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Found 3 results

  1. So in the recent mondoid the devs said they are trying to make the world seem lived in/ liveable. So I thought on this while playing my SP character. I realised that my character wasn't able to physically sit down on a chair/sofa or lie down on a bed. To me, I think it makes my character look more like, you know a game character rather than an actual person. I enjoy thinking of my char as an actual person . It seems to me like this should be brought in and fits with what the mondoid said (sort of). I thought on it a bit more yesterday and came up with a few things I would like to see added. The ability for my character to physically sit in a chair/sofa. The ability for my character to physically lay in bed, and getting into bed before sleeping. Being able to read a book while sitting down. Reading standing up for several hours seems strange to me. Maybe a Comfort/Relaxed moodle. being relaxed would help ease pain of some injuries like fractures and leg injuries. Plates! Would love to make my character sit down at the table and eat of a plate with a knife and fork (as zeds casually knock on my windows). I also thought that maybe if you had the sleepyhead trait, you could accidentally fall asleep for a random amount if hours. Chairs made my carpentry level 4 would not be as comfy as chairs made from carpentry level 9, which makes sense. Hygiene could also be added. wearing the same clothes all the time etc. and getting covered in blood wouldn't exactly make me happy. perhaps being dirty could affect the characters mood and make him sad? In theory just stuff that makes the character seem like a person rather than just another character
  2. I know this isn't facey book but like this if you got the Joke in the title Any back to business. I've briefly pointed this out in another STD...I mean SGT and I told you I would make a post about this later on, so enjoy and make some comments about this. (I'm sorry for saying that I will not post a suggestion today but got to excited anyway...) I've been playing this game for far too long with fallout 3 Interactions/animations that my character holds against every little thing he stuffs in his mouth, opens up or basically does. I hate the feel that some creepy ghost is my characters best friend who opens doors for him, eats his food and holds all his stuff, SERIOUSLY. They developers have time to make the character hold weapons but can't even have a backpack on to hold them. I've hated this since morrowind and fallout 3, but at least for fallout 3 had an excuse. I literal pretended that my lone wanderer had shrunk and turned every thing he had into energy which he held inside his pip - boy. I mean come on, the developer's have time to make animations for hoping inside houses and opening windows but don't even have a believable inventory system. Please all you would have to do is make every inventory increased item the same sprite and have it placed on his back like Joel's (the last of us). ive loved this game even without this and would even love it more with this. Don't forget about the food. Even in mine craft (which is a pixalated game) had the time to make eating animations. I would love your character to actually pull out some whiskey and drink it or pull out a soup and scoop it into his mouth. This game has so much potential and so much to fill in that it should be essential to have interactive animations. thanks for reading and hoped you injoyed this post. very small one i know but who gives a dam. this is Tsukune Aono logging out (not literally).
  3. As it is at the moment, MP worlds forces players to find weapons in containers as they can barely kill a zombie, let alone a horde. Sure later builds would give players starting random profession kits, but this is mostly about surviving off the wilderness. But why can't we grab branches off of trees to carve into weapons? Why can't we pick up rocks (yet)? Forage the ground for seeds or 'insects' of the like (to eat or use as bait)? Right Clicking should be a vital function for wilderness based survival... Without or without zombies, players should be able to interact with the world without tools, but tools would make it more efficient. Farming for example... You could dig using your hands and the heels of your shoes to break the grass to get at the soil, it'll take more effort and tire you more than using a trowel... You can forage to gather barks off of trees with your hands, but it'll take time and may injure you a bit (you recover fast enough generally). Players should be able to live off the land from the start... For an average joe, they still have their nature as a living being and as such, will adapt even in the most extreme situations. We should be able to stuff sheets, tissues, newspaper and such into clothing to get warmer. A handy neat idea would be to implement 'specialized' magazines that talks about various things not taught in books. If a book is used to teach you how to use carpentry, farming, and cooking, then magazine gives you ideas of what to craft, or how to do things. Magazines can give people ideas on new variance on the current items they can craft, sorta like recipe unlocks. Camping Magazines can give readers the ability to start fire better by crafting a tool, which combined with a knotted plank, halves the time to start a fire. It would require 2 sturdy sticks and a twindle (string and a stick) and you make a little 'bow' and wind a stick into it, which lets you spin it insanely fast using a pulley based mechanic from the string on the 'bow'. These Magazines can teach you how to make a 'splint' out of sturdy sticks, alongside bandages, to allow you to move a bit better when you have a fracture from an impact. Of course you can learn them yourself when you raise your crafting skills naturally, but Magazines provides a shortcut and is abundant in the world. They are also entertaining so it might be possible to build it into the current magazine item and have it give you a modest chance to 'learn' a new recipe. Back to the main theme at hand: Context sensitive functionalities, or being able to do more while interacting with the world... What if we can climb crates? It'd enable us to build crates as staircase onto the roof of a building. What if we can hide in tall wardrobes? It'd require the closet to be relatively empty (like 30 units of free space). What if we can hide under beds? Kind of silly but, what if we can sleep in a bathtub?
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