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Found 8 results

  1. When i play Latest IWBUMS player 1 and player 2 field of view (visible tiles) overlap each other causing a flickering effect ,only happens when both players are close to each other, and walls cuts are in both screens when one player stand close to the wall
  2. Project Zomboid should have its own game-exclusive cursor because I have a custom cursor and it just doesn't fit too well. I'd hate to change my cursor just for the sake of not having it distract me during game but I feel as if it would be really easy to just add a cursor in-game so that I don't have my multicolored out of place cursor distracting me in game. Also it could be made so that it could be turned off so that people could use their own cursors from their desktop. But please make a cursor that's just for the game.
  3. I think it's time to change the Mods menu in the game, since there are already too many mods. Here is an example of what I would like to see. Convenience to menu: Search system for the name and tags. You can see small screenshots (previev) (to change the image, click the arrows) Plenty of room to describe the modification. ====RU==== Я думаю, пора изменить меню Модов в игре, так как модов уже слишком много. Вот пример того, что я хотел бы увидеть. Удобства нового меню: Система поиска по названию и тегам. Можно посмотреть небольшие скриншоты (превью) (для смены изображения жмем стрелки) Много места для описания модификации. Ну и вы ребята явно чтото предложите разработчикам.
  4. is it possible to get the delete button moved over a bit on the multiplayer server page? i managed to accidentally delete a server i was playing on with friends instead of joining due to the closeness of the buttons (mouse slipped). so instead of being where it is below just move it to the left a bit so its more central.
  5. If you click and hold down your mouse on "Overall Body Status" on the health screen, you can drag the character display anywhere you want.
  6. Hi, I'm on the most recent IWBUMS but I had this same issue on the stable version. Whenever I right click, it brings up a menu as usual. Unfortunately, usually the top option on the menu is unclickable. This won't let me place sheets or do anything requiring the use of the first option when right-clicking. When I attempt to click the first option, nothing happens, and the game starts to get massive FPS drop. Windows 7 SP3, Scaling disabled on High DPI (it was a workaround until the IWBUMS update)
  7. Gotta love all those sturdy sticks laying in my yard...
  8. hi survivors ! i attached an image which is self explanatory i found particulary frustrating having to select every time the right slot/corpse/(bag) every time so why not implement this easy way to scroll through the inventory menù ?
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