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Found 3 results

  1. I'm shacked up at a warehouse on the main street in Muldraugh - used a sledge to destroy the railing - then built flooring - and it's raining inside despite having a roof. I had print screened out of pause menu w/e - but in the first shot you can still clearly see the bounds of the rain -- hadn't noticed anything like that with other weather patterns though. Also - just to clarify, my guy does get wet in that area. Edit: Also - just remembered - earlier in the playthrough, I had placed a T.V. in the floored area - and no matter where it was placed in that area, it wouldn't receive power - but if placed on the pre-made floor, it would. Edit: Tried removing the final railing and some floors to see if that had an effect -- also tried making flooring on the roof - in case it wasn't registering the roof -- well the final screenshot has a roof made over it - floor tiles placed on the existing roof - and you can see in the SS that any tile that had been removed is counted as inside the building - where ones that have floor tiles - even rebuilt after removal of railing - are counted as outside
  2. I feel like you shouldn't get completely panicked from simply going indoors. It should vary depending on the amount of room you actually have. For example, a living room or kitchen (etc.) could make you slightly panicked. Where as, a closet or a skinny hallway (etc.) could make you extremely panicked. If this is something you can eventually do, that would be awesome, if not, I love you all either way, peace.
  3. Does anyone else feel that the Lit Candle as a light source is nearly entirely useless indoors? It barely makes a difference when lit, as far as I can see. I've even adjusted my monitor's brightness settings, etc., but that barely made it better (and I'd rather not have to do that every time Iplay). The smaller the room, the better it is (more surfaces) but for larger rooms it's terrible. Candles cast much more light in reality than this currently depicts. It makes having them in-game a bit pointless (for indoor use). Am I the only one with this complaint? I saw nobody else saying as mch in any topic when doing a forum search; or even a web search. Here's a scrennshot of me, zoomed all the way in, with a candle lit indoors; See what I mean... or, more aptly, don't see. It's nearly pitch black. With the candle lit. Almost totally black without (I can barely see the walls). Perhpas this is an issue that will be fixed, or with some kind of in-game gamm/brightness slider?
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