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Found 4 results

  1. For the past month or so I've been working on further developing the DrHyde's Vaccine mod to suit the needs of PZ roleplaying servers. There is one feature I'd really like to implement but am unable to. Vaccinating OTHER PLAYERS -- how can I code a function that will change the other player's bodyDamage()? So far I've successfully added a UI-button to the HealthPanelUI that opens up when medically checking right-clicked player, but I just can't manage to add function that will change right-clicked player's stats. The code I'm using is simple: adds UI-button and a 'confirmPress' function that runs when that button is pressed. But how do I change the local function confirmPress(button, args) to apply changes to the other player's stats and not the one that initiates the button press (me)? Any help is appreciated-- please help me solve something that I couldn't figure out in a month worth of time.. -- Functions for button of UIs local function confirmPress(button, args) local player = getPlayer(); if player:getInventory():getItemFromType('CmpSyringeWithVirus') then if player:getInventory():getItemFromType('AlcoholedCottonBalls') then player:getBodyDamage():setInfected(true); player:getInventory():Remove("CmpSyringeWithVirus"); player:getInventory():Remove("AlcoholedCottonBalls"); else player:Say("Cotton balls?"); end--if else player:Say("Nothing to inject with.."); end--if end--function -- Add HealthPanelUI Syringe Button local ISHealthPanel_createChildren = ISHealthPanel.createChildren function ISHealthPanel:createChildren() ISHealthPanel_createChildren(self); self.fitness:setWidth(self.fitness:getWidth()/1.5); self.TOCButton = ISButton:new(self.fitness:getRight(), self.healthPanel.y, 20, 20, "", self, confirmPress); self.TOCButton:setImage(getTexture("media/ui/iconForMenu.png")); self.TOCButton.anchorTop = false self.TOCButton.anchorBottom = true self.TOCButton:initialise(); self.TOCButton:instantiate(); self:addChild(self.TOCButton); if getCore():getGameMode() == "Tutorial" then self.TOCButton:setVisible(false); end end local ISHealthPanel_render = ISHealthPanel.render function ISHealthPanel:render() ISHealthPanel_render(self); self.TOCButton:setY(self.fitness:getY()); end
  2. Hi! Here I want to talk about a small mistake and defect in cars that I noticed recently. The bug itself lies in the fact that the character can open the hood of any of the cars, even if it is locked with a key, without having this key. Yes, by pressing the interaction key, the character will not be able to do anything, but if we open the radial menu and select the “Open the hood”, the character will gladly open it and immediately begin to inspect all the characteristics of the car. In this way, we can even see that the “Unavailable” status of the hood is “Yes” ;Р -Also, when a character tries to open the hood after pressing the interaction key, the characteristic "closed" sound, as in the case of doors or trunk, is not played :с -And, it seems to me that when you press the “Open the hood” button through the radial menu, the character should not immediately study the characteristics of the car, he, most likely, should just open the hood and do nothing else, as in the case of doors - he does not get in the car right away? Oh, and what about if the cars with the doors and trunk closed also had the hood locked? It would be logical, I think :з If someone has already noticed this and the developers are already aware of this problem - let me know! (I checked the bug for all cars in the game, without using mods) With love from Milove for Big Love (TIS)
  3. There are many things in the world that can be used to improve interaction since the last patch but which have not been given the correct use, things like air conditioning, for example, that just one more sprite in homes that could be very useful on hot days or heating on cold days, it could also be very useful that the clotheslines can be used, and another thing that would be great would be an automatic irrigation system through hoses. In order to automate the farming system a bit in the late game, things like this would greatly improve some issues in the game and make the use of certain items in the world more interactive.
  4. Hey guys ! I don't know if it's already planned, but i'd really like to see more interactions between survivors (multi or solo!). I imagine something based on the new medical skill, with the right click opening a box ; but with much more option : - give something wich is in your main inventory (the others cant see what you gave, but there is an explicit animation they can see), - whispering, i think it can really be usefull, - if you have twine or things like that ... Attach some one ! He can only run half of his abilities, and can try to free himself, a very long option with a noteworthy animation ... "Hey stranger, you already want to leave us ?" - And the best i imagine with that system : a sort of description of the guy's life : if he is a good carpenter, you can read things like "this man seems to know how to use a hammer, and not only to blow heads off", if he killed many players "in his eyes you can't see compassion, and you know his hands already know blood", and also a description of the weight he carry : "his bag seems really empty" - "these guy seems to carry many things, maybe some supplies..." . And next... Why a big No ? I play since a little time with "Realistic Kentucky Firearms" and i think it add much more to the game : - First they have plenty of guns in Kentucky, and you can't just have one sort of pistol, just because there are plenty of different ammo. - Second, people like you and me doesn't know about what ammo go in what gun, except for the very famous ones (9mm Beretta, etc), so we have to try, except if we can find a book about, or at high reload lvl we can detect the type of ammo for a gun. - Next, and the point i'd love to see, is the possibilities it would give to the multiplayer : i have found a big shotgun but no ammo, i still can bluff if some one attack me, but i will need to negociate with people to found the ammos i need... - And finally, it will ended the fact that you have so many weapons, even in the USA i think you can't find as easily ammo for your pistol or shotgun, in storage building and not in the house of the people who buy this, it's a bit WTF when you think about it ... So i'd like our lovely devs to take a look to this mod, maybe ask questions about guns in Kentucky to his creator (who is a real Kentuckian) and maybe change their minds, for more realism and possibilities in the game ! I hope you will find this idea as good as i hope, and i really apologize for my english : i'm one of your greatest french fan, since the vey first build (that i miss a little, thanks Bedford to heal my nostalgia !). Long life to the developers of this just awesome game !
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