decimal field. Both values can individually ensure that your character is overloaded. But the bulkiness affects not quite as strong on overloading. My suggestion: - weight: effects on overload 100% - bulkiness: effects on overload 75% The third value is the capacity of the container/bags/backpacks and also for hands and clothes with pockets. Thus, each "normal" item has two values and each container has three values. Important for containers is only the bulkiness of the items, which are put into it. A massive object has a greater bulkiness, as a narrow, small or flat object. As an example, a pillow would have a quite large bulkiness, whereas, a hammer has a much lower bulkiness. On the other hand, although short and thin, the hammer would have a higher weight. ---------- Let me just explain something before I continue. Since last year, when I started with the Addiciton Mod, there was and is one small thing, which bother me. Really not worth mentioning, but perhaps a good example for now. If you find cigarettes, you will always find 20 cigarette packs with one cigarette inside. Actually, the symbol with the item-name should express that you will find a pack of 20 cigarettes. But if you want to loot all cigarettes, you realize that you're taking 20 packages (if you only paying attention to the icon). I thought to myself: Does this mean, that I consume an entire pack of each smoked cigarette? I've created some items like self-rolled cigarette, tobacco packs and so on, but my planned system doesn't work like I wanted. At that time there were no pockets or bags, what made the implementation more difficult. But let's say, you implement now a cigarette package as a portable container in the current version. What would you do, that you can put cigarettes(0.2), nails (0.1), seeds(0.0) and other tiny stuff in it, but no empty waterbottles (0.1)? Unfortunately, there is no realistic way in the current system. --------- In order to make this contribution not extremely long, I will now explain my proposed system with the cigarette pack. (estimated values in metric system) The cigarette pack: Weight: 30-40 grams Bulkiness("volume"): 60 Capacity: [max.Bulkiness - 1%] 59,4 (the max. Bulkiness is the value, if the container is completely full. A soft bag has a lower bulkiness, because it can be folded, when it is empty.) One cigarette: Weight: 1-2 grams Bulkiness: 2,85 One nail: Weight: 2-4 grams Bulkiness: 0,8 One carrot seed: Weight: ~0,05 grams Bulkiness: 0,08 One empty water bottle: Weight: ~80 grams Bulkiness: 180 Capacity: 178,2 Now you find a cigarette pack with 20 cigarettes inside. 20 * 2,85 = 57 So the pack has still 2,4 capacity. Not enough for one more cigarette or an empty water bottle, but enough for three nails or 30 seeds. --------- One more thing: Container needs two boolean values. 'water container yes/no' / 'solid items yes/no' Little suggestion beside: Plastic and paper bags wear out very quickly, if you have they constantly full. They should wear out with time. Faster when it is full. This is my suggestion for the inventory system. I think it is not too complex and brings some more variety and realism into the inventory system. I hope, I don't forget anything. Edit: The longer we wait, the less likely we can change the old system.
  15. Heyyy fellow Zomboids, probably not the right place to put this butttttt.... Is there a Developers Console or an Inventory Editor for Project Zomboid? Just wondering so I may make things a tiny bit easier..
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